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  • Why do we play chess?

    Hours and hours playing this wonderful game, but I wonder what is the underlying cause why we continue playing moves and moves. I'd say the answer is related with our mammal condition. All carnivorous cubs play games as a preparation for hunting.... | Read More

  • Puzzle #1

    | Read More

    • Obscura365
    • | Apr 21, 2015
  • Today is a great day!

    Today is a great day for the free world. It's Kang Pan-sok's birthday.  | Read More

  • My games #4

    Black had played opening very neglintly. The punishment was lightning and discouraging. | Read More

    • HisLastBow
    • | Apr 21, 2015
  • There is no shortcut to success

    I have posted on my website on lifehacking, with a link to a great article. http://becomingachessmaster.com/2015/04/20/there-is-no-shortcut-to-success/ | Read More

  • Wesley So vs Rauf Mamedov - 2015 Gashimov Memorial Chess Tournament

    This is a 4th round game from the 2015 Gashimov Memorial chess tournament between Wesley So and Rauf Mamedov. This 2nd annual tournament is held in Shamkir, Azerbaijan in honor of Vugar Gashimov. How will Mamedov respond to So's Maróczy Bind? ht... | Read More

  • Chess puzzle of the week #4

    | Read More

    • matnow
    • | Apr 20, 2015
  • stalemate in 10 and 12 moves!!!!!!!!

    | Read More

    • krishh2883
    • | Apr 20, 2015
  • My Typical Chess Day

    Hey Chess Friends out there, this is Irish-Guy once again! My dear Irish Grandmother always told me, "Idle hands are the devil's workshop!" So... I stay busy, having many things to do at all times, unless of course I am sleeping, and even then, I... | Read More

    • Irish-Guy
    • | Apr 20, 2015
    • | 1 comment
  • The Dutch Defence - Classical Dutch

    A diagram of the Classical Dutch for black. The Classical Dutch is a variation of the Dutch Defence. | Read More

  • Spring 2015 Sunday Chess School Apr 12th - May 24th

    Check out our 2015 Spring Chess Classes and 2015 Spring Tournaments | Read More

    • Tccc-
    • | Apr 20, 2015
  • The Dutch Defence - Stonewall Variation

    A diagram of the Stonewall Variation for black. The Stonewall Variation is a variation of the Dutch Defence. | Read More

  • Earn YOUR FIDE Title at the Dayton Chess Fest !

    Dear Chess.com Friends, I want to invite all of you to the Dayton Chess Festival this July in Dayton Ohio for a week of chess that promises to be a jam packed chess extravaganza. From July 27th to August 1st there will be at least four tournament... | Read More

  • Time out

    My Time out ratio whent up again this time apparently because my opponant timed out on me. | Read More

  • Skewer in the Endgame For a Great Win!

    Here's a recent blitz game I played as black: Which brings us to a tactic which wins me a pawn: Now, Back to the game: Hope you enjoyed! If you have questions, concerns or comments, just comment and I will reply as soon as I can. | Read More

    • Zsgurwitz
    • | Apr 20, 2015
    • | 1 comment
  • I Really Enjoyed This Fighting Game

    Today I played a very nice game agains an opponent I respect for his tactical skills and experience even though he is still very young. I tried to comment about my thoughts during the game and also about how much time I spent and why.  | Read More

    • petrchpetr
    • | Apr 20, 2015
  • My First Blog.

    I bet some of you are wondering how I got into chess. Well, my mother is into me trying new things, so of course when she heard about a local school chess club she HAD to get me involved. I got into it and played in some of the local tournaments. ... | Read More

  • Pirc Austrian, 白 Long Castle の研究

     Pirc Austrian, 白 Long Castle の構えに対しては、f5 と伸ばす前に、N-e7 と kNight を引いて、d5とf5 に跳びだすのを見るのがよさそうである。 は、f5 より先に、N-e7 とするのが肝要なのかな。 | Read More

    • takodori
    • | Apr 20, 2015
  • partidas extrañas

    asi se da vuelta la partida | Read More

    • mori242
    • | Apr 20, 2015
  • Pandolfini's Chess Challenges #2

    The following exercises are for the students of KLA Chess Club, of Keiller Leadership Academy, a title I  K-8 charter public school located in San Diego, CA. Chess is offered as an everyday class for middle school students and as an after school... | Read More

  • راه کار براي آسم

    heydar1364: ببین یه راه حل بهت میگم بهشون بگو سریع خوب میشن من با یه پورفسور تو فرانسه اشنا شدم راهکار خیلی جالبی بهم نشون داد و اکثر دوستام خو... | Read More

  • Keeping the right pieces on the board at the right time

    Against this fairly strong opponent I had -9 +0 =0 so far. This game, just played, was my first win. yiiiihoo ! :-) At some point I could win a pawn but decided to keep the bishop pair on the board, and eventually the 2 bishops made the differen... | Read More

    • achja
    • | Apr 20, 2015
  • Gashimov Memorial 2015 - Round 4

    Today we saw So emerge as sole leader after stomping Mamedov in the Maroczy. Kramnik-Anand was another non-game (just like in London last year) with a lot of theoretical sacrifices and an expected draw. Read the full analysis here - http://www.... | Read More

  • Chess technique

    I've heard people refer to a players technique and and how its it a matter of there technique to convert or exploit advantages. My question is what exactly is technique ( an example may help) and what if so are some of the various techniques in ch... | Read More

    • Joetry
    • | Apr 20, 2015
  • For the fun of it. :)

    Ever desire to get to the other side? Almost made it. Move 13. ValHalla, Shangra La, my stairway to heaven. How can I get my king past his posted night? Ok, a side step but that f~pawn will surely be a problem. I could have stopped the bishop fro... | Read More

    • dvdinjp
    • | Apr 20, 2015