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    Very practical for chances

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    nice game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    thank you

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    Back again! Thanks Grand Master.

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    Thanks again Grandmaster Melik Khachiyan

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    I do like this position Laughing. I like your instruction of keeping complications and never simplifying into a losing endgame. Keep fighting!

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    My notes from this video

    e5 was awesome, leaving the B hanging as bait, brilliant

    Notice how if black takes the B, the N goes off on an unstoppable 4 move rampage through the heart of black's defense to win the rook

    When playing from behind, always try to complicate the position and turn the game into a tatical battle; even if your find a hole in your calculation, go for it!

    Qg8 was vicious

    Qc8 is an amazing defensive move, connects the Q+R and protects the f8-B via an x-ray counter threat while leaving a path for the king to excape

    Whites B for P exchange was very risky but it worked!

    B+R > N+R = endgame

    Ng8 to Ne7+ to NxB was a very tricky idea

    Remember, defense must be cheap; offense must be rich

    I love how Melikset Khachiyan finds f4

    I also like how Melikset Khachiyan realizes the importance of his d3-P as it blocks black's bishop

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    very nice!!

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    lolTongue out

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    IM dpruess

    diagonal, after gm khachiyan played  e5 and was met by Nd4! he was facing the threat of losing his e5 pawn. yes, black would have to defend short term in the sense of stopping some threats from white, but white was on the defensive in the sense that their position was objectively worse. so even when he is looking to make threats, that's a defensive mindset in the sense that he's saying that is the best chance to save the game when you are already in a bad position.

    and which queen maneuver do you mean? qd8-c7 in the opening, or qc7-d8-f8 in the middlegame? i'm going to guess you meant the second. the reason for that was that black wanted to use the half-open g file in conjunction with the bishop c6. but the white pieces on g7 and f6 were preventing this. so black's queen maneuver was designed to help him dislodge those pieces. if black were successful in that goal, white would be in dire straits, so khachiyan thought really deeply and found a good way to try to keep white from getting kicked out for nothing.

    hope that helps.

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    Black was way behind in devoplment and defence more then threatening while you seemed more tactical minded then defending or strategy in your thinking. Why did Black maneuver ...Qc7? 

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    Great video!

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