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The New #ChessMonday Marathon's Thumbnail

The New #ChessMonday Marathon

pete Sep 28, 2015

You might have noticed a big change to the Chess.com TV schedule the last few weeks. To bring you the best-possible chess viewing experience, Chess.com launched the #ChessMonday marathon last month, packing each Monday with back-to-back chess show...

Chess Is Not Checkers!'s Thumbnail

Chess Is Not Checkers!

GM Gserper Sep 27, 2015

"Thank you, GM Serper for this profound statement. I would have never guessed it on my own!" Admit this was your first thought when you read the title of this article. Yes, chess is obviously not checkers and yet, when I was a kid, I heard this ...

Completely French's Thumbnail

Completely French

TigerChess Sep 25, 2015

The French Defense has been vexing players on the White side since it was first introduced by the Parisians in the historic match between London and Paris in 1834! Black permits White to build a sturdy center, only to devote the remainder of the g...

The King March's Thumbnail

The King March

GM DanielNaroditsky Sep 25, 2015

  In every single position — whether opening or endgame, tactical or positional, winning or losing — our priority is to ensure the safety of our king. Indeed, the monarch spends most of the game cowering behin...

Member Analysis's Thumbnail

Member Analysis

TigerChess Sep 24, 2015

One of the tips that you will hear from top-level players over and over again is that you MUST study your own games. Chess.com is here to do some of the hard work for you as the best coaches on Chess.com go over member games. They will highlight t...

Mikhail Tal And The Modern Benoni's Thumbnail

Mikhail Tal And The Modern Benoni

GM BryanSmith Sep 24, 2015

Botvinnik had regained the title from Smyslov in their 1958 rematch, but soon he had a new challenger: the fiery Latvian player Mikhail Tal. Tal had appeared out of nowhere, and within a few years went from an unknown young player to a challenge...

Live Sessions's Thumbnail

Live Sessions

TigerChess Sep 23, 2015

What motivated this move? Was that a blunder? How deeply did he calculate in this position? How many candidate moves did she consider? Did he memorize that entire opening? Why did she exchange these pieces and not those? How does he play so fast?!...

The Only Certainties: Death Matches And Taxes's Thumbnail

The Only Certainties: Death Matches And Taxes

FM MikeKlein Sep 23, 2015

If it feels like we haven't had a Death Match since the early summer, that's because we haven't! Back when GM Maxim Dlugy claimed his title, the days were at their longest and outdoor barbecues were in full swing. But don't fret! As th...

"Queer Moves in Chess"

batgirl Sep 23, 2015

     I stumbled upon the following article while reading through the March 1903 edition of "Checkmate: Monthly Chess Review."  It looked familiar and I was able to determine I had seen it before in "Pollock Memories,"  a collection of his games ...

Deadly Mindsets: 'He Can't/I Can't''s Thumbnail

Deadly Mindsets: 'He Can't/I Can't'

IM Silman Sep 22, 2015

Though I’ve written about chess psychology in my book (How to Reassess Your Chess 4th Edition – almost 90 pages on the subject!) and in articles on Chess.com, I will continue to do so from time to time since it’s an ext...

Can You Guess These 13 Famous Chess Players?'s Thumbnail

Can You Guess These 13 Famous Chess Players?

pete Sep 21, 2015

Can you identify some of the most famous chess players ever? Find out in another fun contest here on Chess.com.  If you whiffed on our devilishly hard 2014 Holiday Puzzler, take heart: all you have to do this time is fill in the last name o...

How To Bury A Bishop's Thumbnail

How To Bury A Bishop

GM Gserper Sep 20, 2015

Sometimes we can observe a peculiar situation in chess: one of the pieces on the board practically doesn't exist. Yes, it is there: we can see it, we can feel it, but we cannot move it. Therefore, in most of the cases, for a practical purpose su...

The Art Of Maneuvering's Thumbnail

The Art Of Maneuvering

GM DanielNaroditsky Sep 18, 2015

When my journey to the chess world was still in its nascent stages, I picked up a dusty old copy of My System, settled down in a comfortable chair, adopted a grave, contemplative expression, and started to read.  Everything went smooth...

Vasily Smyslov And The Closed Sicilian's Thumbnail

Vasily Smyslov And The Closed Sicilian

GM BryanSmith Sep 17, 2015

Although Vasily Smyslov was only the world champion for one year, he is nevertheless remembered as among the greatest players ever, and his matches with Mikhail Botvinnik dominated chess in the 1950s. All in all, they played three matches, with ...

The Ages of Chess's Thumbnail

The Ages of Chess

batgirl Sep 16, 2015

Caveat: The terms I use in the below essay are strictly my own invention and are not, by any means, generally accepted nomenclature. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * \ Chess Comes of Age /      Around the end of the 15th ce...

The Two Faces Of Opposite-Colored Bishops's Thumbnail

The Two Faces Of Opposite-Colored Bishops

IM Silman Sep 15, 2015

While going over a game with my student, B.B., I noticed that his position wasn’t particularly desirable. I also noticed that he didn’t think there was much to learn from the wreckage before us, and he wanted to move on to another game...

5 Reasons To Watch The Streamers Challenge's Thumbnail

5 Reasons To Watch The Streamers Challenge

pete Sep 14, 2015

The Let's Play Chess.com Streamers Challenge will kick off on Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 1 p.m. Pacific on Chess.com/TV and Twitch.tv/chess. Watch the most popular chess video streamers in the world go head-to-hea...

The Biggest Secret Of Positional Chess's Thumbnail

The Biggest Secret Of Positional Chess

GM Gserper Sep 13, 2015

I am not going to reveal a big secret if I say that the vast majority of chess players love tactical play and hate slow maneuvering. Indeed, tactics are beautiful and exciting and positional chess is weird and boring. That is, if you don't under...

How To Survive A Chess Disaster's Thumbnail

How To Survive A Chess Disaster

GM DanielNaroditsky Sep 11, 2015

Everyone gets tired from time to time, stress kills, and the periodic brain melt is pretty much impossible to prevent.  — IM Jeremy Silman, Why Do Grandmasters Blunder?  No matter how hard he works, or how strong h...

Botvinnik And The Winawer's Thumbnail

Botvinnik And The Winawer

GM BryanSmith Sep 10, 2015

After World War Two, the chess world (and the world in general) was abruptly changed. It is very clear that a demarcation line can be placed at 1945 between the old classical chess and modern chess. There were many changes in the chess world aro...

The Man with 1000 Names's Thumbnail

The Man with 1000 Names

batgirl Sep 9, 2015

Q: What do Leigh Franklin James, Paul Hugo, Paula Little, Paula Minton, Sylvia Sharon, Kenneth Harding, Marie De Jourlet, Lana Preston, Paul H. Little, Jack Warren. D.R. Mason, Hugo Paul, Jack Warren, Dr. Lamb Library, Dr. Guenter Klow, Dorothy D...

Light Squares And Black's Magical a-Pawn's Thumbnail

Light Squares And Black's Magical a-Pawn

IM Silman Sep 8, 2015

I’ve written several articles that discuss the dynamics of chess teacher and student, and the kinds of things a student should expect from lessons. Though the teacher will give his charge a study program, there is nothing more useful and ins...

The 7 Most Amazing Chess Records's Thumbnail

The 7 Most Amazing Chess Records

pete Sep 7, 2015

Chess is a game with a long history and many more statistics and records than there are squares on the board. Chess fans have been fervently compiling facts and numbers on the game, inspired by the truth that unlike so many other competitive pur...


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