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  • Rook vs Knight Endgames

    Hello Chess Fans, A King & Knight vs a King & Rook Endgame is a theoretical draw; however there are several RULES you need to know to maintain the draw if you're playing with the knight: 1. Keep the king and knight close together.  I... | Read More

  • Rapid fire

    I've had the opportunity to play a couple of rapid tournaments recently, in a weak attempt to shake off the rust before the European league season starts. There was a nice 'holiday' rapid in Luxembourg, whose chess community is super fun and soci... | Read More

  • Getting the most out of your correspondence games

    First, I'll start off with what you can't do:Consult a computer for analysis,Ask someone for help.You can do everything else, but this statement is vague and not really helpful, thus here are some suggestions: Opening Look at similar Grandmaster... | Read More

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