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  • Garry Kasparov. My Best Chess Game

    Article from the magazine Chess In Russia, 1999 My Best Chess Game "My best game is ahead..." How many times have we heard this answer from chess players of any age and level of success. The dream of playing that game, which would shine upon t... | Read More

  • Some interesting games.

    To people that have arrived at my blog:  Hi, people who are here to look at my openings for an upcoming tournament. Enjoy!  Hi, people who are here out of curiosity of my games. Enjoy!  These are just some games from ICC, I'll be adding more ... | Read More

  • DAYTON CHESS FESTIVAL July 27th-August 2nd

    Your Chess Summer Ends with a Bang! www.DaytonChessFestival.com www.OhioChessAcademy.com is a proud sponsor of a new chess event! This event will make for a great learning experience for up & coming players as many strong players from the ... | Read More

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