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  • Miniature in Kings Gambit.

    I checkmated someone in 9 moves with the Kings Gambit. Even though my checkmate could have been easily prevented and turned into a losing game, with only 1 min each, material doesn't matter as much.  I encourage people to play adventurously in ... | Read More

  • Come scegliere la mossa migliore

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    • Bubele
    • | May 3, 2015
  • B

    http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=521558 | Read More

    • 5hasan
    • | May 3, 2015
  • Puzzle #3

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    • Obscura365
    • | May 3, 2015
  • Finally 1700+ in Blitz after over three years

    Hey guys, It has been three years since I started taking chess a little more seriously, and I've improved by leaps and bounds. I wasn't really good at anything since school and I used to call myself average. I have never concentrated on any singl... | Read More

    • cobipal
    • | May 3, 2015
    • | 1 comment
  • 开局研究

    意大利开局    双马防御    苏格兰开局    四马开局   西班牙开局的   马歇尔弃兵 西西里防御   法兰西防御   卡罗~康防御   乌费姆采夫防御 俄罗斯防御   后翼弃兵  古印度防... | Read More

    • yicheng_js
    • | May 2, 2015
  • Mothers and daughters and ... brownies

    My mother passed away several years ago, but some of my fondest memories are the times I spent with her in the kitchen.  She was a great cook and passed along to me her willingness to experiment. That is not to say I enjoyed or appreciated every... | Read More

  • Sicilian Defense Against the Closed Sicilian

    Hello Chess Fans, Today we will continue with the Sicilian Defense Series Against The Anti-Sicilian Variations.  In previous articles we covered The Sicilian Defense Against The Wing Gambit, The Portsmouth Gambit, The Smith-Morra Gamit and the... | Read More

  • May 2, 2015 (KIA while convalescing)

    As many of my chess.com friends know, I am currently recovering from surgery I had on Tuesday morning.  That's a long time to go between chess games!  Since I won't be able to play lunch hour games for several more days, and since my wife took o... | Read More

    • rkd1
    • | May 2, 2015
    • | 1 comment
  • simultanea com 10 jogadores ao vivo

    eu pretendo fazer um evento no chess.com ,eu entrei em contato com o atual campeão Brasileiro de xadrez o GM Rafael Leitão e ele  faria uma simultanea com 10 jogadores ao vivo no chess.com com 20 min de controle em data ainda a ser marcada. ht... | Read More

  • Tactics in tight positions!

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  • chess stuf

    hi I pout this blog up because I want to se you guys check mates  thanks bye | Read More

  • Chesspank's Rated USCF Game April 30, 2015, The Trompowski

    This is a game played in a 75 minute time control with a 30 second increment.  I have white in the Trompowski, and the game ends in an exciting finish (at least by my over-the-board standards). | Read More

    • chessspank
    • | May 2, 2015
  • Maybe this is Goodbye?

    Maybe this is goodby to all of you here on chess.com. I can't get any answers to my connectivity problems and all the other questions and requests I have blogged about and/or discussed through emails to whomever chess.com happens to be. Thanks fo... | Read More

    • Irish-Guy
    • | May 2, 2015
    • | 1 comment
  • Who Are the Best Players not to be World Champion?

    "Who are the best players not to become World Champion?" This was a question on this week's "Q&A with Coach Heisman" TV show (first Friday each month from 5-6:30 PM ET). My first thought in answering this question was: When do we start? We p... | Read More

  • Developing Knowledge & Skill: Kostya's Blueprint to Chess Mastery

    My ambitious intention today is to offer an overall philosophy on how one should study chess in order to maximize their progress. I've decided to lay it all out, right here. Everything it takes (in my opinion from this point on) to reach your ful... | Read More

  • S. Tarrasch - T. von Scheve, Leipzing 1894, Queens Gambit Declined

    I'm trying to post some games I'm studying from Irvin Chernev's book The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played.  This is Game 15, page 71: The King Side Attack.  I'm using the blog feature to help me view these games later on using my iPa... | Read More

    • kramercito
    • | May 2, 2015
  • Tupac, Prison and Chess

    “ If they had lived in another kind of society, their exceptional mathematical talents might have been better used. But they were Black.” - Malcolm X Malcolm X was mentored by many people as he learned to hustle on the streets of Boston and N... | Read More

  • Opposite Colored Bishops minus a pawn DRAW or WIN?

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    • opelliott
    • | May 2, 2015
  • CHECKMATES OF THE DAY - 05.02.2015 - day 143

    World Champion Mikhail Tal beat Yrjo A Rantanen in Tallin in the Keres Memorial Tournament in 1979: White to move and mate in 1: World Champion Anatoly Karpov won against Grandmaster Viktor D Kupreichik in Trinec in 1966: Black to move and ma... | Read More

  • داستان در نهادن شطرنج

     داستان درنهادن شطرنج   چنین گفت موبد که یک روز شاه به دیبای رومی بیاراست گاه بیاویخت تاج از بر تخت عاج همه جای عاج و همه جای تاج ... | Read More

  • Becoming a Chess Master - The value of using a method to choose your next move

    In my latest post I talk about why I think I need to stick with my method to choose my next move, albeit just as a starting point. Oh, and about how the lovely Amy Lee got away.   http://becomingachessmaster.com/2015/05/02/the-value-of-using-a-... | Read More

  • شعر شطرنج محمد کاظم کاظمی

    سروده ای از محمد کاظم کاظمی : این پیاده می‌شود، آن وزیر می‌شود شطرنج * این پیاده می‌شود، آن وزیر می‌شودصفحه چیده می‌شود، دار و گیر م... | Read More

  • Accent on youth or The local veteran chess championships in Włocławek

    When in the morning of Sunday 12 April I appeared in the Assembly Hall of the Old Firehouse in Włocławek, I found many of my older colleagues jokingly asking me whether I actually came to play. This not being the case, since I still have to ... | Read More

    • AdamPitula
    • | May 2, 2015
  • 5 in a row ...

    I cannot recall ever having had this before. 5 pawns lined up ! ... A whole different ball game :-) | Read More

    • achja
    • | May 2, 2015
    • | 1 comment