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    For those wondering like i was: Ne3 win because white has to take because of mate, and once black takes back there is no way to stop the resulting passer from queening. 

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    Good...Dec 15, 2014

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    When white plays the latvian move g4, why doesn't black capture the pawn with Nxg4?

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    why are you speaking like, in a microphone

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    This was one of the best of the five videos so far.Thanks

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    With respect to your comments that we should learn the structure/positions we play rather than memorizing openings, how do you suggest we best do this? I agree with your sentiment wholeheartedly, but often find it difficult to learn "positions" rather than theory with minor commentary on certain moves (mainly found in opening books). Do you think those 3 books you listed at the beginning of the video would give adequate information on this? I refer specifically to understanding how positions from openings evolve over time (undertsanding old main moves & why they were, and new improvements & why they are)
    I love the series, and think it's very helpful. Thank you!

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    More good ideas to help understand this structure and possible play.  Thanks.

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    The talk you gave in the beginning was inspiring. Your passion for chess is so refreshing! :)

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    Thank you for a great lesson.

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    NM ChessNetwork

    Nice video. That Ne3 move was easy to miss after calculating all those moves.

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    Danny, in my opinion this is the best video of the five (Danny said 4th because he can't count!) Caro Slav videos. Explanation of Meran variation and how it relates to pawn structure was outstanding. In future I would like to see all opening related videos and game analysis the way Danny explained Kramnik-Anand game. I watched this game live on ICC. More coming and Many thanks.

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    My notes for this video:

    • I love how black untangles his pieces with exd4 f/b Ne5
    • Notice how black draws the queen to the open d-file by exchg Bs, there the Q becomes a target for black's R to attack and  create some tactical chances.
    • I like the e5 idea in response to c5, if black's N doesn't jump to d5 then white's P will, increasing central space for white's piece to use
    • The final move Ne3 was awesome. If white exchg P for N then the P is unstopable.
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    Pure excellence!!!  I hope I can put a few of these great lessons into practice.  I truly believe that my pawn structures are the weakest parts of my game.

    Danny, you're just flat cool.  Cool

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    Danny, have you ever considered to prepare your own stand up gig? You have enough material and more than enough talent to become excellent chess stand up comedian. Not sure if this would be a profitable business though … J Great video, looking forward for your live sessions!

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    Great Video Daniel.... I love your videos. So worth being a platinum member :)

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    Danny. You should write a book.  With your humour and knowledge?

    Yes you should! People would buy it. Smile

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    IM DanielRensch

    I say this video is the 4th, though it is obviously the 5th!! Shows you what happens when you let "pawns go to your head"! :)

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