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  • ♥ Amore mio ♥ Lovely Chess Women Tournament

    Hello people Who would like to play the ♥ Amore mio ♥ Lovely Women Chess Tournament? All players invited! Good luck and have fun! Nino ♥ Amore mio ♥ Lovely Chess Women 12 5 Tage  6(1)->3 alle Ratings Anmeldung All new ♥ Amore ... | Read More

    • Nino_Amor
    • | May 30, 2015
  • Winning the Loss

    It’s the last round of the tournament. I’m White. My opponent allows me to play the Scotch! I’ve had great success with the Scotch Game lately, so I’m hopeful, but then—I lose in fewer than 30 moves. My philosophy towards losing has dra... | Read More

  • stuck in my head..

    | Read More

  • 1ª rodada - 2º Torneio de xadrez online - Xadrez UTFPR-CT

    Olá pessoal,   Seguem abaixo informações referentes à 1ª rodada do segundo torneio online UTFPR-CT.   Prazo para realização da rodada: Domingo 23h59   Algumas considerações: Precisamos lembrar que tem gente que estuda trabalha d... | Read More

    • RedNada
    • | May 30, 2015
  • Tonight! Challenge IM Greg Shahade to a Blitz Brawl on ChessTV!

    Saturday nights are special after a week of working or studying hard, so reward yourself with an outing to ChessTV! www.chess.com/tv IM Greg Shahade will be your host tonight on Blitz Brawl...your chance to watch exciting and instructional chess... | Read More

    • zealandzen
    • | May 30, 2015
  • The hidden dangers of the London System

    The London System is sometimes called the quiet system but I tend to disagree. It has a lot of hidden potential for a kingside attack. The game below illustrates this very well.    | Read More

  • Building Pawn Endgame Knowledge

    Do pawn endings frustrate you? Have you given away wins or lost draws because you misplayed? Does it sometimes seem overwhelming to look at complex pawn endings? After this one lesson, you will be able to beat Magnus Carlsen in any pawn endgame. ... | Read More

    • PaulEChess
    • | May 30, 2015
  • chess varients: Antichess

     first we need to start by telling you the rules: 1. you win by losing all your pieces 2. if you can take a piece, you must, if you can take more than one piece, you have a choice.      heres an example of a anti chess, http://en.lichess... | Read More

    • seanysean3
    • | May 30, 2015
  • یک بار دگر می شنوم عطر زنی را

    یک بار دگر می شنوم عطر زنی را ؟؟؟ یا بار دگر لمس کنم روح و تنی را ؟؟؟بگذار که کامل بشود جمله ی: دوسَتیک بار نچسبان به لبم تودهنی راآن درد ک... | Read More

  • women over 30 to 40 look more sexy

    women of that age look more gorgeous than ever,accept it or not it's true with practical experience i am facing now,more proposes are coming to me in this age than early 20's..i think every women do know this truth ! | Read More

  • La Dama en el Ajedrez

    La Dama en el Ajedrez no siempre tuvo los movimientos que tiene hoy, de hecho esta figura femenina ni siquiera existía en el tablero. Esta es la historia de como la Dama del Ajedrez se convirtió en la pieza más poderosa. Interesante artíc... | Read More

    • Pizcuato
    • | May 30, 2015
  • Very nice move

    Very nice tactics I didn't see and surprisingly get equal position from winning. | Read More

    • aptypr
    • | May 30, 2015
  • my pic

    bored! | Read More

    • Anfanny
    • | May 30, 2015
  • Finally!

    I finally reached 1500 rating on online chess! I also reached 1450 for blitz rating! | Read More

  • گوهر وجود

    همه ی انسان ها دارای گوهری هستن که به اون ها کمک می کند تا راه زندگی خودشون رو پیدا کنند. فرق بین ادم های موفق و دیگر اشخاص این است که یکی ا... | Read More

    • mmmmmmmkh
    • | May 30, 2015
  • The Dark Knight

    | Read More

  • Rather Die Than Losing Their Queen

    Today I play with kind of people who would rather got checkmate than losing their Queen, I just wonder why. Why queen means everything for them. :/   | Read More

  • in my game against computergamerchess.com?

    i cant take the rook and have no check on my king so it's wrong | Read More

  • Why do people sometimes take me off groups for no reason ?

    Why do people sometimes take me off groups for no reason ? I mean , I will join and some guy removes me me for no reason ! It makes no sense ! | Read More

  • Five years wandering through a BDG Teichmann tabiya

    A bit of Capablanca. A bit of Morphy. | Read More

  • Apertura

    Aquí los más principiantes aprenderán un poco de apertura La Defensa Damiano | Read More

    • alguigon
    • | May 30, 2015
  • listening

    Bhull jande ne jo kr k pyar, Bhull jande ne jo kr k pyar...., o rabba sanu nahiyo chahide, je eddan de hunde ne dildar, o rabba sanu nahiyo chahide, rabba sanu nahiyo chahide, Bhull jande ne jo kr k pyar...., o rabba sanu nahiyo chahide....... | Read More

  • My biggest problem :)

    My biggest problem is the next one. I make my moves too quickly. And very often immediately after I did it, I see that I made a mistake. In the next game I had a lost position just before my opponent made two really big mistakes one after the oth... | Read More

    • pastpav
    • | May 30, 2015
  • How not to deal with suspicion of cheating

    “Chess has seen many cheating incidents in recent years, and as a result it's almost impossible for a player to score much better than his rating without being suspected of cheating.” I wrote this in my report on the “c... | Read More

  • IRAN

    in the name of God This text was written to raise foreign friends Information I'm sorry if there are mistakes in the text Some foreigners think that the Iran is desert But I wanted to show that this is not true and Iran  is Beautiful country a... | Read More

    • mmmmmmmkh
    • | May 30, 2015