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  • Calculation

    There was a time where I had this idea in my head that if I found a way to apply basic principles into every move I made, I'd be able to play straightforward, Fischeresque chess... and win every game. Turns out the single most important thing in ... | Read More

  • Applesauce Too!

    (Beat Reporter: Mark LaRocca)In keeping with the fine tradition of eternal optimism, I will continue with my predictions and attempt to right the ship that is floundering in Boston Bay.  Now, some may say that this ship has sailed... that there ... | Read More

  • [video] Chess Study #5: Henri Weenink, 1917

    In this video I take a look at an instructive chess study by Henri Weenink. It features some fine maneuvers and ways of "eliminating the defender". Leave your comments below. http://youtu.be/NH8QiSRbNFc Waldemar MoesChess Trainer, Coach &a... | Read More

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