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  • Funny video of my German Shepherd Puppy!

    This is my German Shepherd puppy, Kobi. He thinks his leash is trying to "get" him. It's very funny! The things they do to make us laugh, priceless  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5r1b2NoZ18M | Read More

  • Aravind's Nice Final Win

    (Picture from GM Ramesh's facebook page) The Youth Chess Olympiad U 16 finished yeaterday in Gyor, Hungary. It was a an excellently organized chess event with a lot of suspense till the last minute. India deservedly won the gold medals, but befo... | Read More

  • Simul Stories from Singapore

    In simultaneous exhibitions, it is usually not common for strong masters to sit across the board to face the simul master. After all, the simul master will have his hands full fending off the many boards, let alone deal with someone he would alrea... | Read More

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