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  • Frank Marshall the Legend-3

    The last line I am going to talk about which Frank Marshall created is known as: Marshall Attack/Gambit This line is played with the black pieces. Rating Scale: 500-2700 To Be Continued... | Read More

  • CHECKMATES OF THE DAY - 03.28.2015 - day 108

    World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik beat  Mikhail A Mukhin in Leningrad in 1926: White to move and checkmates in 1: World Champion Bobby Fischer won against Robin Ault in New York in 1959: White to move and checkmates in 3: Our reader Kari... | Read More

  • Puzzle #56

    Don't know if there maybe is a better approach for black. If there is please tell me in the comments. Thank you. | Read More

  • Great Chess Quote

    "If you have made a mistake or committed an inaccuracy there is no need to become annoyed and to think that everything is lost. You have to reorientate yourself quickly and find a new plan in the new situation." - David Bronstein | Read More

    • DKanime
    • | Mar 28, 2015
  • BRCC March 28th Last Roud

    | Read More

    • opelliott
    • | Mar 28, 2015
  • Game3

    | Read More

  • Those lessons are pretty neat.

    It's especially fun to make a better move than the former chess players had thought of. The annoying part is "go for the obvious move" when it is the least obvious move in your head. I'm also trying to get used to the new lingo (all of the abbrevi... | Read More

  • Game2

    | Read More

  • Interesting Game

    | Read More

  • Hmm

    People are either really good or really bad at chess on this website. I'm a little disappointed that my ranking hasn't gone up, even though I won a few times by resignation. I could have completely won the game in a few more moves. *sigh*  I'm s... | Read More

  • J. Kleinman - N. Bellon 1/2-1/2, a pawn sac

    In this game, I sacrificed a pawn with 16...d5, giving me active pieces and central pressure. I later accepted a Queen trade thinking I would be better after the exchange, then we drew in a time scramble at the end with minor pieces and pawns.  ... | Read More

  • OleChess 2015

    Instructors include GM Gregory Kaidanov, GM Jesse Kraai, GM Alex Yermolinsky, WGM Camilla Baginskaite, FM Kevin Bachler, NM Ken Wallach and special lecturer GM Wesley So. | Read More

    • FM KBachler
    • | Mar 28, 2015
  • GM So at OleChess

    Grandmaster Wesley So, the 7th ranked player in the world, will provide a lecture and a simul on Wednesday, July 29. For more information see the OleChess website of the Facebook page. | Read More

    • FM KBachler
    • | Mar 28, 2015
  • N. Bellon - K. Grasser 0-1, one slip

    Here I played well but fumbled the ball at the end.  I missed a winning move and a basic mating sequence, throwing the win away. | Read More

  • Fide Women's World Chess Championship 2015 Semifinals Russian Federation, Sochi. Round 5

    https://plus.google.com/+FabrizioMaina/posts/gFDCPCdN9Q1 | Read More

  • f

    f | Read More

    • coolman41
    • | Mar 28, 2015
  • what's the point of disconecting in live chess?

    isn't it annoying and not considerate at all when your opponent disconnects in Live Chess? And what's the point of it? well, youre eventually going to lose on time and you'll have violated the Fair Play Policy. I mean, isn't it better to just res... | Read More

  • top 10 openings

    10 giucco piano 9 english opening 8french defence 7 danish gambit 6 nimzowitch 5nimzo indian 4 ings indian attack 3 sicillian najdorf 2 ruy lopez 1 qeens gambit and stonewall attack | Read More


    CLÍCK FOTO | Read More

  • Metal Chess

    Hola a todos! Es la primera vez que escribo en el blog, recién lo estoy descubriendo. Recién descubrí que se podía cambiar el fondo de pantalla y elegí como "tema" Metal Chess; no lo elegí porque me gustaba el "tema" (así se le dice a la co... | Read More

  • The windup toy

    There was an eerie sight when the windup toy decided to do whatever it wanted. It went for a jog. It wound its own windup knob and headed on out. It was comprised of an robot head with lacquer and blue eyes. It really wasn't afraid of much. When ... | Read More

  • Chess puzzle my dad made

    Pretty cool.   | Read More


    CLÍCK FOTO | Read More

  • Bruce Lee.The legend

    Bruce Lee ,the greatest martial artist of all time was the most practical person I've ever seen.He built his own type of martial art called Jeet Kune Do which is very effective and easy to use. | Read More

    • iamzuko
    • | Mar 28, 2015
  • Psychology

    As I now complete the final part of my psychology course, one of the assessment questions is along the lines of the following:  In the style of a diary entry, write an account of what you think might be a typical day in the working life of a spor... | Read More

    • timlawson
    • | Mar 28, 2015
    • | 1 comment