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  • July Summerclub

    hi i do have to a chessgroup new http://www.chess.com/groups/home/july-summerclub. i like to if me friends can to join :). we do to chat fun and make to chess match soon. i like you to join but behave talk please as i and kzhang (admin) can to ban... | Read More

  • Kasparov plays chess in Japan today

    4 hours later chess legend Kasparov plays chess exhibition against strongest chess player in Japan 'shogi masterchief' FM Yoshiharu Habu in 'Denou-sen special chess match' at Tokyo, Japan.   This is chess game by Habu http://www.chessgames.com... | Read More

  • Interesting Puzzle #14

    White moves and gets into a winning position. | Read More

  • Beautiful Chess Compositions #8: Thanksgiving Feast Edition

    Part VIII: Very difficult one today! Instead of writing down all the variations (there are many), you get to play through them (except the shorter variations)! Have fun, and happy Thanksgiving!  (Godfrey Heathcote, 1940) MATE IN 5   ... | Read More

  • امام حسین

    دارایی تو اگر از ان تو نباشد تو از ان او خواهی بود.  پس به ان رحم نکن زیرا که او به تو رحم نمی کند. وپیش از ان که او تورا بخورد تو ان را بخور!... | Read More

  • NFL honors WCF

    The NFL's Detroit Lions are wearing patches this year with WCF honoring the World Chess Federation in support of its fight against FIDE the International Chess Federation. The patches are oval with black background and the acronym WCF in white let... | Read More

  • Second competition game

    Second competition game, white played the blunder Qg5, winning me the queen (like in game 1). | Read More

    • Osi
    • | Nov 27, 2014
  • Šta je to šahovsko težište? II deo

    Sahovski kamen temeljac Prosli put smo identifikovali kljucnu osobinu koju poseduju sahovski majstori koja im daje ogromnu prednost u odnosu na amatere, a naime, prepoznavanje “tezista” (prema konceptu pruskog vojnog teoreticara Karla fon Kla... | Read More

  • Daily Puzzle - 11/27/14 - Mate in 2

    Happy Thanksgiving! I decided to celebrate by using a "sand" colored board. | Read More

    • chessgm8
    • | Nov 27, 2014
  • Improving

    I have recently taken a new approach to playing chess. In the past trying different approaches and variations of the same approach has worked to steadily improve my game. Like making endgame study the main element I use to train in the recent pas... | Read More

  • Felt good!!

    Hi All,   Below is one of my game which I played against a much higher rated player, almost 300 points. The way I slowly maneuvered and developed the position and managed to squeeze out the victory, made me felt really good about it. All commen... | Read More


    Angga Anugrawan (1690) vs Luciano Taborda Cembalo (1657) | Read More

  • MOBY CHESS Carlsen -Anand "Pradedančiųjų Didmeistrių" klasė

    Labas Vakaras , Kolegos. Štai ir pasibaigė Gigantų Mačas- tiesa , gigantas buvo tik vienas- Magnusas Karlsenas. Jis "nieko neparodė'' išskyrus tai ,kad turi 'gerą varikliuką'- kaip ir jo kolega gyvenantis ant stogo.Beje ,nieko "šachmatų ... | Read More

    • mobidi
    • | Nov 27, 2014
  • giuco piano

    | Read More

    • Krish_01
    • | Nov 27, 2014
    • | 1 comment
  • My Top Favourite Anime

    | Read More

    • Soul
    • | Nov 27, 2014
  • Winning with the Kan

    | Read More

  • The Isolated Pawn

    Interested in chess, life and much more? Have a look at my new blog: https://theisolatedpawn.wordpress.com/ | Read More

  • Someone annotated my game before me.

    A week ago, I played a OTB match.  My opponent analyzed the game and I read it before I tried to analyze my game myself.   Now when I try to analyze it, I just keep thinking about the analysis that he wrote.   Next time I should do my analysi... | Read More

    • machijv
    • | Nov 27, 2014
    • | 1 comment
  • What do you think of this checkmate?

    I played black. Here each of us exchanged a knight for two pawns. After he exchanged his knight taking the two pawns in front of my king and black bishop, I decided to go with a gut feeling and take his two side pawns (the side he castled on) a f... | Read More

    • Masaries
    • | Nov 26, 2014
    • | 1 comment
  • 1922 International Masters Tournament - Capablanca vs. Bogoljubov

    A diagram of a chess game between José Raúl Capablanca and Efim Bogoljubov. Capablanca started the game with the Ruy Lopez opening. | Read More

  • The Toon Gang

     Alan Shearer + Michael Owen Hullo, 'v'ryone of yeh. Got somethin' of a group teh share 'bout. Exciting eh, movin' bout an' rampagin' an lootin' every group an' team on Chess.com, eh? Tha's excatly wha' we do here at the Gang! Battling Assasins... | Read More

  • 1922 International Masters Tournament - Capablanca vs. Vidmar

    A diagram of a chess game between José Raúl Capablanca and Milan Vidmar. Capablanca started the game with the Queen's Gambit opening, but Vidmar responded with a Queen's Gambit Declined line. | Read More

  • It's time for music!

    Sports aside our physical part, it's time to listen to music to strengthen our spirit. I can't resist not to share some music pieces sang by my daughter during her recital | Read More

  • VIU chess games

    TvJMemory of an OTB gameWill analyze later   FvT | Read More


    | Read More