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  • Talking about opportunities!

    This game was played today, and it intrigued me on how the game developed. They seemed to be friends because of the dialogue that was taking place. -"Stop the Checks dude!" "Dude, I can't" "Come on, just let me beat you" They were even sharin... | Read More

    • Indirect
    • | Sep 20, 2014
  • Стрим #18 ШахМатКанал Блиц Онлайн Шахматы

    | Read More

  • Ajedrez Lógico Jugada a Jugada - Partida Número 1

    Desarrollo de partida entre Scheve y Teichmann tomado del libro Ajedrez lógico jugada a jugada. | Read More

    • kamaron
    • | Sep 20, 2014
  • How does it feel to be an Iranian atheist...

    I'm an iranian but the admins of Team Iran don't let me in. They don't like to approve a heathen into the official group for iranians on this site. As a heathen, I really have vital problems among iranian religious people! And when i talk about it... | Read More

    • mashroot
    • | Sep 20, 2014
    • | 1 comment
  • New group THE FIGHT CLUB

    Hi guys My girlfriend Jennifer has created a cool group THE FIGHT CLUB We will lead the group together. We want to organize many team matches. We invite all player to join the group. Thank you and we see you soon! Brittany  I wish every... | Read More

  • N. Bellon - C. Pamboukes 0-1, poor decisions

    Here I made some bad decisions early on but had an equal position in the late middlegame due to some missteps by my opponent. However, I ended up losing on time on time while defending Black's Kingside play so there's no remaining score other tha... | Read More

  • Draw or Checkmate?

    Can black declare a draw? | Read More

  • puzzles

    guys, these puzzles are really stupid, but it shows u wat to do in times of these happenings.  im really sorry about the first puzzle, idc if u just say my puzzles r stupid, they arent meant to b good,  | Read More

    • durick
    • | Sep 20, 2014
  • MY W0rSt gAmE and I MIsSEd MaTe

    | Read More

  • The NFL Non-story

    I'm sure you all know about the controversy surronding the NFL. If not, let me fill you in. In short, Ray Rice decked his then fiance and the NFL suspended him two or three games. Of course the was the outcry from the media, "don't you care about... | Read More

    • mapayt
    • | Sep 20, 2014
  • Bullet Academy Ep. 2

    Time to improve your bullet chess and tune in to the only YouTube channel helping you to do that!!Next topic....hovering | Read More

    • FM zibbit
    • | Sep 20, 2014
  • Me vs computer on Medium.

    Let me know where I made mistakes and where I could improve.I always beat the computer on medium but I can't beat it on hard so let me know how I could've finished him off more quickly. I will post other videos of me beating it and you tell me whi... | Read More

  • Стрим #17 ШахМатКанал Блиц Онлайн Шахматы

     Записывал ночью, под утро. Говорил иногда тихо, потому что ночью обычно все спят.   | Read More

  • MOBY CHESS Pradedančiųjų klasė

    Sveiki Visi  atleiskit man už šį šablonišką pasisiveikinimą - kaip kompensaciją galiu pasiūlyti -"visi ,visi - mes norim SI SI "- ne tai ,ką pagalvojot ,o TAIP TAIP - itališkai (si si ). Deja, dažniausiai gauname ne si si , o - no no... | Read More

    • mobidi
    • | Sep 20, 2014
  • chess db tactic 1

    | Read More

    • lbtr74aao
    • | Sep 20, 2014
  • make the stats screen better

    Hello. I think it would be awesome if chess.com added a page to our stats that tell you what openings we win the most with and lose the most with. Along with other fresh new ideas. I think chess.com is doing a great job but the stats page on my pr... | Read More

    • Engelmann
    • | Sep 20, 2014
  • Investment in the philippines

    Hey! My friend at chess.com if you are looking for a property investment philippines like condominium, house and lot, office building , condotel investment. Just visit my site : http://salescondo.weebly.com For inquiries : Email @ nielj.etii@g... | Read More

    • njavs07
    • | Sep 20, 2014
  • puzzle 107 white wins

    | Read More

  • puzzle 106 mate in 2

    | Read More

  • How to Fight the Hippopotamus Defense

    The Hippopotamus Defense, or Hippo Defence, is a chess opening involving a series of 10 passive looking moves that can, surprisingly enough, pack a strong bite if not handled well. The Hippopotamus Defense looks to negate any attempt at opening th... | Read More

  • would u rather.......

    win a million dollars or never do school or work again | Read More

    • BigEagle3
    • | Sep 20, 2014
  • Chess stream #16 on YouTube

     Нарвался в первой партии на FM. Как обычно 3, 5, 10... Спасибо за просмотр!   | Read More

  • Puzzle update

    I am up to puzzle 936. Is it just me or has there many instances of strings of answers with the same first move? And some of these puzzles I must have run across elsewhere because they seem so familiar that I am going through my answers to see if ... | Read More

  • Weekly Blog 9/19/14

    Hey everyone, I have a little video I found and a few games, and a puzzle. That's basically all I have to say :) I am really tired and shoving this out there. Still, Enjoy ;)   Feel Free to Comment. -Matt | Read More

  • I Finally Played This Tactic...Twice(!)

    Cases where to block a check, you give a discovered check are very cool. Today I got to play it, for the first time I think. Amazingly, later today I was playing in a World Mind Games tournament and used it to win from a lost position. | Read More

    • SJFG
    • | Sep 19, 2014