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  • Get your act together!

    (Beat Reporter:  Mark LaRocca)  The Boston Blitz began this season just as they began last season, that is, letting the netted fish slip away and drawing matches that they must win.  If this season is to be a success, they must turn this trend ... | Read More

  • Super-Grandmaster Tactics at the Sinquefield Cup

    Levon Aronian currently leads the Sinquefield Cup by a full point! Photo Credit Austin Fuller Here's a look at some of the tactical combinations from the exciting first round of the tournament, which had the rare result of all decisive games... | Read More

  • Tricky Moves in Chess and Life

    Hi Chess Friends,   I haven't been playing much lately because I had a recent wedding and honeymoon, followed shortly by a lot of work and a move of apartments. The picture above is Mrs. CoachJKane, with some of our many moving boxes.  I rela... | Read More

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  • Tuesday Night Action 15! Round 5 (9/1/15)

    Tonight I played at the local club in Charlotte, NC. I have not played rated chess, nor have I really studied, since July 7 this year after my short return earlier this year.  I had the black pieces against an opponent I had faced only once befo... | Read More

    • dblackw2
    • | Sep 1, 2015
  • Ratings don't matter, but even so I am happy.

    My blitz rating the last 12 months on lichess.org has hovered between 1600-1700.  In the last 6 days though I have went from 1680 to 1829.  Yes, I think it is possible I could drop down to 1700 any day, but even so...some progress is clearly bei... | Read More

    • Romans920
    • | Sep 1, 2015
  • Pawn Endgames Are Not Easy

    In the above analysis I have mentioned a recent blitz game which taught me the importance of keeping fresh knowledge in your endgame play. By luck I won, but next time I may not be so fortunate.  The deceptively quiet, simplistic endgame re... | Read More

  • Question Everything!

    Let me show you a classic and often imitated Sicilian Dragon game:  A great game you would most likely agree, no? In fact, this game was basically a world championship game (because Fischer did not defend his title in 1975). So this game was ve... | Read More

  • From 1400 to 1500 : Study the chess games of Paul Morphy

    One thing that most 1400 players [1] can learn is that piece development and king safety are sometimes worth much more than material win in chess. And the more experienced a beginner chess player gets, the more likely the material win will be mor... | Read More

    • achja
    • | Sep 1, 2015
  • 2016 Word Chess Championship

    Hello Everyone, As you may know, there is a 2016 Word Chess Championship. The formal WCC, Magnus Carslen, is going to play the person who wins the 2016 Candidates Tournament.  More Updates Later... :) | Read More

  • Chess is to chess960 as ____ is to ____

    Belgian chess master Mark Weeks was the strongest player to write regularly about chess960, and he was also one of the most prolific. Weeks once asked his readers to help wrestle with the problem of suitably analogizing chess and chess960. It's a... | Read More

  • Weekly Puzzle #7: Channeling Alekhine

    | Read More

  • دختر زیبای ایتالیایی عاشق ازدواج با احمدی نژاد + عکس

    دختر زیبای ایتالیایی عاشق ازدواج با احمدنژاد + عکس قدس آنلاین در گزارشی نوشت: “سیلویا والریو” دختر ۱۸ ساله ایتالیایی و مولف کتاب “ی... | Read More

  • My best chess wins 2

       For this, i will post longer time control wins. Lets look at game 1:                                  An impossible win!                           Beating an 1800 rated player at co... | Read More

    • seanysean2
    • | Sep 1, 2015
  • Weekly Puzzle Week 36: Endgame Puzzle

    This is the weekly puzzle of week 36, with an endgame puzzle. Click here to see the puzzle of week 35. Do you think you can play tactics played by Mikhail Botvinnik? Then click here!  White to move, which knight do we take?   | Read More

    • vc153415
    • | Sep 1, 2015
    • | 1 comment
  • ''Best games of yours''

    Well,you can boast some of your best chess games played,here.... | Read More

  • Abu Dhabi Masters

    I'm writing this from the lobby of the Sofitel Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The tournament has just finished and at least I remembered how to play a little. Scored 6.5/9 and came 8th. Results. A big congratulations to my friend, Nils Grandelius, who had a ... | Read More

  • Pocket watch

    Pocket watch | Read More

    • acerico
    • | Sep 1, 2015
  • Parade

    | Read More

    • NagyAntal
    • | Sep 1, 2015
  • チューニング

     一ヶ月ほど前からチェスを始めた。見落としの多い酷いゲームばかりだが、今のところ楽しめている。そんなチェス初心者のあれやこれやの感想を書いていこうと思う。愚見ご笑覧... | Read More

    • anaguman
    • | Sep 1, 2015
  • A força do par de bispos

    | Read More

    • clovsky
    • | Sep 1, 2015
  • 合力杀王

      在www.chess.com上,可以与世界各地的棋友对弈。我已在上面征战多年了。 这是本月底,我与来自Italy的plateado的一盘每步时限3天的通讯赛对局之中局盘面。很明显,白方空间较大,各... | Read More

    • lzc79
    • | Sep 1, 2015
  • The Isolani

    The Isolated Queen Pawn (IQP) has been a subject I've liked ever since I started playing. I first encountered it in my first ever chess book by "Play Better Chess" by Leonard Barden, as it was the recommended system against the Caro Kann. The mode... | Read More

  • Mutilated chessboard problem - ChessNetwork

    British-American philosopher Max Black proposed the "Mutilated chessboard problem" in 1946 in his book "Critical Thinking". This tiling puzzle is an excellent critical thinking problem to pose to a classroom, teacher, or more generally those who e... | Read More

  • "Have a nice day"

    | Read More

    • DeepaVenna
    • | Sep 1, 2015
  • Sinquefield 08: Carlsen forgives Nakamura

    Sinquefield 08: Carlsen forgives Nakamura by Alejandro Ramirez 9/1/2015 – Today's round featured three solid draws, after which two very long games were the only ones left in the playing hall. Giri suffered slightly against Caruana as he lost ... | Read More

  • Hello.

    Hi. I want to play chess. Who want to challenge me? | Read More

    • Elking138
    • | Sep 1, 2015
  • Sinquefield Cup 2015 - Round 8

    A heartbreak for Carlsen, but he has only himself to blame! Perhaps a change of luck for Nakamura? Plus superb prep by Anand and a handful of draws at http://www.alexcolovic.com/2015/09/sinquefield-cup-2015-round-8.html | Read More

  • Reti endgame strategy

    Hello Everybody to my next blog ... Reti Idea Of End Game In this blog i am going to discuss about reti idea of endgame,  there are two examples of his ideas_you will find another in the form of puzzle in my next blog first let us take about ... | Read More