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  • Fyodor Dus-Chotimirsky. Memories, part 1

    Here are memories of Fyodor Ivanovich Dus-Chotimirsky, an old-time Russian and Soviet player. Take note that those were published in old Soviet times, soon after Stalin's death. In that time, to get non-fiction books published, anyone and everyone... | Read More

  • Chess.com - Six Years

    Better late than never, right? To celebrate my return to posting, here's a great game between Mikhail Tal and Svetozar Gligoric. Gligoric was a Serbian grandmaster and one of the top players in the world in the mid-20th century. Although his rec... | Read More

  • Snow in Hades? Bos - NY draw.

    Did'ja ever have one of those days when you just knew that whatever you did... nothing... just nothing... was going to go right?  You know what I'm talking about... your team is about to clinch the match... and your up +7 in the last game... then... | Read More

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