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    Great analysis thank you
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    I agree with ienj0ychess.  Very articulate.  I like the way you explain the static weakness of black's g6 pawn.  It really explains why I get slaughtered so often in the dragon.  The moves for white are really intuitive and easy to follow, whereas black's moves require a lot of book knowledge.  So when that knowledge runs out, it lights out.  Time to look myself in the mirror and say, "my name is x and I'm a dragon player."

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    I've decided to start playing the accelerated dragon thanks to Melik's series.  This video has been a great surprise in articulating the trade-offs between the the dragon and accelerated dragon with respect to delaying or not playing d6.  That segment of this video makes it a great complement to Dzindzi's dragon videos and Melik's accelerated dragon videos.  Nice job, Danny.

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    I like the videos!Smile

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    Nice one IM

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    I get it! Slow in the chase does not win the race in chess...the dragon sets that up right away by creating a positional weakness and anchor for the Yugoslav to chase.

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    wow i enjoyed it very much so. cause im a dragon player, i played it cause i had a book once .victor korshnoi ,that i lost .and thats how i fell in love with chess,not knowing openings ,a friend introduced me to a chess club,then my eyes opened thank you for your knowledge sir.

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    Hello together,


    I think that the speech of the explanations have been to quick.


    In my opinion it would be ana advantage to invest more time regarding the different positions. Not so progressive players need more time to follow the different ideas.


    Thank you. 

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    Excellent video.  Have played the dragon recently, making many of the mistakes you are talking about.  I think I'll just abandon it!

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    IM pfren

    @ tschuegechess:

    This is theory, not a stupid idea.

    The sac is interesting, but close to unsound.

    Theoretically, after 9...Bxg4 10.fg4 Nxg4 is 11.Bg1, but few players play that (although it's the engine's preferred choice). The reason is that Black has quite a few tactical shots handy.

    Less ambitious, but more solid and apparently enough for some advantage is 11.Nb3(!) when Black has tried some ideas (mainy based on the ...d5 break), but it seems that in all variations he is shrt of equality.

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    Hmm.. Maybe this is a very stupid idea. But at 13:41, how bad would it be for black if he sacrifised his light square bishop by taking on g4 and later take the other pawn with the knight. Sure black's down a point. But white  doesn't have many ways to attack on the blacks kingside (or does it? ^^) and  after that black can completly concentrate on its own attack.

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    im too under rated to do this.

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    Hey Danny - I didn't think you were tongue tied at all. You were articulate and effectively communicated your ideas, which promoted an increased ease of understanding, as usual. Thanks for the instructive analysis!

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    We like it, yeah! 

    I am having trouble dealing with Philidor defence - could you cover that in a future video?

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    I play chess just for fun and don't know opennings, i'm beginning to appreciate lessons like video explanations by all in

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    Why is g4 a good move at 10:52 I think

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    very well done

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    What about g5 instead of b5 at 32:00

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    Very good and helpful. Love the member analysis and live sessions.

    .. ditto regarding apologizing.. humor, rabling etc. it always comes out in the end.

    Keep it up

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