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  • Attacking Chess: The Castled King

    Happy Easter! In this special day, I am proud to share with you a lecture on a topic that many beginner and intermediate players want to learn. How do we get to attack against an opponent's king that has castled? How do we utilize the features f... | Read More

  • A Norwegian Adventure

    I just finished the Fagernes International with 7.0/9 and a performance rating of 2770, definitely my best result yet. Remarkably, it was not even enough for first as there was a huge swing in the final round where the other critical game went fro... | Read More

  • Become a tactical ninja

    Practise makes perfect, you have to put in lots of work to make all kinds of mates and tactics 2nd nature for you. Here on Chess.com the Tactics Trainer is an excellent tool but there are also plenty of other good tools around the net and I use ma... | Read More

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  • ضیافت همسر روحانی در کاخ سعدآباد

    تالار حافظیه کاخ سعدآباد شب گذشته محل برپایی جشن همسر رئیس جمهور برای همسران وزرا، سفرا و زنان دولت بود، مهمانی زنانه همراه با رقص و شوی... | Read More

    • mamed1991
    • | Apr 21, 2014
  • First game of the week!

    Recently, I played the purpleist. Of which, was a good match. Though, since its not yet 9am, in the UK. I still need to fully wake up! | Read More

  • A great night at the Casino.

    Once, i did something, that i dont usually do. Which was, gamble high, on a fruit machine. Though, i won and got back about 234 pounds. | Read More

  • Semi Slav: The Moscow Veriation

    Just for personal study, but people may find it useful. | Read More

  • A new working week.

    A little light training soon. 30 mins to kick off the week. | Read More

  • after islam

    | Read More

  • Inspiration

    On you tube, check out the entrances and the first three rounds, of Benn v Mclellen | Read More

  • Bestsellers

    Right now, Im reading Never go back, by Lee Child. Its a great book. | Read More

  • Find me!

    Last time I saw you S G, was I think, back in 2004, I hope your well, if you know where I am - find me. | Read More

  • Love

    When my school career ended, and i began to work. I met someone, when, most days, I was near litres of water. Well, I'd never met anyone like her before, but in the 90s, I had to keep myself together, and get on with it. Her first name begins wit... | Read More

  • GM Roman Dzindzichashvili Simul: April 27th

    After scoring 13-0-0 last week, Roman Dzindzichashvili is ready to take on all-comers once again. GM Roman Dzindzichashvili will be playing an online chess simul on Sunday, April 27th, 2014 at 1:00 PM US/Canada Pacific Time (PDT) right here on Ch... | Read More

    • GeniusKJ
    • | Apr 20, 2014
  • think

    | Read More

  • Tactics, Tactics, Tactics!

    So I just started studying "Chess Tactics For Tournament Players" by Lev Alburt and Sam Palatnik. This is my third day studying it. So far I have covered deflection, decoy, interference, pins, skewers, obstruction, square clearing, and line cleari... | Read More

    • dblackw2
    • | Apr 20, 2014
    • | 1 comment
  • Шахматы Игра #177 Отбой атаки

    | Read More

  • Random game of the day

    Hi friends, here is a game I played with a player rated ~80 ELO points above me. This was a rapid game 30|0, remember no increaments. Had some time trouble in the end, managed to get a winning position, saw a good fork in a few seconds and a goo... | Read More

  • 70 Games in 70 Days

    In 2002, 2003, and 2005, I participated in the World Open tournament in Philadelphia, PA. It was an incredible experience for me, and I loved every minute of it. The hotel just oozed chess players; everywhere you looked, someone was playing or an... | Read More

  • I Win As Black Against Windows 7 Chess Titans

    Here is a win against Windows 7 Chess Titans, Level 10, playing the black pieces. My overall assessment is that Chess Titans really is all about graphics and animation. It's highest level commits suicide. So, I have nothing left to prove here. I m... | Read More

    • scmooney
    • | Apr 20, 2014
  • USCF Expert Don Latzel passes

    Sadly, I got a call today from a mutual acquaintance telling me that Don Latzel was hit by a cement truck on Thursday and passed away - I assume he was driving at the time. Don was about 85. I always remember Don with a kindly smile and a good wo... | Read More

  • French Toasted Twinkies

    Three simple steps and ingrediants to send any diet into a tailspin: Ingrediants: 2 tablespoons butter4 hostess Twinkies (welcome back!)2 eggs, lightly beaten Directions: 1. Melth the butter in skillit over medium heat.2. Dip twinkies in egg, ... | Read More

    • AaronGo
    • | Apr 20, 2014
  • li

    | Read More

  • Exclusive Peek at Modernized: The King's Indian Defense by GM Dejan Bojkov for Chess.com Members

      Metropolitan Chess, Inc, a Los Angeles based-company, has just published its first book under the imprint Metropolitan Chess Publishing:  Modernized: The King's Indian Defense by GM Dejan Bojkov   GM Bojkov is probably very familiar to... | Read More

  • MORE Stupid Players...

    So, if your going to use the four move checkmate DON'T LOSE YOUR QUEEN. This is one of the many stupidly stupid games I have played. It was very pathetic as he resigned straight after the loss. I really didn't see that "sacrifice" coming. Here is ... | Read More

  • Nickelback

    Nickelbacks song, where do i hide, is a song that just has it. Live, its even better. The words and the vocal are perfect. It all comes together. Nickelback 'rock'. I bought the silver side up album, when it first came out. And most of the s... | Read More

  • Platinum blond

    A message to someone gorgoeus. I met you over ten years ago, and back then you were the heart and soul of the team. Your name begins with L . And you went, to an all girls school. You were always beautiful. I don't know if you live in Notting... | Read More

  • The greatest friend!

    Years ago, I met someone, that as a person, is truly class. I miss her, but i know she's doing well, in her legal profession. | Read More