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  • Book Review: Mating the Castled King by Danny Gormally (Ebook)

    NOTE: This review is part of a three part series reviewing the Forward Chess app for chess ebooks, this book, and Techniques of Positional Play by Bronznik and Terekhin. Forward Chess Review Techniques of Positional Play Review Mating the Castl... | Read More

  • Slaughterhouse Ep. 1

    Violent attacking games! In this first one I am black and manage a pretty cool attack in a 3-minute game played right here on Chess.com | Read More

  • Near Perfect Game!

    Hey friends! Tonight, I played a championship game at my club.  I was up against a chap named Josh and I have to win to maintain 3rd position, half a point behind 2nd and only one point behind 1st.  This is the penultimate round.  Time control... | Read More

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