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  • من و شطرنج

    درود بر دوستان بعد از پنج سال شطرنج بازی کردن ریتینگم به دو هزار رسید اواخر سال 88 در دانشگاه یکی از دوستانم را دیدم که تو یک سایت داره ش... | Read More


    Tell me if you laughed or not! LOL | Read More

  • Well that changes everything, doesn't it?

      Why did the Son of God become man?   For us men and for our salvation, the Son of God became incarnate in the womb of the Virgin Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit. He did so to reconcile us sinners with God, to have us learn of God’s i... | Read More

  • 2 John (Pidato Konggres)

    Mentri sekertaris negara Amerika Serikat John Kerry pada minggu mencoba menenangkan tensi dengan Israel sebelum Perdana mentri Israel Benyamin Netanyahu berpidato di depan konggres Amerika atas undangan yang bernama John juga tapi nama lengkapnya ... | Read More

  • Chess Boot Camp!

    Chess Boot Camp! Step one: Put 15 minutes on a clock/timer.  Step two: Attempt puzzle #1 you must spend at least 3 minutes and at most 5 minutes (at the end of puzzle 1 the least amount of time you can have is 10 minutes). Step three: If corre... | Read More

  • Who thinks cats are awesome??

    Please answer if you think cats are awesome!  | Read More

  • tanki youtubers

    From O.U.F.A to Tankihunt who is the best? Main contestants  1. O.U.F.A 2. M4D_GENIUS 3. JonathanC (youtube channel is tankihunt) 4. Portes_S Who is the best? My opinion is tankihunt because he is interactive with his subscribers  for exa... | Read More

    • Bookfair
    • | Mar 3, 2015
  • Why Hip-Hop is not just rap.

    Hip-hop is not just a cultural movement but a microcosm of culture. It is not just KRS-One, NAS, M.O.P., Tech N9NE or any other artist. This would be equated to the sum of its parts. But there lies different issues inside of Hip Hop. KRS-One in... | Read More

  • Edinburgh Chess League DivIsion,3 winners

    Division Three - 2014-15 Congratulations to Sandy Bells 1 who have won the division with a match in hand League positions - 1st March 2015   Division 3 P W D L For Aga Pts 1 Sandy Bells 1 8 7 1 0 32 16 15 2 Tiger Cubs 8 6 0 2 30 18 12 3 Civil Se... | Read More

    • niddrieboy
    • | Mar 3, 2015
  • Singapore Masters Blitz Invitational 2015

    Personally, I would prefer to play in events where I can get a decent number of rounds with stronger players to ‘teach me a lesson’. I also believe my contemporaries also feel the same way, that is, they would prefer tourneys where they could ... | Read More

  • Tactics #3

    | Read More

  • CHECKMATES OF THE DAY - 03.03.2015 - day 83

    World Champion Anatoly Karpov checkmated B. Leuppi in a simul in Zurich in 1988: White to move and checkmates in 1: The best Ukrainen Grandmaster Vassily Ivanchuk beat Grandmaster Shakhriyar Mamedyarov in the Blitz World Championship in 2007 i... | Read More

  • Unity Evergreen Tournament-Booster Section

    This was round one, the computer recommended instead of taking the pawns when the rook had an attack to deal with the a pawn advance much sooner. In retrospect, I should have definitely taken the pawn much sooner. I think the highlight of the gam... | Read More

  • teach lesson+analis game

    hi every one i teach chess in heigh quality grandmaster every one if want teach him can be contect me this is my yahoo id:datapak90 | Read More

    • fullhealth
    • | Mar 3, 2015
  • Quelques parties et exercices...

    Paul Morphy était un des meilleurs joueurs du XIXe Siècle. Ci-contre, une image le représentant. Voici une de ses parties,  jouée "à l'aveugle" [=sans voir l'échiquier], en simultanée [=il jouait plusieurs parties en même temps]. Cela n... | Read More

  • Crazy Tactics Team

    The group for players who love sharp and tactical chess. We are young, but fast developing team. This group is for players who are going to: Play our team and vote matches, fight for Our Cups. Take part in our forum discussions. Play live with ou... | Read More

    • EpicFreak
    • | Mar 3, 2015
    • | 1 comment
  • Chess Coaching

    I really love chess. I play it not for money. But I offer you coach opportunity. I'm not titled, but I'm strong amateur. I use top engines, chessbooks for analysis. So what I can do: Train your blitz, bullet and rapid. Train your general skills o... | Read More

    • EpicFreak
    • | Mar 3, 2015
  • Beginner Game #1

    | Read More

  • al-Baghdadi, a Mossad agent named "Elliott Shimon"

    | Read More

    • souilah
    • | Mar 3, 2015
  • Zwischenzugs

    ZwischenzugThis is a German word that means an 'inbetween move' . Usually a zwischenzug occurs as an interpolation during a series of apparently forced moves. Because of this, zwischenzug possibilities can be difficult to spot for both sides, but ... | Read More

  • Chess.com software

    Why does this system keep freezing then blaming me for delaying? | Read More

  • Who thinks that e-4 is the best move ever?

    Who thinks that e-4 is the best move at the beggining of a game? | Read More

  • Aadmi Aadmi Se Milta Hai

    Aadmi Aadmi Se Milta Hai aadmii aadmii se miltaa haidil magar kam kisii se miltaa hai A person meets another personbut the heart does not find everyone pleasant. bhuul jaataa huuN maiN sitam us kevo kuchh is saadgii se miltaa hai I forget hi... | Read More

    • mian_125
    • | Mar 3, 2015
  • Curso audiovisual de ajedrez (70)

    | Read More

  • Twitter @reinoajedrez

    Nos sumamos a la gran interactividad que aporta Twitter y así conseguir compartir más cosas de calidad en todas nuestras plataformas. Puedes encontrarnos como: @reinoajedrez / https://twitter.com/reinoajedrez | Read More