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  • 1922 International Masters Tournament - Capablanca vs. Bogoljubov

    A diagram of a chess game between José Raúl Capablanca and Efim Bogoljubov. Capablanca started the game with the Ruy Lopez opening. | Read More

  • The Toon Gang

     Alan Shearer + Michael Owen Hullo, 'v'ryone of yeh. Got somethin' of a group teh share 'bout. Exciting eh, movin' bout an' rampagin' an lootin' every group an' team on Chess.com, eh? Tha's excatly wha' we do here at the Gang! Battling Assasins... | Read More

  • 1922 International Masters Tournament - Capablanca vs. Vidmar

    A diagram of a chess game between José Raúl Capablanca and Milan Vidmar. Capablanca started the game with the Queen's Gambit opening, but Vidmar responded with a Queen's Gambit Declined line. | Read More

  • It's time for music!

    Sports aside our physical part, it's time to listen to music to strengthen our spirit. I can't resist not to share some music pieces sang by my daughter during her recital | Read More

  • VIU chess games

    TvJMemory of an OTB gameWill analyze later   FvT | Read More


    | Read More

  • tactics trainer study, #59

    originally found on tactics trainer full game: | Read More

    • biffrod
    • | Nov 26, 2014
  • Anatoly Karpov's 2007 Ukrainian TV interview. Part 1: Fischer and Korchnoi

    http://www.gordon.com.ua/tv/a-karpov/   There was always much more politics than sports in the Soviet chess. For the ruling Communist regime, chess has become a symbol of unrivaled intellectual prowess. The whole big country, from Moscow to far... | Read More

  • how to point out cheating players manipulating their grade score and just after you loose to them th

    how to point out cheating players manipulating their grade score and just after you loose to them their ponts suddenly jump 100 points or more ?... HELLO CHESS>COM?! | Read More

  • Golf Driving Practice

    Need more practice. Had a bad day on the golf course | Read More

  • Percy and Sparkle

    Our two snails in class - they are not aware of our random experiments we do with them! Our current experiment: to see how much weight they gain over a period of two weeks. The previous experiment - to see which food they like best and the winne... | Read More

    • Annabelle
    • | Nov 26, 2014
  • Polskie blogi

    Kto popiera że chess.com to najlepsza strona na wszystkich na których byłem No bo mam 4 kategorje szachową , a mam tylko 9 lat na tej stronie moge czwicić moje umijentności i tylko tutaj jest wszystko to jest raj szachistów | Read More

  • Anti Najdorf

    REMOTE CHESS ACADEMY CHESS LESSON~ ANTI NAJDORF ~Here is gift for you....Free video lessons from GM Igor Smirnov about how to play "Anti Najdorf" with 5.f3 correctly. Part 1 http://goo.gl/hGwIe2Part 2 http://goo.gl/b9E4nkEnjoy the videos and i ... | Read More

    • go13ers
    • | Nov 26, 2014
  • Get Diamond Benefits for helping us Fight "Bad Ads"

    Hello Chess.com! Let me start by saying that I hate ads. I really do. But at the end of the day, they really cover a lot of costs for us. So we have them. But, they shouldn't be inappropriate, have sound, or anything else obtrusive! So we're off... | Read More

    • webmaster
    • | Nov 26, 2014
  • درباره تبعات گشايش های نادرست

    در باره تبعات گشايش هاي نادرست (خانم رضاييان) نبايد ها در مرحله گشايش : 1)در معرض خطر قراردادن شاه با حركات عجولانه پياده ها 1)f3 , e5 2) g2 , qh2 ... | Read More

  • Šta je to šahovsko težište?

    U cemu je glavna prednost sahovskih majstora?   Teziste? U sahu? Istina, u skoli smo na casovima fizike ucili o tezistu. Tamo se radilo o predmetima rasporedjenim u prostoru i sili gravitacije koja deluje na njih. Teziste je tacka u kojoj deluje... | Read More

  • Games with Erwin # 2

    | Read More

  • Coffee with Jesus - "Thanks"

    | Read More

  • games

    Please tell me where I went wrong in this game! | Read More

    • Visconde
    • | Nov 26, 2014
  • An Opening Guide

    This guide is for anyone who would like to brush up on their openings and defenses. Remember: A good opening strategy is to reach a playable middlegame. Protecting your king, controlling the center, development and mobility are all essential par... | Read More

  • Titled Tuesday

    Yesterday I had my first experience with this new kind of tournament. As it has been more than a year since I played officially, I considered myself quite rusty. I started with two wins, but in both cases I needed some luck and time pressure from... | Read More


    1.As a beginner Play open games and then go further with moves like c5 etc.. 2.It is better to put your knights out before your bishops.. 3.Don't pin your opponent's Knight before he castle especially you castled. 4.Make your sacrifices worth a... | Read More

    • MEV_d_LM
    • | Nov 26, 2014
  • Tactics 1

    | Read More

    • Samurai-X
    • | Nov 26, 2014

    Before all, we start with castling...why we need to castle the king? Inorder to get our king safety from attacks and checks..we need to do that..and so we can start our attacks against our enemy camp..i have inserted a pic of castled king in the f... | Read More

    • MEV_d_LM
    • | Nov 25, 2014
    • | 1 comment

    Blog has been created for the sake of sharing some information about chess...what i got | Read More

    • MEV_d_LM
    • | Nov 25, 2014