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  • Interesting Position

    Here's an interesting position from a recent tournament game I had. I was black in the following position against a strong young player. Black to move and win.. Black's probably winning in all lines with good play, but for this puzzle, the win... | Read More

  • AICF vs Koneru Humpy

    My take on a high profile example of officials abusing their powers and going to ridculous lengths to punish a player insisting on her rights. http://www.themalaymailonline.com/opinion/peter-long/article/the-curious-case-of-koneru-humpy-and-the-a... | Read More

  • A surprising tactic in the opening

    I thought of the following tactic in class (to see the opening it resulted from, click the move list after you have solved it!) Click here to follow me | Read More

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