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The Chess Heritage Of Emory Tate's Thumbnail

The Chess Heritage Of Emory Tate

GM Gserper Nov 15, 2015

This is the last installment of my tribute to IM Emory Tate. The first two parts can be found here and here. There are definitely people out there who knew Emory much better than me, so they could disagree, but I always had an impression that hi...

Veselin Topalov And The Najdorf Sicilian's Thumbnail

Veselin Topalov And The Najdorf Sicilian

GM BryanSmith Nov 12, 2015

San Luis, Argentina, 2005: A double-round-robin tournament was held to determine the FIDE world champion. In those days the world championship was still split after Garry Kasparov and Nigel Short left FIDE for their 1993 match. The chess world l...

Memphis Belle's Thumbnail

Memphis Belle

batgirl Nov 11, 2015

  Miss Rosa Jefferson    The champion women chess player of the world Rosa B. Jefferson    Although she was a significant historical figure in American chess, Rosa Bradford Jefferson has remained largely unknown. Miss Jefferson edited a che...

The Eye Of The Beholder's Thumbnail

The Eye Of The Beholder

IM Silman Nov 10, 2015

Many players feel that chess is all about threats or attack or finding a combination or some other form of brute force moves. And, of course, that is exactly what many positions need. However, in many other positions those things are exactly what ...

The Tale Of Two Emory Tates's Thumbnail

The Tale Of Two Emory Tates

GM Gserper Nov 8, 2015

In last week's article we paid tribute to a creative chess player and a nice person, IM Emory Tate. As a man who played Emory many times, I can tell you that a game with him was always just like our life according to Forrest Gump. Remember his f...

Blunders: A Grandmaster's Perspective's Thumbnail

Blunders: A Grandmaster's Perspective

GM DanielNaroditsky Nov 6, 2015

A few months ago, IM Jeremy Silman wrote an entertaining and highly informative article on why grandmasters blunder. I was particularly impressed with his opening remark: "Over the years I’ve noticed that whenever a grandmaster hang...

Vladimir Kramnik And The Berlin Defense's Thumbnail

Vladimir Kramnik And The Berlin Defense

GM BryanSmith Nov 5, 2015

Before the 2000 world championship match between Vladimir Kramnik and Garry Kasparov, the latter had been champion since long before I started playing chess. Kasparov dominated the chess world and seemed unbeatable. I naturally assumed that he wou...

The Duke's Thumbnail

The Duke

batgirl Nov 4, 2015

      Many people who have no knowledge of or even interest in Chess know the name Bobby Fischer because he is so iconic.  There are such icons in all endeavors - those who transcend their fields and become public figures, such as Einstein, Elvis...

How To Play Multi-Purpose Moves's Thumbnail

How To Play Multi-Purpose Moves

IM Silman Nov 3, 2015

How to Improve Your Tactics    Chess.com member shivendu2059xyz asked: I would like to discuss how to get better at tactics. Is solving tons of puzzles the only way to improve? Mr. shivendu2059xyz: There are many ways to study ...

The Man That Walked By Himself's Thumbnail

The Man That Walked By Himself

GM Gserper Nov 1, 2015

The recent departure of IM Emory Tate is a severe blow to American chess. While we have many chess players who are stronger than him and a huge number of chess players who are weaker than him, we'll never have another Emory Tate. In this article...

The Schliemann Gambit's Thumbnail

The Schliemann Gambit

TigerChess Oct 31, 2015

The Schliemann (AKA Jaenisch) Gambit is one of Black's most aggressive responses to the time-tested Ruy Lopez. Some say the Schliemann is unsound, but GM Melikset Khachiyan (Melik) believes the Schliemann is better than its reputation. In thi...

The Terrifying Grinder Of Chess's Thumbnail

The Terrifying Grinder Of Chess

GM DanielNaroditsky Oct 30, 2015

The title of this article sounds like the name of a cheap horror flick, perhaps a low-budget rip-off of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. A spine-chilling monster known as the Grinder terrorizes the inhabitants of a fictional town... A quick...

Garry Kasparov And The Scotch Opening's Thumbnail

Garry Kasparov And The Scotch Opening

GM BryanSmith Oct 29, 2015

After Anatoly Karpov came Garry Kasparov, the 13th world champion. Kasparov took opening preparation to possibly the most extreme level of any champions before or since. His deep explorations, with the help of a team of grandmasters and -- a new p...

Links to the Past's Thumbnail

Links to the Past

batgirl Oct 28, 2015

This is the week of Halloween, a time when we dust the cobwebs, ressurect the dead and free the whispy ghosts of the departed.I thought this would be an appropriate time to open my own vault into the not-so-distant past with links to what has c...

Cracked Grandmaster Tales: Polgar vs Silman's Thumbnail

Cracked Grandmaster Tales: Polgar vs Silman

IM Silman Oct 27, 2015

I didn’t intend to write a 4th Cracked Grandmaster Tales article, but so many Chess.com members asked me to do another that I decided to share a few more (true) stories. I hope you enjoy these as much as you did the others. Be warned: there might ...

Komodo Devours Lenderman; Hikaru Match Slated Jan.'s Thumbnail

Komodo Devours Lenderman; Hikaru Match Slated Jan.

pete Oct 26, 2015

Humans long ago relinquished their claim as the world’s best chess players to the computer engines that now play the most accurate version of chess and who now exclusively probe the leading edge of game’s discoveries. While play...

The Most Unusual Check In Chess's Thumbnail

The Most Unusual Check In Chess

GM Gserper Oct 25, 2015

I run a chess club in a local school, and whenever I ask my students if a king can check another king, I hear a loud "No! Kings cannot kiss each other!" Of course, I know what they mean. Even beginners are well aware that this is the closest a k...

Melik Suggests Video Series's Thumbnail

Melik Suggests Video Series

TigerChess Oct 24, 2015

For 10 video lessons, GM Melikset Khachiyan is here to analyze his preferred variations of different openings. Melik is one of our favorite coaches but he is also a world-class player. Our lessons will come from games of his own and his students. ...

Remembering IM Emory Tate's Thumbnail

Remembering IM Emory Tate

GM DanielNaroditsky Oct 23, 2015

On October 17, the chess world suffered yet another devastating loss: IM Emory Tate passed away at age 56. Though he was taken from this world much too soon, Emory has left behind an unforgettable legacy, and he will forever be remembered as ...

Anatoly Karpov And The Caro-Kann's Thumbnail

Anatoly Karpov And The Caro-Kann

GM BryanSmith Oct 22, 2015

After his famous 1972 victory over Boris Spassky in the so-called "Match of the Century," Bobby Fischer stopped playing chess. He did not compete in any tournaments as the world champion. When Anatoly Karpov emerged as his challenger in 1975,...

Targets, Time Pressure, And Reaching Expert's Thumbnail

Targets, Time Pressure, And Reaching Expert

IM Silman Oct 20, 2015

SPOTTING THE ELUSIVE TARGETS  Chess.com member speedyg2 asked: “I have been reading your book How to Reassess Your Chess 4th Edition and I was wondering if move 23 for White (Rfe1) is following the imbalances. My imbalance breakdown was that Bla...

Combinative Chess's Thumbnail

Combinative Chess

batgirl Oct 19, 2015

"Chess"  circa 1913by Annti Favén       "A combination is a tactical maneuver in which you sacrifice material to obtain an advantage, or at least to improve your position.   So, strategy then, is your general plan, while tactics are your specific...


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