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    I guess Roman is a maybe for the wing gambit

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    Tha nks

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    The majority of chessmen DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO PLAY IT FOR BLACK ABSOLUTELY so it is still a powerful tool for blitz and bullet games. Mr. Dzindzichashvili don't be so categoric, please! 

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    "getting satisfaction by missing to hit your finger with hammer" - Something like this, but you really made me laugh for the day.  You a very sensical lecturer. Thanks

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    NM BrianWall

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    "This is like hitting yourself with a hammer on your leg or your ankle and sometimes getting great satisfaction by missing." LMAO!

    His quotes are legendary.

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    Probably the most hilarious chess video! One game was finished after 5 moves!..... All they have is a totally lost position!..... Personal vendetta against pawns! .... Oh my Roman... Who says chess is a dull game?

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    @ uhohspaghettio

    From a purely philosophical standpoint, white has two ways of meeting a Sicilian Defense: 1.) contest black directly over control of the d4 square, or 2.) don't. Things like the Open Sicilian, Smith-Morra Gambit, Wing Gambit and Alapin Sicilian both fall under the first category while (most notably) the Closed Sicilian lines tend to fall under the second.

    Hence, the point of the wing gambit is to deflect the black pawn at c5 away from control of the d4 square. It's based on the (very old) classical idea that white wants pawns on e4 and d4...the "ideal" center. Given that wing pawns tend to be less valuable than center pawns in the early/middle game phase of chess, the gambit actually has a sound basis to least in theory.

    In practice, concrete analysis is the only thing that can rightfully determine whether or not a certain idea actually has any merit to it and in the case of the Wing Gambit, GM Dzidzichashvilli rightfully shows that it does not.

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    I think the position around 4:40 is winning for White, yet he seems to think White is lost!

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    Absolutely hilarious stuff. Thank you, Dzindzi!

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    Roman, these are great videos.  

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    "You should seek psychiatric help.." Gotta love Dzindi

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    great points, even better delivery... awesomely entertaining lesson.

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    "Almost any legal move is good for black." Brilliant!

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    Roman, you are the Rodney Dangerfield of the chess world! Laughing

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    This is brilliant! Not the opening the lecture Laughing - people at my club play this wing gambit against me quite a lot... I often win... I've never liked this opening and I've never once played it... I never will Wink

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    The last two comments are pretty hilarious. You know he's bashing the gambit, right?

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    Come on, stop teaching all these guys all the evil anti-sicilians.  This is disrespectful to us sicilian players.  Teach them how to play the sicilian correctly, not how to counter it.  

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    This might be the funniest video I have ever seen.

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