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  • cool64chess defeats Computer4-Impossible

    Hi Everyone! Well i just defeated game and i will do my best to get title player Whatever you can guess white and black mistakes Thank you ! | Read More

  • IM Kukov vs Chanuchess Game 2

    Time control: 3 min + 1 s | Read More

    • chanuchess
    • | Apr 23, 2014
  • Master Challenge #2: Puzzles from the Games of Vugar Gashimov

    There has been many wonderful tributes to GM Vugar Gashimov during the memorial tournament in his honor in Shamkir. It is always sad when such an artist passes at a young age. Fortunately, in chess, the games always remain as a lasting legacy to a... | Read More

  • Me vs. Shredder (1900 ELO)

    For this game, I decided to up Shredder to 1900 ELO to give myself more of a challenge. I don't believe that Shredder expected the move 15. Nd5 and it ended up working out quite nicely for me. I agonized over 19. Bxf5 as I was not wanting to give ... | Read More

  • Tablas con un 2600

    | Read More

  • #32 - KID, Mar del Plata variation (Positional masterpiece)

    A good example of how to handle the white side of this sharp opening. | Read More


    muy pronto es el especial pelicula es muy bueno es laye2000 partidas roy1x2 vs laye2000 es especial  | Read More

    • roy1x2
    • | Apr 23, 2014
  • Varie

    | Read More

  • How do I study a opening

    I have alot of chess books and study alot but i find it hard to improve my opening play most books just give you the line and then say white is better but how do i know whatmy plan should be ? | Read More

    • bigrnyc
    • | Apr 23, 2014
  • ambition ambition ambition!

    Who said that! Was it, the best prime minister, that the British Isles have ever known. Of course, since, it was, and could only be, the great Tony Blair. Some things, I won't ever forget, like prime ministers questions every week. | Read More

  • Chess game

    | Read More

    • c3230
    • | Apr 23, 2014
  • The game that I should have won!

    Arghhh!!I should have seen the winning move !! Why o why did I not see that move?? Please guys help me out here!!!  Please tell me what part of chess I should work on!!  Did you guys see the winning move? Here's the full game! Please plea... | Read More

    • cobipal
    • | Apr 23, 2014
  • Can you solve this one ?

    HI allI would like to share one chess problemwas which really impressed me.  Did you like it ? Click HERE to add me as a friend to stay in touch with me and follow this blog.  | Read More

  • some real good 'illegal' games

    such is the power of magic  how to do this : use the paste pgn option and type by hand the illegal moves you want. I think this is awsome and may start a thread about it. | Read More

  • The power of Samsung.

    Years ago, when I started playing chess. I was staying out all night, and going clubbing on the weekend; staying out, until gone 3am.  It was the Samsung E250, that helped me, to get back my focus. Since (from the internet), I was able to downlo... | Read More

  • Britain's best!

    Has to be, Steve Mcfadden, and Martin Kemp. The days of they, together in part of the East end, were amazing. As well as, the acting, from the rest of the cast, of Eastenders.  | Read More

  • America's best.

    One of the best films, that I've ever seen, is Lethal weapon 4. | Read More

  • Great Coffee.

    I've just had a cup, and it was called Nescafe. | Read More

  • Pragmatist.

    The only time, I've ever heard the word pragmatist used, was when said by Captain Kathryn Janeway. Completely, one thing she always had, was personality. | Read More


    Hello  friends i have said earlier that i will closed my account as i am going outside but still i have 2 or 3 weeks so i was only concenrating that i will finish all my ongoing games and go by carrying all positive feelings. But yesterday a str... | Read More

  • Solve this bro

    | Read More

    • FlexBro
    • | Apr 23, 2014
  • اين رو حتما بخونيد ! فوق العاده است،..

    اینو حتما بخونین....فوق العاده س __________________________ در روزگار قدیم تاجر ثروتمندی بود که چهار همسر داشت. همسر چهارم را بیشتر از همه دوست داشت... | Read More

    • koorjani
    • | Apr 23, 2014
  • English legend's!

    You know who you are. Great athletes, that I grew up with. People, committed, dedicated, and always focused.  | Read More

  • Murphy's law.

    Years ago, I couldn't believe it, when a chess set that I bought for £30, I accidentally broke. Since, I, playing a good two hours chess a day, in the living room. I, always turned on the gas fire. It was the heat from the gas fire, that damaged... | Read More

  • Only BSM.

    Never in my life, did I think, that it would be so hard, to learn how to drive. Eventhough, I myself, wasn't ever over confident, when I booked my first driving lesson, with BSM driving school. Though, for I, it is. Definitely, I'm motivated to l... | Read More