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    Thanks for your insight!!

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    Brilliant storytelling:-):-)

    Get serious!

    As much as I enjoy Roman's lectures, especially member games, i have hard time listening to his ramblings about politics.

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    soviets were filthy in regards to internal chess tournaments it seems. lots of political bs going on there. you get the feeling that if they could get away with it they would do something as absurd as arrange a match where one person knew the who why when what where while the other person didn't ! ! ! that sure would be entertaining ! ! ! ;) :) ;)

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    NM BrianWall


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    Roman has lived chess history. Thanks for sharing. Great stories and a sweet game.

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    it sounds like Roman lived the corrupt Soviet regime in first person. In those days GMs had very difficult lifes, but heart and passion were very strong in those men and reflected in their games. Thanks for the history lecture; this  gives a deeper spiritual bond with the art of chess.

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    a walk with the king

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    the REAL GAME actually starts at 7.26 and gets over at 16.16 ...Cool  everything  before and after the mentioned time is all about story/background/controversy etc.( for those who just want to see the beautiful game only -------- like meTongue Out)

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    nice  BRIGADENT 

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    Great chess and history lessons. Enjoyed and really look forward to these. Thanks for the fun. 

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    Fascinating insights-thank you Roman.  Will you ever comment on the game between Botvinnik and Fischer where Bobby was up a pawn, yet the game ended in a draw when he overlooked a trap the Soviet Team prepared in the endgame?

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    what could the Russian players are thinking as Roman reveals virtues of honesty? Intelligent guys have principles in life that they could defend against all odds. 

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    Ace combo Cool (!!!) Brilliant storytelling as usual too Roman as it sets the tone for the game, very nice!

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    Great game and stories. Thanks Roman.
    P.S. Here's Botvinnik smiling (at end)...

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    Agree with all the sentiments above. This stuff is just fantastic. Great game, and Roman's insight and engaging delivery are wonderful. Thanks so much, Roman.

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    I also love these videos with the history which Roman lived through.

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    Botvinnick has always been at my top 10 fav

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    Off topic: who does the cool music used at the tail end of the videos? I love that funky/jazzy groove. Thx!

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