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  • Match 2 Miami Sharks vs St Louis Arch Bishops

    The US Chess League seems extremely competitive this year. The defending champs went into this match already down 0-1 in the standings, only to face the St. Louis Arch Bishops. With a line up featuring GM Akobian on board 2, St Louis must be one o... | Read More

  • Chess Game Review - 1450 vs 1500

    I picked a chess game from my friends list to review. I share my thoughts on the game which was between a player with a rating of approximately 1450 and the other with a rating of approximately 1500. Time controls were 10 minutes for each side. h... | Read More

  • Queen sacrifice for the title

    Let me introduce myself. I am IM Rudolf Sertić from Croatia. In this post I wanted to show you one of my best games. This was a game full of inspiration. This game I played when I was 15 teen years old. In that game I was inspired with the Nim... | Read More

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