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  • Funny GM game

    White lost this game in only ten moves! We should be very careful and protect our pieces and especially the king at all times. | Read More

  • Inspiration #5: 10...Qxb3!

    It is a rare thing to see a strong GM fall prey to a queen sacrifice. It is far rarer to see a strong GM lose in 10 moves. Both of these sad fates befell GM Qun Ma against Danny Raznikov in the Groningen Open. This game is a wonderful reminder of... | Read More

  • One More Fabulous Game from WY Olympiad

    In my previous blog I have showed you one of the crucial victories from the match of the World Youth Olympiad U 16 that took place in Gyor, Hungary. If you liked the way that Aravind won, you might also be interested to see what did his neighbor... | Read More

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