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  • A Pawn Up, Part 2

    Continuing our series on the technique of exploiting an extra pawn, we move along to a different kind of situation compared to our example from last week (Gligoric-Smyslov). In last week's example, we saw Smyslov, with an extra - although somewhat... | Read More

  • A Gear I Don't Have

    When I first started playing, it eventually dawned on me that there were only two gears to play chess: Try your best or resign. For a critical tale of how I reached that conclusion, please refer to The Train Story. Today I would like to relate an... | Read More

  • Checkmate race in the Slav defense

    After a long break I played again in the Hungarian team championship league on Sunday at 2nd of February. I was excited before the game. I planned to use my prepared ideas in the slav defense. 2 years ago I helped an Indian student, a woman gran... | Read More

  • 64 King and Pawn Concepts

    64 King and Pawn Concepts I have created the following table (an endgame"learning board") I share with my students and for chess.com users to take advantage of. Please mentally scan the positions and then leave a comment saying your rating and ... | Read More

  • How to Turbo-Charge Your Game

    Every chess player dreams of improving his game. He might simply want to smash his friends. He might want that 1200 rating to turn into a 1600 rating. Or he might be sick and tired of not knowing why he lost games X, Y, and Z. Study certainly help... | Read More

  • The number one reason players lose chess games is...

    The number one reason players lose chess games is...   They move too quickly. First off, how long should a standard time control chess game last? The answer is 3 to 5 hours. Every titled player earned that honor by playing mostly five hour game... | Read More

  • The Sicilian Hole

    Many openings (especially when you play Black) have specific strategical problems typical for that particular opening. If you play the French Defense, then the bishop on c8 is your constant headache. In the Tarrasch Defense you need to live with a... | Read More

  • Megamind

    © 2014, José Diaz   Links Interview with José Diaz José Diaz Official Website | Read More

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #27 - Zig Zag Zwang

    Professor: Hello, class. Are you prepared to get scientific about things? That is, are you ready to talk about bishops today? Lucian: Bishops?What bishops? Bad bishops? Zephyr: Or good bishops? Professor: Not quite either type. No, I’m ... | Read More

  • Positional Methods From Carlsen's Play, The End

    Today's article is the last in series of positional methods from Magnus Carlsen's games. Being aware of the World Champion's style it is no surprise that the topic of piece exchanges wraps up this theme. Carlsen is extremely good in this area - he... | Read More

  • A Month of Studies: Part 5

    Greetings, chess fans! This is the final part of my series of endgame studies. This month I have learned so much about these wonderful pieces of chess art and their composition. The beauty and majesty of this royal game we all love continues to am... | Read More

  • Remembering Curt Brasket

    FIDE Master Curt Brasket was a towering figure in Minnesota chess, having won the state championship a record 16 times. On January 24, 2014, he passed away in his sleep at the age of 81, having battled Parkinson’s disease for nearly 40 years. Hi... | Read More

  • Recomendación de libros (I)

    En el siguiente post quiero recomendar algunos libros que me parecen esenciales para cualquier persona que quiera dar sus primeros pasos en el ajedrez. El primer libro que quiero mencionar se llama "Fundamentos del Ajedrez" de José Raúl Capablan... | Read More

  • The Ricky S Story: A Chess Parable

    When I was in high school, our school had no chess team, so I would frequently travel after school to our arch-rival high school and hang out with their strong team. One of the players on the arch-rival's team was Ricky S. Ricky was a year or so ... | Read More

  • A Pawn Up, Part 1

    "And the rest is technique..." You've seen that annotation before. What does it mean? The rest is easy? Or we should pay less attention to the rest because it is less artistic? In fact, the technique of winning with an extra pawn is one of the m... | Read More

  • The Mandarins of the Yellow Button

      The Order of the Mandarins of the Yellow Button        In the second half of the 19th century, a group of chess players in the Boston area formed a somewhat informal, yet exclusive coterie along the lines of the famous German Pleiades ... | Read More

  • Readers’ Games, Questions and Comments, Part 1

    Curse of the Hasty Pawn Advance EvgeniyZh (1192) – raj475 (1324)ICC Live Game (30-0), 2014 1.e4 b6 2.e4 e6 3.e5 I’ve seen many sub-1500 rated players make this kind of hasty pawn advance, and I will take this opportunity to make a comment ... | Read More

  • Personal Mona Lisa of GM Isaac Kashdan

    As you might remember, in the "Personal Mona Lisa" series we analyze the best games played by strong chess players who as a rule are not that well known. Of course most of you probably heard about GM Isaac Kashdan thanks to his numerous books and ... | Read More

  • Middlegame & Endgames Ideas - #4 - The Inbetween killer

    HI guys, Back for my 4th article in this series - on Zwischenzugs A zwischenzug - put simply - is another name for an intermediate move (usually a check or attacking a major piece) To start off, A game of the genius Aron NImzowitsch Nimzowit... | Read More

  • Positional Methods From Carlsen's Play, Part 6

    One of the first principles that an early, intermediate-level chess player learns is that rooks on the seventh rank are powerful. In Russian we call the seventh (or second) rank “obzhornyi” (обжорный ), roughly translating... | Read More

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #26 - The King Takes a Walk

    Professor: Good afternoon, class.  --- Lucian and Zephyr: Good afternoon, Professor. --- Professor: I hope you’ve both been having a good day so far. It’s so nice and sunny out that I’ve been walking around enjoying the warmth. --- Lucian... | Read More

  • A Month of Studies: Part 4

    Hey everybody! My month of endgames and beauty is drawing to a close. This week was pretty harrowing for me. I was uninspired and frustrated, staring at a chess board for hours without seeing so much as a tiny tactical twist. Creating endgame stud... | Read More

  • Chess.com Rating Comparisons

    Many players are curious about how the different chess.com ratings stack up against each other.  This survey is designed to figure out the answer!   At the bottom of the survey there are also a few questions about USCF and FIDE ratings for co... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Jan 24, 2014

    "What can I do to get worse at chess? Right now I am playing too well." Great question, and possibly not as silly as it may sound. After all, GM Znosko-Borovsky once wrote a book called How Not to Play Chess, so why not look at ways to get worse?... | Read More

  • The French Endgame

    A distinctive structure arises from the French Defense, featuring White's space advantage and Black's restricted light-squared bishop. Against this, Black hopes for counterplay via the pawn break ...f6 and queenside counterplay on the c-file and o... | Read More

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