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    You should do a series on pawn queening races and stuff. I see some of my opponents don't really calculate when we're trying to queen first, but know some basic concepts I don't.

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    This video is easily the best of the series and one of Danny's most instructive videos for an intermediate player.  It is worth watching more than once.

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    Viewers gold!

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    nice kick a** videos.

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    Well, what can I say... IM Rensch's video kicks major a**! Very energetic in presentation, insightful, with humor sprinkled all over the place. Love it! I'm hoping you'd continue this series when you're done with the Pawn Structure vids.


    Chess Techniques.NET

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    The longer videos are nice and Danny is a great teacher...keep them comming!!! Thanks
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    This video is great Danny, my new favorite. I have know watched it 3 times! It is really helping me in my games, nice video!

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    Love the kick ass videos Dan

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    Great video! Very instructive! Thanks a lot!

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    NM chopotin

    Danny is the best !!!!

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    this is great !

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    This video is EXCELLENT ... accurate and concrete ... this really helps me in two ways ... during game play to know when the critical moment has arrived and then what I MUST do and what I must do after the game and that is analyze ... the critical moment(s) to get better ideas from Rybka or Houdini ... nice job Danny this is huge.

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    What an amazing series! Especialy the breakdown of HOW to think in a game, and after.

    I'm the player you mentioned who looks and then "attempts" (LOL) to just develop naturally and deal with the critical moment (the opponents move/idea later)!

    Interestingly, although I'm one of the weaker players based on my rating, I actually DO see a good portion of the correct ideas/moves etc...and either play almost perfectly right up until I make a HUGE BLUNDER. haha!


    I get in time trouble because I try and calc TOO MUCH, and become indecisive, and even if ahead in the game, lose on time.

    Anyhow, this vid in particular really made me think about all of these things, and even though I'm a bit older in age (ONLY 42. Laughing) I truly believe I have gotten better, contrary to my earlier beliefs that I couldn't.

    Thanks for this series Danny...

    EXTREMELY instructive and valuable!

    All the best to all!


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    One of your better videos. It has motivated me to think harder when I get to the first position that I don’t know, instead of doing what I do too often, which is to develop another piece and hope that things will work out o.k. 

    A great video on the thought process during a game. Thank you!

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    ok i have a question. Your d5 move was so unnatural to me especially after watching all your pawn structure videos, wouldn't the pawn structure suggest you play on queenside instead you went d5 and changed it. Also, opponents b4 move was against his pawn structure as well, i was expecting him play on kingside. Just wondering if you have any comments about that. 

    P.S. Calculated up until Rookx b7 and evaluated as totaly loosing for black Bishop h3 !!

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    What about a6 instead of Nxb4?

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    Very informative

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    Well done
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