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Dancing With Yourself's Thumbnail

Dancing With Yourself

IM Silman Apr 7, 2016

When I look at games played by 1500-rated players and below, I see many weaknesses, but one is almost ubiquitous: both players are, more or less, dancing with themselves. What this means is that a player decides to do this or that, he might calcul...

How To Watch The Aronian-Grischuk Blitz Battle's Thumbnail

How To Watch The Aronian-Grischuk Blitz Battle

pete Apr 6, 2016

Chess.com is proud to offer several viewing options for the Grandmaster Blitz Battle Championship. The three-hour round-one match between  Levon Aronian and Alexander Grischuk will begin at 10 a.m. Pacific time on Wednesday, April 6...

Cuba's Thumbnail


batgirl Apr 6, 2016

Avenida de las Palmeras, Habana, ca. 1904      A large island in the Caribbean, this former Spanish colony lies just 93 miles from the state of Florida.  Its proximity to the United States, the inherent beauty of the...

How To Use Dynamic Diagonals's Thumbnail

How To Use Dynamic Diagonals

GM Ginger_GM Apr 5, 2016

People spend too much time reading opening books. There you go, I have said it. Think what you may of this statement, but it seems to me that the chess market is saturated with opening books. So many people will blindly buy a book, add to their ...

Play Like A Beginner!'s Thumbnail

Play Like A Beginner!

GM Gserper Apr 3, 2016

Two months ago, one of the oldest grandmasters in the world, Mark Taimanov, turned 90.  Just like any professional chess player he had many ups and downs in his career, but due to his limitless optimism he is still a very active person. ...

Converting Extra Material's Thumbnail

Converting Extra Material

TigerChess Apr 2, 2016

You may be winning, but you haven't put the game away yet! In this series, you'll see what might lead you to fall short when possessing a material advantage. Make sure you've fine tuned your technique and are accurately evaluating your oppo...

The Principle Of Two Weaknesses's Thumbnail

The Principle Of Two Weaknesses

TigerChess Apr 2, 2016

You've pushed relentlessly to gain an advantage. Finally, you're in the endgame and slightly better, but you are facing a strong opponent. How do you sustain the mental toughness to close it out? Use the principle of two weaknesses! In this...

Opposite-Colored Bishop Endgames's Thumbnail

Opposite-Colored Bishop Endgames

TigerChess Apr 2, 2016

Everyone’s had the unfortunate experience of playing an opposite-colored bishop ending. Like a mirage, you never know how they got there, and you definitely didn’t intend on it. Nevertheless, they have arrived. These mirages don’...

Master vs Many: Vote Chess Games's Thumbnail

Master vs Many: Vote Chess Games

TigerChess Apr 2, 2016

When a group of individuals come together for one mission, anything is possible. History tells us that one group can accomplish more together than any individual, no matter how much inner Chuck Norris that individual can harness. But sometimes, ...

Opening Failures And How to Avoid Them's Thumbnail

Opening Failures And How to Avoid Them

IM Silman Apr 1, 2016

The Chess.com member yoavb2 said: “I read your ‘How to Reassess Your Chess 4th’ but fail in the opening, which makes me start with a disadvantage. How can I fix it?” ANSWER:  I looked at several of your games (whil...

Typical Rook Endgame Mistakes's Thumbnail

Typical Rook Endgame Mistakes

TigerChess Mar 30, 2016

Endgames should be simple. Right? With a majority of pieces removed from play, calculation becomes minimal. Wrong!  At one time or another, you may have found yourself on the losing side of a winning endgame. Perhaps you've been fortunate e...

Another Important Chess Test's Thumbnail

Another Important Chess Test

IM Silman Mar 29, 2016

As I did in the first Test Your Understanding article, I implore you to read the notes to the puzzles: The prose and variations are what makes this new series worthwhile, so PLEASE try and solve the puzzle and then go back (whether you got it righ...

Pete's Pathetic Chess: 'A Truly Horrible Game''s Thumbnail

Pete's Pathetic Chess: 'A Truly Horrible Game'

pete Mar 29, 2016

It's time for another installment of Pete's Pathetic Chess, where I subject my awful moves and chess ideas to a brilliant grandmaster and the best chess-playing computer in the world. Joining my foolishness with his own (lucid) annotations...

Embrace Your Losses's Thumbnail

Embrace Your Losses

GM Gserper Mar 27, 2016

Every chess player knows that losing a game is no fun! Some of us take it better than others, but it is always a little tragedy. We all cried after losing a game when we were kids, but even some adults cannot tolerate what Korchnoi called o...

Overextending Your Pawns's Thumbnail

Overextending Your Pawns

IM Silman Mar 24, 2016

The Chess.com member JN wrote: I took up chess about a year ago when a friend introduced me to the game. Since then, he and I have taken to playing quite often; we typically play about four or five days a week, two or three games in a sitting. ...

Brenzinger the Forgotten's Thumbnail

Brenzinger the Forgotten

batgirl Mar 23, 2016

Francis Eugene Brenzinger has been mostly forgotten.        It's true that he wasn't even close to being a world champion contender, maybe not even a likely U.S. champion, but during his chess-playing days, he was...

Why Chess Players Blunder (Part 2)'s Thumbnail

Why Chess Players Blunder (Part 2)

Vik-Hansen Mar 22, 2016

Part 1 of our previous instalment offered a theoretical framework for blunders. This second part suggests a way to combat impulsiveness and blunder-tendencies. Chess players are often encouraged to read chess books and watch DVDsto improvetheir ...

Fischer The Rebel's Thumbnail

Fischer The Rebel

GM Gserper Mar 20, 2016

His whole life, Robert James Fischer was fighting against someone or something. Thousands of books, articles and videos have been produced to describe the outlandish behavior of the chess genius. It is difficult to count all the social, moral...

3 Tips To Avoid Blunders's Thumbnail

3 Tips To Avoid Blunders

IM hellokostya Mar 18, 2016

Blundering in chess is one of the worst feelings that we experience while playing the royal game. A well-played strategic masterpiece can be completely spoiled with a single careless move. Anyone, including the very best...

3 Tips To Solve Tactics's Thumbnail

3 Tips To Solve Tactics

IM hellokostya Mar 18, 2016

The best way to improve your tactical skill is through practice; the more you solve, the stronger you'll become. If you're not sure how to go about solving tactics, this three step guide is for you: First, look at all the possible checks ...

Falling Into The Abyss's Thumbnail

Falling Into The Abyss

IM Silman Mar 15, 2016

During a road trip, GM Walter Browne once told me, “I would happily buy a huge steak dinner for my upcoming opponent since the blood would rush to his stomach, and his brain wouldn’t function properly.” He repeated this ma...


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