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    Nice Sac!

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    there won't be any more reschevsky, euwe or smyslovs at the top of the chess world. people who play chess, are really good at it even but who also do other things for a living. (I don't doubt that if people like smyslov, euwe, reschevsky did play chess "full time" that they would be competitive with todays players, only that what they were able to do back then is not possible anymore. ie carlsen can't do modeling for a living, play some chess on the side and remain world champion.) 

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    That story is completely crazy!  Smashed the pieces off the board, lol. 

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    NM NoRematch

    Thanks fpsmit, I don't think I would have noticed that Roman confused the 1948 and 1953 tournaments.  

    The 1948 tournament was held with Botvinnik, Smyslov, Reshevsky, Keres and Euwe to determine the world champion.  Botvinnik won the tournament (Reshevsky tied with Keres for third).

    The 1953 Zürich Tournament was held with Smyslov, Bronstein, Keres, Reshevsky, Petrosian, Geller, Najdorf, Kotov, Taimanov, Averbakh, Boleslavsky, Szabo, Gligoric, Euwe, and Stahlberg to determine the challenger to Botvinnik.  Smyslov won this tournament (Reshevsky was tied for second with Bronstein and Keres).


    Here's Roman's last round game at Lone Pine 1980. 

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    Bronstein and Reshevsky, 1953 Zurich

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    RIP Sammy your games have given us great joy over these many years!

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    Nice video Roman...a chess history lesson and superb teaching  chess strategy lesson as well...well done!

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    Great, entertaining video once again! But there is 1 error: in 1953 there was a world champion: Botwinnik. Maybe Roman talks about the tournament in 1948, when the vacancy (because of Alekhine's death) was filled by Botwinnik?

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    Oh and by the ways, Imcrushed, are you really crushed?[Joke]

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    It was interesting, thanks for this great video.

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    Gr8 Stories and Gr8 Game!! By the way is Rybka stronger positionally than Fritz?

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    I really enjoy Roman's videos. I feel like I get a chess history lesson and he always has an interesting game to analyze as a part of it. Very nice.

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    NM gbidari

    I liked that game a lot. Thanks Roman! I was watching GM Larry Evans give a lecture some years ago and he was talking about Sammy's influence on American chess. He said with great respect and appreciation, "We all learned from him."

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    great game analysis, thank you!

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    Riveting commentary on a legend of chess. Nb5 was delicious, Bc6 even more so. Peace to Sammy Reshevsky.

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    whats the story with the knight sacrifice

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    Yes, he won the Lone Pine 1980 tournament. 

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    NM Splane

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    did you escape perpetual check?

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    Although Sam Reshevsky never took on chess as a profession, he was one of the patriarchs of American chess.

    The game analyzed starts as slav defense and morphs into a queens gambit accepted. A knight sacrifice on b5 by white, had some great long term strategic consequences with many interesting variations.


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