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  • Tashkent GP 2014 Round 9

    A sole leader appears in Tashkent. Jobava was way too creative today, while Kasimdzhanov a bit impractical. Extremes are never good, so Jobava lost while Kasimdzhanov drew. Jakovenko should have won, but lost. No Tomashevsky for him in this event... | Read More

  • 実戦解説:ルークエンディング

    皆さんこんにちは! 今回は、昨日某サイトで自分が指したブリッツの試合で出てきたルークエンディングが面白いと思ったので、それを解説していきたいと思います。 Shin VS Anonymous ... | Read More

  • My other "Brilliancy" game

    This game didn't win a prize, but it is one of my favorites for the material imbalance by giving up my Queen and a Pawn for three minor pieces.  Notes are mine from the September-October issue of Rank and File. I know there were other ways to win... | Read More

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