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  • Wins worse than losses.

    I just won two games against an IM that suddenly resigned all his games. I would of course eventually lose both games. A bunch of points won that detract from the reality of my online rating. This kind of wins are worse than losing a well fought... | Read More

  • Get Your Games Analyzed for Free!!

    I'm looking for games to analyze in the following rating groups: u1000 1000-1400 1401-1600 1600-1800 Please message to me, or post in the comments. Thanks! | Read More

  • Daniel Bendixen - Henrik Stokflet

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  • Try and Win!

    | Read More

    • Arponger
    • | Oct 5, 2015
    • | 1 comment
  • Tactical blind spots

    Some say that using a chess engine to analyse your games afterwards is not a good idea. But I do learn from all the tactical oversights. Today I learned. I looked at this position : Where Stockfish chess engine claims that white had an almost... | Read More

    • achja
    • | Oct 5, 2015
  • Арон Нимцович «Как я стал гроссмейстером»

    Прочитал книгу Нимцовича «Как я стал гроссмейстером» - весьма занимательное чтиво. Узнал, что Нимцович был неслабым шахматистом, так к... | Read More

    • raamat70
    • | Oct 5, 2015
  • I Played Terrible in the Opening

    | Read More

    • dblackw2
    • | Oct 5, 2015
  • Epic Comeback Game

    This is a game where I was 3 pieces ( a rook, a knight and a bishop ) down in material, had awful position and still managed to comeback and draw by perpetual check :)) | Read More

  • Woman Candidate Master

    Last Friday I coughed up 50 euros to FIDE and as of today I am officially a Woman Candidate Master.  I had really mixed feelings about this.  Players like Judith Polgar make a strong argument that the womens' titles are worse than useless, activ... | Read More

    • mkkuhner
    • | Oct 5, 2015
  • World Cup 2015 - The Final: Blunderfest in Baku

    Words cannot describe what happened, so you'd better just see the games for yourselves - http://www.alexcolovic.com/2015/10/world-cup-2015-final-blunderfest-in-baku.html | Read More

  • Move Candidates in the Opening

    Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you a rather short, but very instructive video on how to choose the best move candidates in the opening. The topic is quite big, but I tried to give a simple advice on how we should think about the choice of... | Read More

  • cheat - chat....

    I would like to share with you the unsportsman like conduct of this poor guy ptimpson2. Pls read his message... POOR LITTLE GUY.. NEW GAME (1303655711) - ptimpson2 vs. EDM (19 0 unrated) ptimpson2: cheating c,unt ptimpson2: Phils peasant ... | Read More

    • EDM
    • | Oct 5, 2015
  • Baku Finals TB:Karjakin wins Baku World Cup

    Karjakin won,though with lot of luck.This tiebreak simply was a blunder fest.They were all decisive games.Karjakin finally did it in the blitz,scoring 2-0 from Svidler.The first tiebreak-the rapid had Karjakin win in the first round.Then Svidler w... | Read More

  • платежи

    Люди, помогите, как отказаться от платежей? | Read More

  • Puzzle#12

    Baseado na partida: http://www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=1302968660 | Read More

  • Best bullet checkmate ever

    http://www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=1303499638 he had like 15 seconds left but just let the clock run cuz he was mated | Read More

  • Weekly Endgame Challenge 30/09/2015

    The traditional Singapore Social Chess meetup puzzle of the weekly for the 30th September 2015 was a beauty.   No one solved it the first week, so it was reused.   Congratulations to the winner Randhir for finding the inspirational solution,... | Read More

  • Weekly Endgame Challenge 16/09/2015

    I started a new tradition at the Singapore weekly chess meetup, to have an Endgame study to solve.   The winner receives a bottle of red wine.   Below is the study for the 16th September 2015. Congratulations to Cyrill for solving this study... | Read More

  • Two easy games against 1.e4 at Finike Tournament

    I gave this two games without analyze. But this two games are including instructive opening mistakes. First game I chose Scotch and second game I chose Sicilian...   | Read More

    • auxilia07
    • | Oct 5, 2015
  • Wolf_Rayet's Collection

    Hello guys. I have decided to take all my works, analysis, and posts which may or may not benefit you and compile it into a single blog.  I would Include the articles from the predecesor account but It failed to work. Article 1: Positional Play... | Read More

  • Chessbase Magzine 168 Move by Move Training

    I had my first experience of the Chessbase Magazine Move by Move Interactive video training and thought it was excellent. Guided by GM Simon Williams, he covered the Aronian-Caruana game from the Sinquefield Cup. Above all, it's entertaining and e... | Read More

  • Living on Love

    | Read More

    • janjo51
    • | Oct 5, 2015
  • آیا با دیگران سهیم می شوید؟

    یکی از دانشجویان مقیم اروپا تعریف می‌کرد که در سالن غذاخوری دانشگاه نشسته بود که می‌بیند یک دانشجوی دختر با موهای قرمز که از چهره‌اش پ... | Read More

  • The game I won, then threw away...and won in spite of my own play.

    This was my last round game from my recent tournament in wisconsin. By all rights Al deserved the win as I gave him far to many chances to come back.  Look forward to any comments. | Read More

  • Bureaucracy

    How to make sure nothing gets done at workby Anne Fisherhttp://fortune.com/2015/09/30/workplace-bureaucracy-simple-sabotage/  A World War II manual on undermining organizations from within might describe your office all too well. So you’ve ju... | Read More

    • DorinN69
    • | Oct 5, 2015