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  • Winning Pawn Structures: The Rook Lift with the IQP: Part 2

    Welcome to Part 2 of Rook Lifts with the IQP where we explore more instances of the Rook lift proving too much for the Black defenses to handle. If you are just joining us, this recent blog series is following the games of Baburin's Winning Pawn S... | Read More

  • Inch by inch.

    Starting USCF 566(p) Current USCF 741 Tournaments this year: 7 Games played: 25   I am bit by tiny bit improving my chess.  My goal is to break 1000 by the end of the year - I'm fairly comfortable that I'll be able to achieve this, as long ... | Read More

  • Improving is Painful

    Let's face it folks, improving is painful. If it were easy, everyone would be a Grandmaster and we wouldn't have such a huge market for videos, books and lessons. The painful element is especially true when you are older and have hard wired a lot ... | Read More

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