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  • A Kasparov Masterclass! (Part 2)

    Here's the 2nd game in the Habu-Kasparov match. An interesting point was that Kasparov deliberately played into a line which Habu had success with - having beaten GM Tischbierek in 2005. The difference is that he had added a few subtle and in his... | Read More

  • Cool Chess Puzzle #2

    This is certainly a very unique chess puzzle. Its solution is atypical. Can you solve this cool chess puzzle? http://youtu.be/iyL5Ll3qZTQ | Read More

  • Titled Tuesday

    Yesterday I had my first experience with this new kind of tournament. As it has been more than a year since I played officially, I considered myself quite rusty. I started with two wins, but in both cases I needed some luck and time pressure from... | Read More

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