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  • Barbarians in DC! Chess.com vs World Open, Day 6

    After a brief stop to check out the monuments, it was time to return to chess! Outgunned again by over 100 ELO points for my eighth consecutive game as I entered the final round (not sure what the odds on that were) I no longer cared about thi... | Read More

  • Why Don't Super-GMs Play the Morra Gambit?

    "Why don't super-GMs play the Morra Gambit?" was a question on Friday's Q&A with Coach Heisman show. In order to answer that question in more depth than I could during the show, I first would like to refer to an earlier Chess.com article "Wha... | Read More

  • Back!

    Vacation successful.   We saw Washington DC,  visited the national zoo and saw giant pandas,  did the memorials,  hung out with family,  discovered Ethiopian food, and generally had a grand old time. I'll be getting back to chess business n... | Read More

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