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  • Recent highlights of a chess teacher

    The past month was a really really busy one. Apart from chess editing and book/magazine writing, preparation for mid-year chess events took up much of my time. Naturally, when one's students win prizes or events, it makes the day of the coach. ... | Read More

  • Keeping Up The Pressure

    Hi chess friends, I've posted a few times recently about defending difficult positions. To ballance things out I want to show an example of an endgame where a small advantage can slowly grow and turn into a big one and finally a win. While it can... | Read More

  • Ode to Tom's Knights.

    A knight on the rim is a fanciful whim, a move you might like to take back, but if you hold and fend you'll find you soon match Tom Rendle, the host of the great Hack Attack!   Here's the show that inspire this bit of doggerel.   Chess_777... | Read More

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