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  • Ad nota...

    Et lite eksempel... | Read More

    • estalo73
    • | Aug 28, 2014
  • Weekly Blog 8/28/14

    Alright, this blog is pretty short and sweet. I have fallen below 1200 and trying to get back up (don't play 3|0 on your phone). I have 3 games, a puzzle, and a diagram puzzle. The person who gets the diagram puzzle right, will receive a trophy :... | Read More

  • Chess is Life

    One of Bobby Fischer’s famous utterances is that “Chess is life.” For him that statement may have had a more literal interpretation than for most of us, but metaphorically I do believe that chess is life.  However, life is not a chess ga... | Read More

    • kiba13
    • | Aug 28, 2014
  • Chess is Bad for Your Mind

    In a related essay I argued that Chess is Good for Your Mind.  However, for every coin there is a flip, and heads sometimes become tails.  Water is a healthy drink, but imbibe too much of it too fast and you can die of water intoxication.  Par... | Read More

    • kiba13
    • | Aug 28, 2014
  • Why do people support Palestine?

    | Read More

  • SCU - August Wednesday Open 2014 - Finals

    Luke Worner won the SCU Chess Club August Wednesday Open Chess Tournament on 27-Aug-2014. Luke, the Club's 2013 champion, completed his last onsite Club event undefeated, with a picket-fence 4-0. Prize winnings and certificate will be forwarded t... | Read More

  • The Elo rating system is seriously flawed

    A two dimensional measure of chess performance is presented and it is shown to have more information and a greater power of discrimination than scalar measures because it does not rely on scoring. The scoring procedure used by scalar measures to r... | Read More

    • Jamalov
    • | Aug 28, 2014
  • Chess Fork Trainer

    Trattasi di un'applicazione web che dovrebbe aiutare a migliorare la "board vision". Qui: http://cft.muttsoft.com/E' ispirata ai Vision Drills concepiti da M. De La Maza (l'autore, già citato, di "Rapid Chess Improvement")Il training funziona c... | Read More

    • berlicche
    • | Aug 28, 2014
  • World Correspondence Chess Federation World Championship

    Entries are now being accepted at www.wcfchess.org for the next World Correspondence Chess Federation (a divsion of the World Chess Federation) See tournaments and events page  for details | Read More

  • How to Improve from 800-1300 Final

    Hello friends, opponents, and viewers to the last blog on the series "How to Improve from 800-1300" We've covered the three P's and the three T's so far and if you've missed those two please check them out. In this blog we'll be covering the most ... | Read More

  • Yuri Averbakh remembers Mikhail Botvinnik

    Some fragments from his memoirs. Games added by me. World Champion's sparring partner When we were preparing for a match against USA, Botvinnik offered me to play a couple of training games. Of course, it was interesting to train with a World Ch... | Read More

  • Felber - Bellon 1-0 - dropping the ball

    I was playing a great game against a higher-rated, but then I fumbled on move 31, blowing a definite draw and possible win. | Read More

  • GAME -52

    | Read More

  • Winning a won game - my favourite winning combination from one of my games

    I was up a piece in this Ruy Lopez, but we all know the importance of finding the right idea to win a won game. My opponent blundered badly, but I was very pleased with the clear plan that I found from move 32 onwards revolving around Re8, and the... | Read More

    • john4000
    • | Aug 28, 2014
    • | 1 comment
  • بالاخره اومد.......

    قهر ها کوتاه بود دوستی ها محکم........ ............................................... | Read More

    • achmaz92
    • | Aug 28, 2014
  • ''its just a good answer''

    | Read More

    • 5thwheel
    • | Aug 28, 2014
    • | 1 comment
  • GAME- 51

    | Read More

  • keep to your opening plan

    always be aware of I defended pieces on both sides... | Read More

    • Ronliv
    • | Aug 28, 2014
    • | 1 comment
  • Endgame Practice

    These positions are meant to be played against a computer with a tablebase. I'm using Scid vs Mac with tablebases from ChessLib, which can be found here: ChessliB - Nalimovs endgame tablebases. It would probably be smart to play these positions ... | Read More

  • For my love.

    I am a moth Who just wants to share your light I'm just an insect Trying to get out of the night You are all I need You are all I need I'm in the middle of your picture Lying in the leaves | Read More

    • kittyluv
    • | Aug 28, 2014
  • Morphy - The Opera Game

    Analysis from Wikipedia. The chess game played in 1858 at an opera house in Paris between the American chess master Paul Morphy and two strong amateurs, the German noble Duke Karl of Brunswick and the French aristocrat Count Isouard, is am... | Read More

    • mattohara
    • | Aug 28, 2014
  • FIVE TT Problems daily !

    Three hearty cheers to chess.com for letting us have 5 puzzles per day for cheapskates like me with just basic membership (free). | Read More

    • pbeckett
    • | Aug 28, 2014
  • 2014 US Open Game 9

    The final round of my first U.S. Open! Going into this round, I had 2.5/8 points--playing right about at my rating level for the tournament. In this game I was paired up with a teenager rated 1298. This game happened to be the only one in the to... | Read More

    • Chessmo
    • | Aug 28, 2014
  • My Local Games! Part - 2 Inter-school chess competition Daman!

    Hey Guys, It's been a while i have taken up writing a blog but i can assure you this blog will be much more fun than the previous one! Lets start with some talk about one of my peculiar friend, Shriom! (Rtg - 1245) We two are the only rateds here... | Read More

    • Warrior200
    • | Aug 28, 2014
  • The basic concepts about the minority attack

    Dear Friends, In this video I show you the basic concepts about the minority attack. What are the key themes for white and how can black counter-attack and defense. I wish you enjoy the video and have a great day! Atilla | Read More