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  • An endgame position Rook+Bishop vs Two Knights

    The following diagram shows a position from the very interesting and complicated endgame type Rook+Bishop vs two Knights.  Black to move is winning in less than 50 moves...                             White is tryin... | Read More

  • Comedy of Errors

    Hi Everyone! I just wanted to share with you an interesting game I played in March at the State Championships. My opponent, SM Mika Brattain (rated 2470) had 2.5 points going into the final round, while I had 2 points, so the winner of this match ... | Read More

  • On Nigel Short's article and #sexisminchess

    After reading some comments on Nigel Short's article about difference between men and women, I realized I had surprisingly strong feelings about this issue. I, frankly, don't see Short's comments as sexist, but that's probably because of my diffe... | Read More

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