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    i really wish you went super aggreisive in the opening other than that i think the video was great


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    IM DanielRensch

    I understand Daniel's point of course... you guys just have to have mercy on the fact that I am *playing a live game myself* in these videos, and I must be allowed to calculate as I would in real life... or just expect me to lose every time. Tongue Out

    Thanks guys.

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    i agree totally with daniel quigleys detailed review i can not calculate that much so danny be careful of calculating to fast for some of us normal people!!Tongue Out

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    I do not find it at all difficult to follow most of what you are discussing. The only time I lose you is that you can obviously visualize further ahead than I can, and when you discuss 3-5 non-forced moves for both sides ahead, I follow you only loosely, not concretely. That's my problem though, not yours, and it helps my visualization skills, such as they are, to try to follow what you are saying anyway. I hope you don't change your format and plot the moves out because I would then lose that attempted visualization benefit.

    I also really enjoyed this game. I am glad you did not take advantage of Black's first blunder, annoyed at yourself as you obviously were. It provided me psychological insight into how to keep trying after suffering similar frustrations in my own games. I really like how you kept pressing this whole game and how you felt yourself to have an advantage even though the chess program I looked your game over with says you had no advantage whatsoever. No advantage, that is, until your opponent blundered the e6 pawn with ...Ba4. Had Black played ...Rf8 instead of ...Ba4, it would have lead to a fascinating endgame because there was really no way for you to decisively break through according to the chess program. You are actually down .18 of a pawn there, probably because your c-pawns are doubled.

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    I enjoyed the game and hope to watch some more games of your repertoire

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    this is now my favorite video... well done.

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    TQ SIR...

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    With all do respect, this video is for intermediate/advanced...

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    got a lot out of your endgame technique and ideas there thanks ... which wouldn't have been the case if you didn't give that dude a do-over with his knight. anyway ... if it's any consolation ... at least you didn't pull a Stripunsky!

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    That was a great live sessions Danny, incredible endgame technique to put the game away that was amazing! Play like that shows how you are easily worthy of your IM title - everybody blunders at some point, even free pieces when there's only 15min on the clock... but I do have a question regarding your opponent's Qf5?? blunder.

    When your opponent plays Qf5?? @ 09:47 couldn't you have just captured the knight on c6, Nxc6 straight away without an intermizzo queen trade and then your opponent, down a knight may have wanted to keep the queens on the board?... I'm only asking because your LSB on d1 was defending the queen and you never mentioned this line... or am I missing something?? Nxc6, Qxg4, Bxg4 looks good for white, right? Undecided

    I'll always be a fan of your live sessions whatever the outcome of the game because it puts a whole new spin on learning chess from top players, what better way to learn and understand new ideas than watch a live game in real time with commentary, it's great!! Cool

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    Thanks for the wonderful video, Danny. Seems like black definitely should've gotten his queenside pawns rolling earlier. Black's obsession with e6 is just bending over and taking it up the wazoo!

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    Another killer vid Daniel!

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    Lovin it! - Good to see a player of your strength blundering a bit and moving on... Many interesting thoughts along the way. Thank you!

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    What happened to the lively music intro?

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    just gonna say again, this is my favourite author and video series, i look forward to these sessions.

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    this is great stuff watching these videos.  Keep em coming

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    IM DanielRensch

    @d0rrrr wins the contest!!! Nice man...

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    Nice one Danny. The Good Will Hunting reference made it for meLaughing

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    Great video and lots of advice! thanks

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