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  • Funny Chat With Nice Guy

    seikoh: the whole world hates you TabithaEChess: you are a mean person. i bet you like hitler seikoh: and you are a stupid person, i bet you are american TabithaEChess: you have a lot of hate like hitler seikoh: nobody gives a fck about what y... | Read More

  • Continued: From 1400 USCF to 2000: #7 Building a Repertiore + Sample Game

    Expanding on the previous post I wanted to write down the resources I will be using to study from. White: The Kaufman Repertoire for Black and White: A Complete, Sound and User-friendly Chess Opening Repertoire Kaufman's book goes through the be... | Read More

    • jminkler
    • | Jul 22, 2014
  • متن چت یک آقا پسر با یک دختر خانم!!

    پسر : سلام.خوبی؟مزاحم نیستم؟ دختر: سلام. خواهش می کنم.? asl plz پسر : تهران/وحید/۲۶ و شما؟ دختر‌ : تهران/نازنین/۲۲ پسر : اِ اِ اِ چه اسم قشنگی!اسم... | Read More

  • کلیک

    اگر زندگی گزینه های زیر را داشت ، رو کدام کلیک می کردید؟ | Read More

  • How to Solve Chess Puzzles #15

    I share my thoughts while trying to solve 3 chess puzzles from Tactics Trainer. Can you go 3 for 3? :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymDxNRsTMkw | Read More

  • Yes I Know I'm Ugly.. :/

    I Know I'm ugly but i guess that doesn't matter to him nor my girl sarah! oh and this is what my big sis look like.. (She's Way Prettier Than Me) and she gots a boifriend so no tryna get her number..  | Read More

  • Orgulloso de este mate :)

    Cuando el tío casi te saca 100 puntos pero le das un elegante mate en 9 jugadas..  http://www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=867335480 | Read More

    • javiage
    • | Jul 22, 2014
  • Morphy's Opera House Game

    This is a beautiful game. I hope you enjoy it. Morphy plays a duke and a count in Paris, 1858.   Why not memorize it?    | Read More

  • Wesley So, victorious in Bergamo

    Wesley So, the young and talented GM from Philipinnes had no problems to take the first place at the 2º ACP Golden Classic chess tournament in Bergamo (Italy). His games were very solid, showing mature chess, being in no rush and playing precise ... | Read More

  • Monthly Blog: July

    The 4th has come, and gone. But, it's still July, and it's time for a new monthly blog! Here's one that I played where I trapped his Q. I was white, and plz enjoy!! If u have any questions, or comments, plz tell me. | Read More

  • The 36th in between move!

    Prophylaxis is key! Missed the beautiful g4 move which was in between move. Next time onwards! I shall to strive look for alternatives than obvious eating of pieces.  | Read More

    • cobipal
    • | Jul 22, 2014
  • Cheaters

    I understand thata  chess player's Online Chess ratings will almost always be a lot higher than Live ratings.This is beacuse there is a lot more time to contemplate our decision and there is very little pressure. I have never accused any players... | Read More

  • The Chosen One

    There is a lot of problems with different sides, but the most problems is yourself | Read More

  • Fun On Chess.com

    Here is a comment that was recently posted on my home page, by the way, I never played a game against this knucklehead: hey u look like a american pimp..why dony u clean ur mom's pu ssy daily by krishtrans 7 hours ago   Just goes to show w... | Read More

    • MrUmpire20
    • | Jul 22, 2014
  • Last blog

    This is my last blog :(.im retiring from being a general. My articles are just too professional..u know whaddameen.. | Read More

    • 5random
    • | Jul 22, 2014
    • | 1 comment
  • Why is it worth learning to play chess?

    Chess teaches you how to think in a very concrete and precise manner much like physics, mathematics, or computer science.However it is always specific rather than generalized and involves resistance from your opponent.You can learn about yourself.... | Read More

    • apSnDyY
    • | Jul 22, 2014
  • XVIII IRT Hebraica

             XVIII IRT Hebraica - Julho/2014               Foi um bom torneio, consegui boas posições em todas as partidas, mas fiz dois grandes "blunders" que causaram minhas duas derrotas, mas o importante é aprender com os erros, po... | Read More

    • MFCapelo
    • | Jul 22, 2014
  • Me

              | Read More

    • MRBTP
    • | Jul 22, 2014
  • Whose game-style shall i follow?

    Help me out with this question ..... WHOM SHALL I FOLLOW AS MY CHESS ICON?? | Read More

  • Parthenon Marbles-Statues

    It is the Golden Age of Athens. A unique window of time that gives birth to Western ideals of Beauty, Schience, Art and a radical new  form of government, the Democracy.   To immortalise those ideals the Greeks built what would become the ve... | Read More

  • Messages/Emails

    Is it possible to send group privite messages? Just wondering? What's the difference between messages and emails on this site anyway? I would love to send a message to more than one person at the same time. | Read More

    • MRBTP
    • | Jul 22, 2014
    • | 1 comment
  • L53(43):Walking_Water_PH-StonehengePsycho

    | Read More

  • Mesut Özil and Enzo Ferrari !

    Coincidence? I think not.. | Read More

    • Darvack
    • | Jul 22, 2014
    • | 1 comment
  • W52(65):OmegaOrange-StonehengePsycho

    | Read More

  • W51(17):60four-StonehengePsycho

    | Read More