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  • How Can A TM affect A person's Character.

    Hello to all. Well the question above strikes us many a times.Maybe the first time you joined the TM on chess.com this question did counter you.Well we all play the characteristic Cricket game,Fascinating Football,etc.Then what do TM's actually d... | Read More

    • Ishan01
    • | Apr 24, 2014
  • Chess Teaching - Using Skype and Chess.com

    Chess Teaching - Using Skype and Chess.com I have recently started teaching Chess on Chess.com which is complimented with the screen share on Skype. This is an effective (if not better) way of teaching Chess as you get to see my chessbase and vid... | Read More

  • 120 Open Victories

    Many people are surprised when they look at my FIDE Rating and then see I have won over 120 UK Opens - The reason is The Sniper is excellent against players under 2300 okay against 2300-2500 and not ideal against 2500+ - 1.e5 or The Slav is best. ... | Read More

  • The Urusov brothers

    A small article from this blog. Both Urusov brothers, according to their father's wishes, were enrolled into the First St. Petersburg Military Corps in the early childhood. They graduated with high distinction and became the Guard officers. They ... | Read More

  • Carl's Jr. 4/23/2014

    Tonight I played and won a crazy game against the tough Miguel and I would like to share it. After the game, my opponent was gracious in defeat. | Read More

  • A grown man.

    Big respect, goes out to a decent irish person, of whom's name begin's with P. He and I met in central London.  | Read More

  • Someone great.

    Successful, a person, of whom's name begin's with S, is great. A member of the working class - alike I. She herself, is successful, and has done well. | Read More

  • Powerless!

    Over seven years ago; and in your company for less than two hours. That morning, I remember, like it was yesterday. Perfection, completely, it what you are, and I don't go a week, without thinking of you. Since, completely, as a woman, you have i... | Read More

  • Armada

    The only time I've ever heard this word, was when it was said in a top  film, by one of the best British actors. Unsurprisingly, the top film, just happened to be a Bond film.  | Read More

  • Atmospere's that are electric!

    Thu Morning, and Friday night is nearing. Something of which, I'm really looking forward to. Since tommorow night, lot's of sexy ladies will be out, and the atmosphere at certain places, will be electric. My Friday night starts at 10pm! | Read More

  • Curso audiovisual de ajedrez (XXIX)

    | Read More

  • computer4-Impossible game abandoned

    Hi everyone! Well , i dont know computers have been game abandoned its means have been disconnected Thanks! | Read More

  • 2014 April Aquinas Games

    | Read More

  • Brag: Rare victory against an FM

    This happens about once a year, so is worth celebrating. You'll be glad to know that I was swiftly crushed in the rematch and the master, honour restored, moved on. Still, FM scalp. Not to be sneezed at! | Read More

    • Flatfish
    • | Apr 23, 2014
  • Endgame

    Trap the Enemy King Away from the Action/Defensive | Read More

    • Ronliv
    • | Apr 23, 2014
  • Endgame

    Trap the Enemy King Away From the Action! Offensive... | Read More

    • Ronliv
    • | Apr 23, 2014
  • Minor Pieces

    Bishop vs. knight test #2 | Read More

    • Ronliv
    • | Apr 23, 2014
  • Powerless.

    Thursday, I didn't expect to like a university graduate, as much as I did. Though powerless, not long ago, I recollected some of her past behaviour, and now even future chit chat with her, won't ever happen. | Read More

  • Walford.

    Eastenders, and its storylines. Their was no scandal better, than Phil Mitchell, Grant Mitchell, and Sharon Watts. Though, lets not forget, Grant and Tiffany, as well as, all the storylines, that followed the beginning, as well as, throughout thei... | Read More

  • IHSA State Round 1

    Cuitla Alaniz from Fenwick (56th seed) plays William Liu from Metea Valley (24th seed) in the 1st Round at State. This was overall a fun game. I was very happy with the outcome of the game and it boosted my confidence for the next game knowing ... | Read More

  • Avatar abuse :D

    Since I usually chat here, I see some interesting avatars. My first victim, is FM Kevin9512 Thanks for being a sport :D Original:   Abuse 1:   Abuse 2: | Read More

  • Hendersonville Tuesdays - April Showers

    I recently took a second break from OTB Chess becuase I joined the track team. Then 3 weeks before conference I got injured at one of the meets and I was finished. So at that point I decided to turn my focus back to chess, and I'm glad I did! So I... | Read More

  • Amsterdam 1989

    Miguel Illescas Cordoba | Read More

    • Ronliv
    • | Apr 23, 2014
  • Giving...Tithing...Receiving!

    Everyone wants to give, but the problem for most people is that by the time they've finished taking care of themselves and their family, and get around to the giving part, they've got nothing left. Wealthy people will tell you that to see the revo... | Read More

  • Scotch Tournament

    I wanna share little of scotch tournament.. perhaps this share is interesting and useful for all friends here. Game 1 (Alipun vs Rustiawati) Game 2 (Mely vs Gina) Game 3 (Lutfi vs Hasni) Game 4 (Feby vs Alipun) Game 5 (mely vs Rustiawati)... | Read More

    • Alipun
    • | Apr 23, 2014