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  • Review: Lessons with a Grandmaster III

    Ever wonder what a grandmaster considers during a chess game? Lessons with a Grandmaster III aims to “bridge the gap between grandmaster and amateur.” It uses a student-teacher conversational dynamic to explore the strategic ideas of grand... | Read More

  • Annotated game #8

    Hi :), this is the video number 8 about the series "annotated games", would you like to have an annotated game for free in my channel? Comment on my youtube channel with your pgn! Do you like my videos? You can subscribe for free following this... | Read More

  • Never Forget Your Prep!

    I guess I have a pretty good memory.  My wife disagrees. The people who really matter though, the guys at the local chess club, agree with me and find themselves impressed with the way I remember opening lines, endgame theory, games I played 4 y... | Read More

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