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    Great review
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    After white's Bg5 (just before 28:00), Rd8 and Nc8 are clearly out, but what about Nc4? It grabs the pawn and defends against black's threat of ...Ne5. Seems like an obvious option to me, but it wasn't even addressed in the video. Am I just missing something obvious?

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    pretty good, thanks

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    Very instructive i would intuitively too try to exchange minor pieces with Bd7 but right black minor pieces with Nbd7 would probably end up been bettewr tahn whites!. Nice stuff tx for showing!

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    I love the Member Analysis videos. It would be great if the extension could continue beyond September.

    I also like when the videos is paused allowing us a chance to guess the right move.

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    Is an early d6 by white after black's Bd7 or Nbd7 at 11:00 problematic for black's' strategy?  I guess this is discussed a little bit further on in the game,  but I wonder how white's d6 effects black with best play as opposed to the game continuation.

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    I love to play tickle with my rook

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    Thanks bunches!!!

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    Epierard, check out Lilov's openings videos. He's covered both of those openings, and the Two Knights is one of his favorites.

    Thanks for the video, Dan! Great stuff once again.

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    Another great video Danny!! Thanks!!!

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    Very instructive, now I have a kind of idea how to handle this annoying Bb5 checks ;)

    11:10 ... very bm Mr. Rensch, I am sure some beginners watch this too.... :)

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    Amazing video Danny, real in-depth and one of my personal favourites of yours! I'm not even sure where I'd place myself in the whole intermediate, advanced, intermediate/advanced or whatever but I was able to clearly pick up on every concept that you explained, anyone over 1500 will greatly benefit from this video that's for sure! I seem to learn something new with every lecture from you Danny your students are lucky to have you Smile

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    great insights ... this is extremely important since I play this type of structure; so i found it very helpful and also the rook ending pointer was excellent.  Thank you, Danny! Great work! 

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    It's Member September!!!  Member analysis that is...

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    Very instructive.....thanks...

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    Good vid, we intermediate players do understand it and it is very instructive to me at least intermediate player though I be.

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    Danny, would you consider making a video on the plans that black and white should aim for in the open game, like in the giucco piano and the two knights defense? Those opening were left out of the pawn structure  101 serie,  yet they are a part of the repertoire of most beginners.

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    Brilliant! Why can't somebody explain economics or string theory as well as IM Rensch explains Alapin's c3 in the Sicilian?

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    Great video as usual Danny.

    But I'm also looking forward to the Pawn Structure 101 series!

    What's the next one, Yugoslav attack?

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    Really enjoyed the video. Good lesson!

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