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  • Learn How to Attack

    I've been working on creating a course on Attack for the past month or so, and I finally released it today. If you want to learn how to attack the uncastled or castled king in addition to learning more about common mating patterns, you'll probabl... | Read More

  • New contender for top dog on Chess.com?

    There is a new GM in town! GM Duhless who is young Russian Daniil Dubov impressed tonight with big scores against Yaacovn and Nouki. He ended his session with a 2706 blitz rating and says he will try out bullet tomorrow! Look out people! Not ma... | Read More

  • Chess Puzzles #17

    This is a collection of 5 chess puzzles from Tactics Trainer. Can you go 5/5 by finding the correct solutions to all of them? http://youtu.be/j2eyIzE7hho | Read More

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