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  • A quick morning puzzle

    A couple of months ago, I had a rare occasion to play against a fellow Australian in the 4NCL league match weekend in England. The Aussie in question is IM Justin Tan, an extremely talented young player who probably hasn't received the attention h... | Read More

  • Inception in Chess

    Below is a nice game submitted by Zigwurst:   Try to find the best move.Hint: Where does Black's knight want to go?   Did you find the answer? This is the part where "inception" happened, hopefully asking yourself the guiding question led ... | Read More

  • DAYTON CHESS FESTIVAL July 27th-August 2nd

    Your Chess Summer Ends with a Bang! www.DaytonChessFestival.com www.OhioChessAcademy.com is a proud sponsor of a new chess event! This event will make for a great learning experience for up & coming players as many strong players from the ... | Read More

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