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  • Prodigy Program Deadlines

    The deadline to submit the placement exam for joining the first month of the 900 or 1200+ ELO section of the Prodigy Program is November 24th, 2014. Exams submitted after this deadline will not be graded in November. If you want to join the 900 ... | Read More

  • Three Types of Positions

    In my newest article on NextLevelChessCoaching.com, I talk about some general information about three types of positions in chess. These are the closed, semi-open and open positions. Read the article to learn: How to identify which type of positi... | Read More

  • Apparently Carlsen Is Boring

    I don't have a game for you guys to look at in this blog, but I wanted to take a minute to comment on Magnus Carlsen, the undisputed World Champion who looks poised to defend his title with relative ease. I watched a couple of the games live and ... | Read More

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