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  • The Threat is Stronger Than the Execution

    "The threat is stronger than the execution"-Aron Nimzowitsch I just played a 3 game tournament, one time Nimzo's sage words helped me gain a victory and in my only loss it was due to not heading his advice. Below is both of those games (in puzzle... | Read More

  • Buscas entrenador?

    Soy Camilo Arango, Maestro nacional de Colombia y ofrezco clases virtuales de ajedrez por medio de skype, trabajo como entrenador online desde hace casi 10 meses y tengo experiencia como entrenador por mas de 5 años. garantizo un AVANCE SE... | Read More

  • Play a Master simul results

    The Play a Master simul hosted by Move by Move Chess Improvement was conducted on Saturday, January 24th at 4:00 pm PST  For $7, participants had the opportunity to play NM Lin and also receive his analysis of their game. There were 11 particip... | Read More

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