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    I much prefer the longer games: more time for my limited understanding to catch up with the commentary, which is why I'm watching. I'm never upset if we don't get a perfect exhibition match Smile

    Thanks Danny!

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    Really like these live sessions against the average player of my strength. JB0214 may seem like a beginner, but that's because Danny knows what to do.  I can't tell you how many games like this I have lost because no book and no video shows you how to play against these wierd setups or why they are wrong, but these types of setups (minus the long castle) are very popular at the 1600 standard level and around 1400/1500 blitz 5/2.  I see them all the time (and struggle against them) and I was pretty clueless on how to win against them.  Very, very instructive.  (1) don't rush to change the pawn structure.  (2) develop naturally as black (3) use the tempos to put pressure on black.  I sort of wish that white had short castled so we could see how Danny would have responded as the middle game progressed.  I am now on the hunt for more live session videos.  Well played sir, well played.

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    Great video and commentary! Not everyone is a great or even a good player, but they can still enjoy chess... Keep up the brilliant live feeds and making chess fun for every level of player! Danny is the reason I registered for another year!

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    I'm with you here Danny, NO "live session" is a waste of a live session because for me, the live session is about watching my favourite IM playing a quick G/15 vs. ANY opponent - whatever the opponent's rating or skill level, I have yet to see a live sessions where I haven't either learned anything, however big or small, instructive to my own repertoire or had fun watching!

    Danny please continue making these awesome live sessions! Cool

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    IM DanielRensch

    Sorry plutonia Frown

    I understand how you feel and agree with you: It's not fun when my opponent's play terribly (at least not on the level of hanging pieces) - BUT in this case, enough time had already been committed before the blunder to go back. 

    Understand this please guys: I only have limited time to record and make *my own* content these days... So just as I would NOT trash a recording if I got my a$$ kicked Tongue Out I will not trash a recording if my opponent plays bad either. 

    Actually, I HAVE tossed recordings if my opponent blundered in first 5 minutes OR if I become SURE they were a cheater... BUT otherwise, once the *lights are up* it's all action baby... and we have to take what we get sometimes. 

    I think *some* members did enjoy this and did learn something despite the fact that I agree with you... it was not the best. 

    Forgive me for this one Wink


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    what a waste of a live session.


    Please Danny, if your opponent start playing like a beginner please stop the recording and try another time.

    I might still enjoy seeing how an IM deals with beginner's positional mistakes, but when your opponent starts hanging pieces than it's not fun anymore.

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    Agree we need more celebrity impressions. I was watching the Anand game live that went wrong a few weeks ago. Nothing happened when the server broke and I requested an English accent (I'm English btw). This led to a slew of comments requesting the same thing, and various other requests of Danny (such as standing on his head and "doing a little dance"). It tickled me. Danny is funny.

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    More celebrity impressions!

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    Please be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    Please show Danny's clock.

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    I liked the name ace chess better.

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    Both clocks aren't necessary for these longer games.  I can't see them coming down to the wire.  Bullet games, the clock is definitely a factor that should be displayed.

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    Both clocks should appear, I dont understand why this is a BIG issue ??

    Get the programmers programming....

    As a beginner ,I like the longer games, so that I can more easily follow the calculations. I like it when you show the pieces moving that you are basing your calulations on.

    Thanks again, keep the live sessions going, no matter what format.....

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    I prefer the better video quality to the two clocks, if that is the trade off (did I understand that correctly?). Nice videos!

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    Seeing the clock for both players would be great (just my take!). :)

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    Yeah I think both clocks are better, but its not a very big difference

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    at 18:11 thats what she said...

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    I think the longer time control is fine.  It was unfortunate that Danny was forced to play on long after the game was really over after the opponent's loss of a piece.  I kept expecting resignation followed by another game.

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    JCVD was offered a role in The Expendables, but turned it down.  I believe it was because Stallone couldn't give him a good description of the character he would be playing.  However, JCVD plays Vilain in in The Expendables 2.

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