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  • Game of the Week #1: Grischuk-Rodshtein

    For almost five consecutive years (January 2009-November 2013) I have been covering the weekly updates in opening theory with my friends IM Merijn van Delft and Peter Doggers. Researching the latest developments almost became an addiction for me a... | Read More

  • Openings: Example Exercises!

    Below you will find some example exercises for openings: We start with a Ruy Lopez, of which the White plan was discussed in the previous post:http://www.chess.com/blog/linlaoda/how-to-know-you-are-studying-openings-wrong How should we proceed ... | Read More

  • The Strongest Attack in Chess

    Hello chess friends! Have you ever heard about the strongest of all chess attacks? Yes, there are lots of different kinds of attacks in chess, but which is the one that can make most damage against the opponent? To answer that question, we should ... | Read More

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