Video Series on Playing with a Space Advantage in Chess

Video Series on Playing with a Space Advantage in Chess

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First of all, the videos in this series are all for advanced level players. If you (the reader) are just beginning to come across the concept of space in chess, this video will get you started. For intermediate players, this video and it's sequel will strengthen your understanding of space.

If you have an understanding of what space is in chess than this following series will grow that understanding into a mastery of the subject thanks to GM Alex Lenderman and his beautifully instructive style. Buckle up!

In this video series we tried to accomplish a few things:

  1. Teach you how to play with a space advantage and instruct you in converting that advantage into a winning result.
  2. Inform you on principles used to acquiring that space advantage which can turn the tables on your opponent and give you the upper hand.
  3. Back all of this instruction on space with GM level games and analysis.

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Part 1 -- The First Video starts the tackling of the "lost art" in chess: Time, Harmony, and Space. GM Alex Lenderman illustrates, through the use of analyzing one of his mentor's (GM Giorgi Kacheishvili) games, the power of a space advantage. He also throws in ideas about anticipating your opponents threats as a bonus! (Advanced Level)

Part 2 -- The Second Video dives deeper into the fundamentals of gaining and using space. GM Lenderman stresses the advantage of space in the long run. He provides analysis of a game that illustrates the power of slow play in chess when your opponents pieces are bad due to your space advantage. (Advanced Level)

Part 3 -- The Third Video continues the topic of space with an added aspect of ideas focusing around centralization of pieces and strength. An analysis of a Nimzo-Indian structure provides the basis for the argument on space and centralization as two crucial concepts that can help with gaining winning chances. (Advanced Level)

Part 4 -- The Fourth Video shows the opposite side of what has been discussed thus far by showing what problems can arise from a space deficit. GM Lenderman again uses GM Kacheishvili as a tool to instruct how "dynamic problems" can arise out of specific positions daunted by a lack of space. (Advanced Level)

The fifth video is the first of a few games played by GM Lenderman allowing for insight into what he was thinking at critical points in the game!

Part 5 -- The Fifth Video contains an exciting game by GM Lenderman that is a perfect illustration of what space can do. In one of Alex's best performances he uses a space advantage to bring home the win against a strong GM, Rogelio Barcenilla. This space advantage plays into a queenside attack and a strong kingside defense. (Advanced Level)

Part 6 -- The Sixth Video allows our main man GM Alex Lenderman to analyze one of his own games again. Lenderman elaborates upon the space advantage given by an e5 or d5 pawn. He also humbly explains his mistakes, both psychological and technical, which allows insight into the psychology of chess. (Advanced Level) 

Part 7 -- The Seventh Video contains a "Maroczy-Bind thrill ride" that is explained by GM Lenderman that uses our acquired knowledge of gaining space in chess. In this game the c pawn's advance becomes critical in the end. Its space is what went on to win the game after a series of trades. The game proves to be a perfect illustration of the power of space. (Advanced Level)

Part 8 -- The Eighth Video is the last installment on the subject of space by GM Lenderman. In this last installment he uses one of his previous games where his knowledge of the position and knowledge of how to use his space advantage gave him a winning result. He then summarizes his series articulately helping all of us to understand even more what it is to have space and what it is to use space. (Advanced Level)

This listing will be edited when any further modules are added!

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