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    Nice video it was cool! Also i liked the name dragondorf.

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    Matrix Wink

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    I think blitz is a really important skill, and that's what Kingpatzer needs to work on

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    Crazy, instructive and entertaining all in one video! Cool

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    lol 3 games in one session.

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    In the second game, when white took 30 seconds on move 8, I wondered if it's because he was calculating Bh6, since that's what I was doing. I don't think it works after …f6 Qh5+ Ng6 but it looked tempting for me. Granted, it goes against the principles of time management in blitz and playing safe moves/eliminiating opponents threats when you're up material.

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    IM DanielRensch

    Yeah, the position below:

    Is a totally fine for black. *Slightly Better* for black? I don't know... but black is totally OK and it is well worth it to play this way. I would Wink...

    Thanks to those who enjoyed this series and this video. 


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    Great video! I've always loved blitz games. When I played at a chess club, I could sometimes beat players that were stronger than me (long games). The reason was that they sought for correct moves, thinking too much, rather than developing fast. And the clock was ticking... That way they lost on time. The tip that one should play good moves, rather than trying to find the best move, was a nugget. Smile

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    nice games and i'm definitely looking forward to the time mgmt videos ... i'm taking this to heart; i know you've coached us on this a bit in the past month or so and along with what Dan Heisman says on this.  I like the points you made on this and how better players don't ALLOW themselves to lose on time.

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    I've heard it said many times that the dragon is good for <2000 players.  Is it not played at the higher levels very often simply because it's so well known?

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    great motivational speech

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    7... Ng4  by black would fall for a dragon trick.  8. Bb5 and the knight is lost and hanging because of the pin if 8...Bd7 or 8...Nd7.  8...Nc6 runs into problems after 9. Nxc6.    I think it forces black to move 8...Kf8 to not lose material and white is slightly better.

    *Edit  I see you covered it later in the video.    Sorry Danny.

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    Playing blitz profoundly changed my view of chess. Not only is it downright fun, but it emphasizes so many aspects of the game that just can't be appreciated in its other forms, notably correspondence. It emphasizes the need to see things and to see them quickly (e.g. tactics). It hones your ability to come up with realizable plans efficiently -how do I convert with my extra piece, for example (harder to do in practice than it is on paper I soon learned!). It lets you experiment with all sorts of "unsound" openings/defenses -Orangutan Opening, Grob Attack, Latvian Countergambit, Albin Countergambit, etc. And more than anything else, it's a good lesson in "don't give up too early", because you never know when a game might suddenly turn around (and in blitz/bullet, they often do).

    For me blitz was my first experience with time controls and I was terrible at first. But after a few hundred games (many over-the-board), I've gotten much better. Knowing your opening systems cold helps a lot with time management...saves some of your precious seconds for the middlegame and beyond.

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    Great video, very instructive. I loved the line about "communicating on the astral realm". Players who often complain that blitz isn't "real" chess should watch this video, and pay special attention to Danny's "rant" about time-management" in the second game. If nothing else, playing blitz sharpens time-management skills.

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    To make the games more interesting the opponents could be +200 in rating

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    I don't think that this is the levenfish variation.

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