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    Love it!!

  • 5 years ago

    GM dbojkov

    Let's wait some fifty years so that my style ripes a bit Foot in mouth

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    Simply ... Awesome and awe inspiring ... thanks for the great explanation of this game!!

  • 5 years ago

    GM dbojkov

    @ jflores33, Thanks for your question. Can you, please be more specific at which moment of the lecture is this happening? For example, at 22.30 minutes, you say this, and I ask that...

    Thank you all for being so nice in general!

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    thank you...

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    This was a truely amazing game of chess! Nimzowitsch's style of play has already been influencing mine and the man was a true genius, the explanations of the lines throughout the game were easy to understand so thanks for such a great lecture! Smile

  • 5 years ago

    FM gauranga

    Great video and great game. It shows very well Nimzowitsch's deep understanding of the game. One can learn many positional ideas from this evergreen, and I would argue that one can learn a lot more from such complicated battles than from flashy short tactical games. No amount of new opening theory will ever make such classic games redundant.

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    Great game, great video! THANKS!

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    Blockading chess is the worst kind haha.

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    Thanks for revisiting this old game, great pick!

    I have seen this game years ago and knew Qd7 was "the move" but looking at the position, f5! seems to give White excellent chances.  GM Dejan Bojkov mentioned this, responding with ...Nd7, g4, and ...h5!  but not g5? as analyzed but h3! in response seems better.  I stopped analyzing here but perhaps Black can hang in there with ...g5!? threatening ...h4. So fxg6 and ...fxg6 seems forced, when both sides K-sides are weakened.  Unclear?  I wish Dejan would tell us!

    Thanks for giving us  the alternative ...Ne8, I would prefer to play that as Black as it seems more clear and Black is certainly not worse.

  • 5 years ago

    NM samuraichessman

    Wow! What a work of art by Nimzowitch.

    The lecture video was very well laid out. Dejan made sure to show the many beautiful side lines, which greatly enhanced the viewers appreciation of this masterpiece.

    Dejan's enjoyment of the game could not be contained any more than Nimzowitch's lust to expand after black's brilliant Qd7!, Qf5 and Qh7! maneuver.

    The artistry and science of Nimzowitch's prophylaxis and deeply seeded  counter attack was truely impressive, even for this master strategist of the 20th century.

    The lecturer did a great job of keeping this viewer involved by challenging me to pause the video and work out the many strategical and tactical ideas required in this ever evolving position.

    This game and video is definitely my new favorite. A gem for the ages!

    Thank you Dejan for delivering this game to us, sharing not only your deep insights but more still, your true appreciation and love for chess.

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