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  • A Few Fun Nimzos

    Hi Chess Friends, I was playing around with Chessbase today and came across a few old games of mine that I wanted to share. In particular, these are games in the Rubenstein Nimzo-Indian. I've played this as white on occasion, and while I don't th... | Read More

  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Tactics Study

    Even though the image in this blog post is for studying for school, a lot of the tips apply to chess study. The quickest way to get better at chess is to increase your tactical vision, which will also help in your visualization and calculation ski... | Read More

  • How to Build IQP Attack

    The recently finished ETCC in Reykjavik ended with convincing wins of both male and female Russian teams. One of the players of the men's team was Evgeny Tomashevky. The current Russian champion demonstrated his usual high class and produced the f... | Read More

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