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  • Getting cooked by Swedish chefs

    Yeh I know, I need new material. But come on, I love this guy. My tournament in Växjö (pronounced "Vair-kshh", as I was quizzed on by the organisers in the opening ceremony) was not an overwhelming success. I finished middle of the field on a... | Read More

  • Slaughterhouse Ep. 1

    Violent attacking games! In this first one I am black and manage a pretty cool attack in a 3-minute game played right here on Chess.com | Read More

  • MN Blitz Championship

    The 2014 Minnesota Blitz Championship was held on June 29. Over the past few years the attendance at the event had been declining, and this year the attendance reached a nadir as there were only 14 players there, and only two players over 2200 USC... | Read More

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