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  • MN Blitz Championship

    The 2014 Minnesota Blitz Championship was held on June 29. Over the past few years the attendance at the event had been declining, and this year the attendance reached a nadir as there were only 14 players there, and only two players over 2200 USC... | Read More

  • Piece Activity + Initiative vs. Greed and "Psychological Initiative"

    I'll need to write an article on this soon.It's funny how the key difference between beginners and intermediate players is the ability to keep your pieces safe.Then as an intermediate we learn openings and strategy.Many players get stuck in this p... | Read More

  • Near Perfect Game!

    Hey friends! Tonight, I played a championship game at my club.  I was up against a chap named Josh and I have to win to maintain 3rd position, half a point behind 2nd and only one point behind 1st.  This is the penultimate round.  Time control... | Read More

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