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    pruess is always talking trash. you don't even know.

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    why not Bxf3 for counterplay against blacks rook instead of gxf3 in your even stronger variation.

    I agree that the double Nxe2 works.

    I like how space advantage, misplaced pieces, open king and active counterplay themes actually justified the pawn blunder in a clear way. I think you got a new line there =) even with precise play its hard to play white over the board just for 1 pawn.

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    Thanks for covering the Bird here. There are very few videos covering the Bird on this site, and I would love it if there was a special video covering the Bird opening and From gabmit and perhaps different Bird variations...

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    Hey Affinity4Code,

    A very interesting point, and I will answer with a game I played just 2 days ago, when I had lost serious possible chance of winning, then instead played out and ended up in a stalemate, which according to chess rules suffices as a draw. Had I resigned this game would have been a lost, but I was able to obtain a stalemate with draw because of hanging on to play it out!

    Elig5428, and feel free to contact me for a challenge (2 day or live!)

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    Keep watching, Motlerrod. You will improve with time watching these videos!

    ..and let me second UnderEstim8ed's request for a way to follow video authors. RSS feeds, perhaps?! I'd love to see new Live Sessions pop into Google Reader (for example)...

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    FM gauranga

    Hopefully we'll get some more competitive game next time.

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    Sure it's easy enough.  But some creators are boring and can't keep my attention for 25 minutes.  Some creators if I'm away I'd like to be able to catch up with when I get back.  Just throwing out ideas to help bolster offerings :)

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    "... and if you're keeping score at home that's 3 coconuts short of a Christmas tree!" Wink - HILARIOUS!

    Nice game Danny, I loved the Nd4 move it seemed to have made your opponent miscalculate... badly! Entertaining and instructive to the max as always Cool

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    yes james you were a help though ACE beat me to thanking you, @ approx. 8:26minutes Re1 still suffers from that Q fork! I was thinking of giving the Rook for two pieces but the position of the White king and White N on b2 prevent this. Thanks to both of you for taking the time to answer back on comments, much obliged.

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    IM DanielRensch

    Thanks James, for answering that question... Yeah, I think black's activity in the center was just too much for white's uncoordinated pieces.

    Thanks everyone else for enjoying the Live Session!

    @UnderEstim8ted -- Isn't it easy enough to just check the home page each day to see who has a new video? I am not trying to be a jerk, Tongue out - Just asking if you really feel that following your favorite authors is difficult?

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    They should add a feature where you can track your favorite video creators so we can be indentified with a link each time they make a new video if we so choose.

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    Good lesson

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    CM JamesColeman

    @ Zebraleg - if I'm talking about the right position, (around 8.30 minutes into the video) Re1 would be met with the simple ...Nfxe2+. White would then have to retake with the rook else be down a piece and then following Rxe2 Black would have the pleasant choice : between ...Nxe2 Qxe2 axb6 with a slight material advantage or the  even stronger ...Nxf3+ gxf3 Qd4+ picking up the knight on b2 and coming out a piece up. Hope that helps.

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    Do you think when someone doesnt resign in a lost postion, it is disrespectful? Like them saying "I dont think you can win this." or is it more like they are trying to trick you into a stalemate?

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    Great video! keep up the good work.

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    Very good lesson, thank  you

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    Love to win. Hate to Loose.

    I think ones winning % in blitz could be a good barometer as a Love vs. Hate measure, if one is trying to classify someone.

    I would have like to hear more discussion about the "misplaced" knight at A4 and taking advantage. As it turned out, misplaced at b2 was good also.

    Nice game, good commentary. Thanks. 

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    hey ACE you got time for killing a cat's curiosity? After black played Nd4 (interesting move indeed) attacking the light squared B with the two knights, what would you have done if white played Re1? I am thinking you might take the b-pawn, but my untrained eye doesn't see far in this line, any good for white?

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