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The Positional Queen Sacrifice's Thumbnail

The Positional Queen Sacrifice

GM DanielNaroditsky Oct 16, 2015

Alone together. Foolish wisdom. Cruel kindness. Arrogant humility. All of these phrases are oxymorons, "combination of words that have opposite or very different meanings."  The title of this article seems to fit this definition to the lett...

Bobby Fischer And The King's Indian Defense's Thumbnail

Bobby Fischer And The King's Indian Defense

GM BryanSmith Oct 15, 2015

After Boris Spassky came the most famous chess player ever: Bobby Fischer. Fischer was the world champion with the most limited and consistent opening repertoire. Indeed, Fischer had an attitude that there must be one correct way of playing in e...

The Golden Age's Thumbnail

The Golden Age

batgirl Oct 14, 2015

     In September 1945 the proud and confident USA team suffered a humiliating, crushing defeat at the hands of the Soviet team in a 10 board, 20 game match played through a novel use of radio transmission, each set of matched contestants played...

The Last Cracked Grandmaster Tales's Thumbnail

The Last Cracked Grandmaster Tales

IM Silman Oct 13, 2015

This is my third and final Cracked Grandmaster Tales article. Click the links if you haven’t seen Cracked Grandmaster Tales and More Cracked Grandmaster Tales. We’ll start with Najdorf again since some people felt that he wouldn’t resort to the g...

The Biggest Secret Of The Soviet Chess School's Thumbnail

The Biggest Secret Of The Soviet Chess School

GM Gserper Oct 11, 2015

The famed Soviet school of chess has produced hundreds of grandmasters and dozens of world champions. Thousands of chess coaches teach their students using "the Soviet training method." But who can really describe what exactly was/is the So...

Why Solving Studies Is So Important's Thumbnail

Why Solving Studies Is So Important

GM DanielNaroditsky Oct 10, 2015

Genrikh Kasparian (1910-1995) was a very accomplished chess player. A 10-time Armenian champion, Kasparian was a strong IM and permanent fixture on the Soviet chess scene. However, Kasparian is remembered not as a great chess player —...

Boris Spassky And The Leningrad Variation's Thumbnail

Boris Spassky And The Leningrad Variation

GM BryanSmith Oct 9, 2015

The 10th world champion, Boris Spassky, was a universal player with a wide opening repertoire. He mostly played classical openings with a healthy aggression. One weapon, which served him well throughout his career, was a rather surprising move: 4....

ChessCenter Episode Archive's Thumbnail

ChessCenter Episode Archive

TigerChess Oct 8, 2015

Get the most important chess news, notes and highlights right here at the ChessCenter episode archive. Watch the current episode for the most up-to-date news or dive into recent chess history: the choice is yours.  So who is at the helm? He...

Talks a Good Game's Thumbnail

Talks a Good Game

batgirl Oct 7, 2015

     The following piece was written by Paul Hugo Little,     a rather diverse writer and a chess expert himself.    Many people have probably encountered someone     like the chess expert described in the story below. (The diagrams and Algrbrai...

Titled Tuesday: What You Need To Know's Thumbnail

Titled Tuesday: What You Need To Know

News Oct 6, 2015

Titled Tuesday is a prize tournament for all titled players on the first Tuesday of every month. NOTE: Each Tuesday in April 2017 will have a Titled Tuesday tournament, with the winner qualifying for the 2017 Speed Chess Championship. ...

More Cracked Grandmaster Tales's Thumbnail

More Cracked Grandmaster Tales

IM Silman Oct 6, 2015

In my first edition of Cracked Grandmaster Tales, I shared stories about Grandmaster Rosendo Balinas, Grandmaster Igor Ivanov, a tribute to Igor Ivanov by Boris Spassky, a short tale about an unknown grandmaster, and a story about the late Wa...

Who Will Beat Magnus Carlsen?'s Thumbnail

Who Will Beat Magnus Carlsen?

GM Gserper Oct 4, 2015

If you follow my weekly column, then you probably noticed that I am a big fan of Magnus Carlsen. I like his chess style, his general attitude to play till the very end and his notorious disregard of the opening theory. I grew up at the height...

Bobby Fischer's Overlooked Gem's Thumbnail

Bobby Fischer's Overlooked Gem

GM DanielNaroditsky Oct 2, 2015

Officially released on September 16, the biographical thriller Pawn Sacrifice is the latest development in an ongoing chess renaissance. Directed by Academy Award-winning producer and filmmaker Edward Zwick, Pawn Sacrifice offers a ...

Tigran Petrosian And The Queen's Indian's Thumbnail

Tigran Petrosian And The Queen's Indian

GM BryanSmith Oct 1, 2015

Tigran Petrosian, the ninth world champion, gained the title in his 1963 match with Mikhail Botvinnik. Thus the Botvinnik era came to a close, since the automatic rematch clause (which allowed Botvinnik to regain the championship after one year fr...

Notation's Thumbnail


batgirl Sep 30, 2015

"At the root of all advances in the science of chess-play lies the necessity of discovering an intelligible system of notation, by means of which the squares of the board may be easily defined and the moves of the pieces recorded."  — H.J.R. Murr...

The 10 Best Moves Of All Time's Thumbnail

The 10 Best Moves Of All Time

TigerChess Sep 29, 2015

Lists... Everybody loves list! You couldn't ask for a better list as GM (IM at the time) Sam Shankland takes you on a video tour of his personal top 10 moves of all time. In a diverse collection, you will see brilliant attacking thrusts, stunning ...

Amazing Games for Beginners's Thumbnail

Amazing Games for Beginners

TigerChess Sep 29, 2015

Even the barest novice can appreciate and learn from the exquisite artistry and logic in the conceptual masterpieces to be found here. Join some of Chess.com's finest teachers on a tour of the most dazzling and instructive ches...

Cracked Grandmaster Tales's Thumbnail

Cracked Grandmaster Tales

IM Silman Sep 29, 2015

I’ve talked to countless chess fans over the years and though all serious chess players have their favorite chess heroes, many of them aren’t in touch with the human side of the chess legends. This is the first of two articles showing some of the ...

The Best of the FIDE Grand Prix -- 2014's Thumbnail

The Best of the FIDE Grand Prix -- 2014

TigerChess Sep 28, 2015

Uncle Yermo is here with commentary on the Baku FIDE Grand Prix! Twelve super grandmasters have been assembled to compete for a spot in the Candidates Tournament of 2016, and Yermo has all the hot takes, highlights, and insights you are seeking. T...

The Evans Gambit's Thumbnail

The Evans Gambit

TigerChess Sep 28, 2015

GM Jacek Stopa is here to show you how to win with the aggressive Evans Gambit. Few openings have a more swashbuckling reputation than the Evans Gambit which was even invented by the sea captain, William Evans, in 1827! Jacek is a practitioner of ...

The New #ChessMonday Marathon's Thumbnail

The New #ChessMonday Marathon

pete Sep 28, 2015

You might have noticed a big change to the Chess.com TV schedule the last few weeks. To bring you the best-possible chess viewing experience, Chess.com launched the #ChessMonday marathon last month, packing each Monday with back-to-back chess show...

Chess Is Not Checkers!'s Thumbnail

Chess Is Not Checkers!

GM Gserper Sep 27, 2015

"Thank you, GM Serper for this profound statement. I would have never guessed it on my own!" Admit this was your first thought when you read the title of this article. Yes, chess is obviously not checkers and yet, when I was a kid, I heard this ...

Completely French's Thumbnail

Completely French

TigerChess Sep 25, 2015

The French Defense has been vexing players on the White side since it was first introduced by the Parisians in the historic match between London and Paris in 1834! Black permits White to build a sturdy center, only to devote the remainder of the g...


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