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What motivated this move? Was that a blunder? How deeply did he calculate in this position? How many candidate moves did she consider? Did he memorize that entire opening? Why did she exchange these pieces and not those? How does he play so fast?!

Chances are you've asked some of these questions yourself about a titled player. Now you can find out the answers!'s Live Sessions offer viewers the rare and valuable opportunity to get into the head of a titled player mid-game! Join's most popular hosts as they record the action and their thoughts live.

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FM Charles Galofre

FM Charles Galofre — the King of "Queens" — kicks this series off with a bang, quickly making it one of the most popular series ever on Galofre learned the game at the late age of 14, and rapidly earned expert status. His late arrival in the game makes him uniquely able to break down concepts, and his reputation as a coach and explainer is impeccable.

Live Sessions; One Move at a Time

Live Sessions; One Move at a Time 2

Live Sessions; One Move at a Time 3

Live Sessions; One Move at a Time 4

Live Sessions; One Move at a Time 5

Live Sessions; Alekhine's Block

Live Sessions; Static vs. Dynamic Variations

Live Sessions; Lessons on Simple Chess

Live Sessions; It's Not What You Do...

Live Sessions; Fighting for the Initiative!

IM Daniel Rensch

IM Danny Rensch's reputation for mixing humor and instruction invariably precedes him. You are certain to experience both laughter and confusion as Rensch blends obscure pop culture references and wit into his lessons, but when he tells you to "Listen up.", you'd better pay attention. It's about to get instructive!

Live Sessions 7; One Move at a Time

Live Sessions 8; One Move at a Time

Live Sessions 9; One Move at a Time

Live Sessions 10; One Move at a Time

Live Sessions 11; One Move at a Time

Live Sessions; Back as Black!

Live Sessions; Unbalanced Material

Live Sessions; Rematch!

Live Sessions; Technique Psychology

Live Sessions; Race Attacks

Live Sessions; A Blunder To Remember

Live Sessions; The Fast and the Furious

Live Sessions; How Equal It Is?

Live Sessions; Danny IS Fried Liver!

Live Sessions; "Slips" of Mice and Men

Live Sessions; A "Guaranteed" Loss???

Live Sessions; Practical Pressure!

Live Sessions; Lose Some... Win Some!

Live Sessions; Fire on the Open File!

Live Sessions; Back with an Attack!

Live Sessions; Punishing Obvious Mistakes!

Live Sessions; The "Unslayable" Dragon!

Live Sessions; Bad Endgames, a Lesson Learned!

Live Sessions; The Powerful Pony!

Live Sessions; A Space Advantage with Time!

Live Sessions; Crazy Pawns! A Dynamic Imbalance...

Live Sessions; A Little IQP Technique!

Live Sessions; Misplayed Positional Ideas

Live Sessions; A Smith-Morra Prayer!

Live Sessions; Minority Attack Dominance!

Live Sessions; An 'Isolated' Incident!

Live Sessions; An Opposite 'Coloured' English!

Live Sessions; The 1.b3 "Chicken" System!

Live Sessions; A Move-Order Mishap!

Live Sessions; How to Beat Mediocre Openings!

Live Sessions; Bishop vs Knight Technique!

Live Sessions; The Theory of Dynamic Compensation!

Live Sessions; The 2nd Time's the Charm!

Live Sessions; A Shot in the Dark!

Live Sessions: The Blunder That Never Was!

Live Sessions; A Tale of Missed Opportunities!

Live Sessions; The Ugly Truth!

Live Sessions; Know when to Hold, Know when to Fold!

Live Sessions; Love to Win, Hate to Lose!

Live Sessions; A Lack of Communication!

Live Sessions; A Thrown Away Victory!

Live Sessions; The Five Keys of Technique!

Live Sessions; Hoping for a Dynamic Future!

Live Sessions; A Miniature and a Medley!

Live Sessions; Capitalizing On the Initiative!

Live Sessions; A Resourceful Defense — Part 1!

Live Sessions; A Resourceful Defense — Part 2!

Live Sessions: Achieve Equality First!

Live Sessions: Blindfold Mix!

Live Sessions: Saving an Opening Disaster!

Live Sessions: Wild and Free Grand Prix!

Live Sessions: An IQP Nailbiter!

Live Sessions: Bad Gambit Play!

Live Sessions: Racing Against the Server!

Live Sessions: Rise of the Phoenix!

Live Sessions: How to Tame the Dragon!

Live Sessions: An Old Friend and a New Line!

Live Sessions: Pushing Past Equality!

Live Sessions: 1.b3 Warrior System!

IM David Pruess

IM David Pruess has a reputation for deep strategic thinking. Would you like to strengthen your understanding of pawn play, structures, good and bad pieces, and the countless other details that masters seem to effortlessly bend to their advantage? Pruess provides you with all of the perspective you need to see the position through a master's eyes.

Live Sessions; Through an IM's Eyes!

Live Sessions; A Quick Fix for Blitz!

GM Sam Shankland

GM Sam Shankland is the strongest player to have ever hosted the live sessions, and even though his hosting was limited, you shouldn't miss the chance to tune in to these elite sessions with a 2600+ grandmaster. Warning: smack talk incoming!

Live Sessions; Shankland's Maiden Voyage!

Live Sessions; Shanky's Return 

IM Keaton Kiewra

IM Keaton Kiewra is known for his theoretical prowess in some of the sharpest openings out there. Kiewra shows you how masters set out to acquire and then exploit the maximum advantage in the opening.

Live Sessions: Three-Minute Blitz Bonanza!

Live Sessions: Attacking Blitz Beatdown!

Live Sessions: Keaton's Blitz Medley!

Live Sessions: Budapest Blitz!

Live Sessions: Another Thrilling Blitz Medley!

Master Dual Sessions

In an innovative new format, you will get to see the board from the perspective of both players as IM Danny Rensch and IM Keaton Kiewra do battle. Watch both parts of these videos to see how first Rensch, then Kiewra saw the position as they play each other. Who misunderstood, miscalculated, or was just outplayed — the answers to all of these questions await you in the Master Dual Sessions!

Master Dual Sessions: Najdorf Showdown

Master Dual Sessions: Najdorf Showdown — Part 2

Master Dual Sessions: Blitz Mayhem! — Part 1

Master Dual Sessions: Blitz Mayhem! — Part 2

Master Dual Sessions: Bullet Brawl

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