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  • Video of the LIVE broadcast of the Simul 08.01.2015

    This is the recorded video of the LIVE broadcast of the simul which was played at 08.01.2015 14 players played in the simul. Thank you for all players for joining to the simul! | Read More

  • Interesting Position

    Here's an interesting position from a recent tournament game I had. I was black in the following position against a strong young player. Black to move and win.. Black's probably winning in all lines with good play, but for this puzzle, the win... | Read More

  • Inch by inch.

    Starting USCF 566(p) Current USCF 741 Tournaments this year: 7 Games played: 25   I am bit by tiny bit improving my chess.  My goal is to break 1000 by the end of the year - I'm fairly comfortable that I'll be able to achieve this, as long ... | Read More

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