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  • Cracking the Top 100

    No chess games or puzzles this time. Just a post celebrating my having cracked the top 100 list in the USA for the first time ever! 1 Nakamura, Hikaru (12641216) NY USA 2855 2 Kamsky, Gata (12528459) NY USA 2799 3 Akobian, Varuzhan (12740522) KS ... | Read More

  • Leaving the Politiks behind

    It's not like me to write about chess politics (i.e. my last post), but I'm sure I'll have no choice at the Olympiad next week. Not to mention Australian politics; these days, it's hard for me to read the politics section of The Australian witho... | Read More

  • Illusory Protection

                    Kids enjoy a few games at HHCF San Jose Summer Camp Illusory Protection: Education & The Prison Industrial Complex by Adisa Banjoko and Arash Daneshzadeh | special to NewBlackMan (in Exile) ... | Read More

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