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  • CHECKMATES OF THE DAY - 03.26.2015 - day 106

    World Champion Bobby Fischer beat the Greenblatt Programm in Cambridge in 1977: Black to move and checkmates in 1: World Champion Magnus Carsen won against Teimour Radjabov in the Porto Vecchio match  of the Hopes in 2007: White to move and ... | Read More

  • Round 7 JV

    Bd White Scr Black1. Richman, Jonothan (5.5,2078) Vogel, Steven (4.5,nnnn)2. Bommannan, Ozzy (5.5,1725) Xu, Jingshu (4.5,1726)3. Henderson, Tommie (4.0,1183) Waechter, Mark (4.5,1764)4. James, Jefferson (4.5,1663) Young, Walter (4.0,nnnn)5. Stone,... | Read More

  • Gibraltar, Zurich, Jerusalem, Reykjavik

    A long period of traveling is behind me. I'm finally back home after attending the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival, the Zurich Chess Classic, the European Championship in Jerusalem and the Reykjavik Open. Yes, in just two months I've crossed Eu... | Read More

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