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  • Curso audiovisual de ajedrez (94)

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  • National Chess Day Fools!

    I'm staying. Because yesterday was April Fools. I mean, National Chess Day fools. So anyways, I'm staying. Which is the importnt part. Yeah! | Read More

    • Robert0905
    • | Oct 10, 2015
    • | 1 comment
  • James Corrigan vs Corrine Mountford

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  • "చాల శుభరాత్రి"

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    • DeepaVenna
    • | Oct 10, 2015
  • Campeonato del Mundo de Ajedrez Rápido

    Del 10 al 15 de Octubre los mejores jugadores del mundo se enfrentaran entre ellos en un formato poco habitual. A velocidad de vértigo y ronda tras ronda sin descanso van a decidir quién será el próximo Campeón del Mundo de semirápidas y el... | Read More

  • naruzoの「到着。。。 」

    しました。 午後6時頃、ホテルにチェックイン。 それにしても、函館から札幌まで列車に揺られること、三時間半。。。。 もうお尻と腰が痛い。。。 疲れた。。。 寝る。。。 | Read More

    • naruzo
    • | Oct 10, 2015
  • keeping the tension

    A good trick to remember in chess is this: when you're up in material/positional advantage, strive to keep the tension and wait for your opponent to implode.  Hopefully the following game illustrates that:  | Read More

  • Endgame Strategy-Lucena Position

    Hello Chess Fans, In this blog of mine, I'm going to tell you about the endgame.  Endgame is one of the most critical part of endgame, it is the time when we have to use our wits at the top most level if we want ot succeed. Now, we will be learn... | Read More

  • No Konforme - Jake Al Rey

    Jaque al Rey, sexto tema del disco "La Primera en la Frente" de No Konforme. Un tema a ritmo de ska-punk sobre la monarquia y el juego de ajedrez. jAKE AL REYLetra y música: No Konforme Bienvenidos a este ajedrezAquí tú eres un simple pe... | Read More

    • Martxelo
    • | Oct 10, 2015
  • "I like so much Michael Jackson and songs"

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    • DeepaVenna
    • | Oct 9, 2015
  • Solve this if you can

    Hey everyone this is my another puzzle on endgame strategy. Now have a look at the puzzle below. Here it is mate in two,  CAN YOU FIND IT White to move | Read More

  • mat-2015

    blogu i ri ne vazhdim te albaber-it. | Read More

    • mat-2012
    • | Oct 9, 2015
  • My chess board

    This is my chess board     for me.In the morning  Chess in the garden with a glass of hot milk is a pleasure | Read More

    • hamed909
    • | Oct 9, 2015
  • The 3 groups I can.

    tell 3 groups which I will join.The first three only.Anyone. | Read More

  • Rook Endings: The Lucena and Philidor positions

    Two need-to-know rook endings are the Lucena and Philidor positions.  One leads to white winning and the other to black drawing.  I've posted them both here so I and everyone else may practice them.   The Lucena position: The Philidor posit... | Read More

    • Bumper72
    • | Oct 9, 2015
  • #swag

    just post swag stuff , anything .  | Read More

  • Poisoned pawn, attacking the opposite side castled king

     A poisoned pawn is a pawn which better to keep on the board. It is like a poisoned mushroom. If you eat it you will be ill. When you take a poisoned pawn, most of the time the oppoenet will have a combination to win back the material with profi... | Read More

  • Positional Puzzle

    (answer: spoiler alert) The theme was "trapped piece", and we were supposed to notice the bad h7 bishop, and let that guide us to find the element g4-g5, trapping it forever.I know, it's only one problem, but these are just problems I think ab... | Read More

    • NM linlaoda
    • | Oct 9, 2015
  • New York Comic Con - Super Heros Unite

    Hello Chess Fans, Many of you who follow my articles know I use Super Hero references to bring fun, excitement and POW! to tedious chess topics. This weekend in New York City up to two hundred thousand Super Heros, their Side Kicks and iconic Vil... | Read More

  • Leaving Chess.com

    Due to personal reasons, I must leave chess.com. I thank all my friends and associates through the years, and especially PaulEChess, logozar, and mromanian. I will not be coming back with a new account, unlike VenemousPride (aka galaxychess123).... | Read More

    • Robert0905
    • | Oct 9, 2015
  • Segunda Edición del Millionaire Chess

    No es un torneo cualquiera, el Millionaire Chess es diferente. Y lo es en muchos sentidos: diferente porque los jugadores, independientemente de su ELO, tienen que pagar la inscripción para participar en el torneo, diferente porque no se juega u... | Read More

  • Ružinov B

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  • Why I love Bullet Chess

    Okay guys. Usually, I try to make my blog posts instructive and whatnot, right? No? Well, I try, I try. Anyways, I'm NOT going to tell you anything that is instructive. I just want to show you why I like Bullet Chess.  Bullet is detrminetal to y... | Read More

    • Robert0905
    • | Oct 9, 2015
  • نوستالوژِی

    و پاییز چه آهسته زود می آید ...زمزمۀ آواز رفتگر پیر ... بد نیست چند روز از پاییز با دانش آموزان برای جمع کردن برگ ها به یاری شهرداری بشتابیم ... | Read More

  • Help Hip-Hop Chess Give Kids and Edge in Class and the Streets

    American teens fall into drugs, pregnancy and violence after school when they are not involved in activities that cultivate their minds and bodies. Youth violence is the thirs leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15-24.  We h... | Read More