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    These are very special videos

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    it's true what he says about age and having an economically viable career as a chess pro, you do kind of have to start when you are 10 or younger and be an IM or GM by 25 in order for that to work. but it's not because you can't get really good if you start to learn when you are in your twenties or thirties, it's just that it's not economically viable at that point under normal circumstances/conditions. this wasn't true in the 50s and before when profressional sport of chess was just beginning to come into it's own. back then you could have people like euwe a college professor and avid chess player as well as smyslov who, as GM mentioned, was also a very accomplished musician both of whom able to become world champion---this won't happen again. it's funny because in a way the reverse is true nowadays, under normal circumstances/conditions people are now living longer, staying sharp longer, 30s are quickly becoming the new 20s in regards to most things--- having an economically viable career as a chess professional is not one of these things but this has to do with economics and there being little money in chess, not with people becoming mentally dull once they are in their late twenties and thirties. if all of sudden there were million dollar tournaments everywhere, like with poker, you can bet you would all of sudden have all these people beginning to seriously train and study in their late twenties and thirties many of whom would become as strong as IMs GMs. it's economic (and cultural to an extent---these things are intertwined) doesn't have to do with peoples abilities declining was they hit their late twenties and thirties.

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    Just Beautiful. Roman, your words are magnificent. This is an amazing video, no only because of the analysis, which is very instructive, but also because the story you have told. And that is invaluable. 
    Thank you Roman for this videos. I'm just starting to see your videos from you here on, but I'm sure I will have a lot of joy with them. Thank you very much!
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    very nice video. One of the main reasons I suscribed to are GM Dzindzichashvili's videos. 

    Little critic: this video could have been better produced... A real interview with Dzindzichashvili would be great, or at least some pictures of Vasily Smyslov...

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    Great player, great games, very good lesson!

    BUT I disagree that Smyslov had no interest in the World CH after losing the title to Botvinnik in 1958. If that's so, why did he make it to the Candidates Final Match in 1984 before losing to Kasparov?

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    That first game was deeeep! 

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    Thanks GM Roman your tribute to Mr. Smyslov it's  really moving. Thanks a lot

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    como hago para cambiar el idioma?

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    Long live to Roman!!! Thanks!!! Always wait for your new lecture!!

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    What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it with us all !

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    As soon as I can I see I simply must become a cash subscriber so I can listen to these lectures in their entirety. The beginning was fascinating!

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    that sounds interesting.

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    GG by smyslov. great opening and moves!

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    Thanks for a very entertaining lecture, your personal stories on the history of the great players is very refreshing, by the way, now that I'm in my 50's and punching around 1700, is it time for me to throw in the towel!

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    GM Dzind is an International Living Chess Treasure.

    Note to adding just a few production values - interview of GM D on screen, photos of the player he is describing, and so on - is really warrented for this series, which is of such cultural value to the chess community.

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    Great stories. Thank you.

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    NM gbidari

    Uncle Roman does it again! Thank you for the insightful and memorable lecture.

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    Why have the chess diagram when free subscribers only hear talking!

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