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  • Braying for blood

    When you're a kid playing chess in Australia, you hear these stories about this magical, mystical place called 'Europe'. A place where some people's houses are older than the first Australian colonies, where soccer is actually considered a real sp... | Read More

  • Playoffs? Did you say, Playoffs?

    This week the Blitz continue their arduous journey back to the top as they face long time foe, The Baltimore Kingfishers.  True, we will run out of matches long before we ever catch the third place team, (big) BUT, we could catch Philadelphia for... | Read More

  • Young vs Old

    Here's analysis of game 2 of the recently finished match Giri-Shirov and some thoughts on passing of time and its effects on chess strength and preparation. http://www.alexcolovic.com/2014/10/young-vs-old.html Hope you enjoy it! A. | Read More

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