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  • Rook vs Knight Endgames

    Hello Chess Fans, A King & Knight vs a King & Rook Endgame is a theoretical draw; however there are several RULES you need to know to maintain the draw if you're playing with the knight: 1. Keep the king and knight close together.  I... | Read More

  • Fide World Cup 2015, Mamedyarov - Caruana

    Hi everyone! I'm very happy to share with you an annotated game about the Chess World Cup 2015, I hope that you will enjoy it.  Soon I will load other games about it! Would you like to be informed about my videos? join my channel now!  ... | Read More

  • Cuestion de Estilos

    La semana pasada estuve atareado con trabajo, por lo que no estuve muy activo en Chess.com y no pude subir más notas (prometo continuar la semana que viene). Tuve que viajar a Mar del Plata, en la provincia de Buenos Aires (Argentina) para acomp... | Read More

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