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    Pawn E5 locked down the E knigth. All white piceses is now limited until white starts to open space. If blacks plays everything correct on D5 battle, he could have got an open board with bishop pair benefit.

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    Looking forward to part 4!

  • 5 years ago


    Alex hi thanks again for the great lecture!  I learned a lot about central play from this video and also stopping counterplay before launching the k.s. attack.  Nice job!  and I'm looking forward to part 4 tomorrow.  Smile

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    Your explanation is very clear, Alex!! I like the ideas you mention as "rules", they turn things simple to understand and try in our games. Thanks ! 

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    Really enjoy the concept on space advantage... just recently started trying to implement it in my own games. 

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    A very interesting topic: playing with a space advantage coming out of the Nimzo-Indian. Thank you for suggesting so many lines and other games to study. 

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    Alex - I always enjoy your videos. It's amazing how taking with this pawn or that pawn, or even not taking at all can make such a huge difference in a game. I wish I had your understanding of how best to use pawns in the game to gain space and many other things. :)

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    Very instructive concept of prophylaxis when having the space advantage. I've lost a number of horrifyingly upsetting games against the Maroczy Bind where I suffocated for space while my opponent restricted all squares for my pieces to the point all my pieces were basically in zugzwang.

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    In my experience (admittedly at lower levels), I find a space advantage is very easy to "see", but very difficult to convert - and the more so at quicker time controls. Thnakfully this series is giving good advice, like "prophylaxis first". I hope GM Alex Lenderman has many other videos on this subject in the making for us. By the way, would it be possible to see space advantage based on the e5-square? For instance in the French Defense, Steinitz variation? Many thanks!


  • 6 years ago

    FM BecomeanIM

    I really like your explanations Alex. it has been insightful to see your understanding and interpretations of a space advantage. I like this more than the books. thanks for sharing your knowledge.


    I particularly like your mentions of having more than one space advantage ( pawn on g5 and pawn on b5) all very very interesting.



  • 6 years ago


    Very good video, Alex!  Thank you, especially for helping me to increase my understanding of the gaining "space" concept in chess and to be aware of how it can help in a game.  Look forward to the next video.

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