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  • Fabiano Caruana vs Veselin Topalov - 2nd Sinquefield Cup 2014

    This is the 6th round game between Fabiano Caruana and Veselin Topalov from the 2nd Sinquefield Cup chess tournament of 2014. Topalov enters the Sicilian Taimanov against the perfect 5 for 5 Caruana who has yet again out prepared his 6th round opp... | Read More

  • Update Coming Soon

    Hello everyone. Sorry for the delayed post. I have just moved to Columbus and have been pretty busy. I am working on an extensive post that will go up tomorrow. Please post any games/questions you may have and I may include it in my blog! All t... | Read More

  • Solid Black Openings

    Hello chess friends! Today, I want to share with you two very interesting video lectures about two important topics: 1) How to play against 1.d4 and 2) What to do against the deviations (Tromporsky, etc.). My all-time favorite suggestion for inter... | Read More

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