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  • X-Ray Tactics

    Hello Chess Fans, Grab your X-Ray glasses and shield yourself with a lead apron as we venture into strengthening your tactical training in attacking and defending with X-Ray Tactics.  Like Superman's ability to see through objects, X-Ray Tac... | Read More

  • Puzzle #1 solution

    Hi at all! I shared with you some time ago this puzzle, now I share the solution with my explanation and with your solutions  Here the video (with subtitles in italian) are you ready for the next puzzle?   Follow me Facebookhttps://www.f... | Read More

  • Pirate Week

    Three strange pirate-related things happened to me last week. Now there's a sentence you don't see every day. Admittedly, some of the links to buccaneering are a little tenuous, but it still makes for an unusual theme. It started when I found ou... | Read More

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