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  • All Time High

      This is very exciting for me.  I was just told that my latest tournament victory at the Sudbury Championship moved my rating from 2300 to 2314, putting me in the top 50 in Canada! A few of my best games along the way...         ... | Read More

  • USCL Weeks 8, 9, & 10

    by Levy Rozman Greetings, beautiful and talented audience. As members of chess.com and enthusiasts of dominant chess performances, you are all invited to join me on this all expense paid trip to Sweepland. Well, just kidding. I'm gassing it up a ... | Read More

  • Tashkent GP 2014 Round 9

    A sole leader appears in Tashkent. Jobava was way too creative today, while Kasimdzhanov a bit impractical. Extremes are never good, so Jobava lost while Kasimdzhanov drew. Jakovenko should have won, but lost. No Tomashevsky for him in this event... | Read More

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