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    good video, especially for people who like playing games but need to improve.

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    I think your live sessions are great...because it teaches us the value of openings..middle game and end games......that's if we can make it atlease to a middle game...I think your explaining what we should do and what we shouldn't do while playing plus giving a handicap is a great idea.maybe some way you can set it up where the members can play you a game,that would make our day to play a IM plus someone that we know.
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    hey David I like how you metioned week squares. can you do a video about week postions in the middle game


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    good video! I like hearing a good player's thoughts.....excellent.

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    IM dpruess

    blackknight, martin,

    i'm glad to hear you got something from this.

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    Thanks David, the tip about the weak black squares when both knights are on black is the one that I`ll remember.  This site is really worth the money :-)

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    You did an excellent job at explaining your thoughs and it has definitely improved my understanding of the game. You guys at are the best.

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    "Hopfully he'll grab the center if I wait long enough... "


    Dave you are a comedic genius.

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    Fantastic video David. Listening to you explain your thinking is a wonderful learning tool. Keep them coming!

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    Haha your so mean keep talking about giving your opponents a winning advantage :D just play 2200+ or something so you have an actual challenge.

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    IM dpruess

    hmmm good point Matteos, thanks. we could standardize putting the words Live Session in the title of any video of this format. not sure why i didn't on this one.

    and to everyone who liked the video, i'm glad! i read the comments, so thanks!

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    Why didn't you put this in with Rensch and Galofre's Live Sessions? There are so many videos on this site its hard to find the ones you want to see (in my case usually live sessions) - it would make it easier when searching. 

    Nice video though ...

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    You're an excellent teacher. I'll be watching more of your videos for strategic tips.

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    Great video! It is very refreshing and informative...please do these more often!!

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    I learned a new term. Rook Roller is something I've done in my lessons and something I've witnessed on many occasions, yet this is my first exposure to the term. There is something very refreshing and invigorating for me in watching David's videos. I benefited in hearing from David on the dark square weakness during the second game due to both on his knights placement on dark squares. Also it is good to know that tactics are short term opportunities that can be taken away from us on the next move. Thank you David. Smile

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    Agree with paunrunner: it's easier for us noobs to learn if we can see the game from your perspective.


    Absolutely love the videos and the site in general.


    Thanks so much!

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