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  • Knights - Lesson 1

    I have only had one report of a reader’s brain explode from my last blog post (video here), so I am confident that we can move on to lesson 1. Yes, lesson 1, that is not a misprint. Lesson 0 was the warm up although the quiz ... | Read More

  • Annotated game #8

    Hi :), this is the video number 8 about the series "annotated games", would you like to have an annotated game for free in my channel? Comment on my youtube channel with your pgn! Do you like my videos? You can subscribe for free following this... | Read More

  • Stockfish 6 takes the Chess Personality Test

    I recommend you first take the test on your own to discover your own chess personality.  A few chess celebrities have already taken the test. Hikaru Nakamura  Danny Rensch  John Bartholomew Take the test for yourself! The test questions are ... | Read More

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