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    Besides Be2, Bd3 and Nge2 there is a fine move after a6 Qd2 b5 f3 Sbd7 for white. I meant g4. That move was not consider here, but it has great results in database. Worth checking if you play this line.

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    NM erabin

    The main book I've learned the 150 attack from Attacking with 1. e4 doesn't mention move 4..a6. 

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    A nice instructive video thanks for sharing it! Kramnik is one of my favourite players at the moment because like him, my own play goes towards the positional side, but Kramnik has been world-class for many years now!! I don't play the Pirc myself but it is something I might try adding into my repertoire as I improve some more. Cool

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    I really enjoyed this series. I bought a book on the Pirc as a result but I have to say, I prefer coming back to these videos for ideas about how to play the main variations.


    Good job.

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    Don't worry about your "lecture skills."  You've got the info, you've got the angles, you've got the play.  ;)

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    You are a pretty good author, just need to work on your lecture skills a little.

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    Thank you for the vid

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    Thank you IM Mackenzie Molner. 

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    Very informative,thank you

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    interested in an early e 5 trying to trade queens and take casteling chances from black

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    Great site, with a clean and no nonsense feel to it. Kudos to the guys and gals behind this site. Thank you all.

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    I  enjoyed this video, some nice ideas to try in future games thanks

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