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  • 3rd Budapest Chess Holiday at 10-17 August 2015

    10-17 August 2015   Budapest, Hungary     Organized by International Chess Master Attila Turzo, the  Budapest Chess Holiday is an event that brings chess players from around the world together with the mission of improving their skills an... | Read More

  • Summer Chess Festival 2015 Come Play!

    Four tournaments at one location over the couse of 7 days ! This is the chess event you have always dreamed of ! www.DaytonChessFestival.com   | Read More

  • Back!

    Vacation successful.   We saw Washington DC,  visited the national zoo and saw giant pandas,  did the memorials,  hung out with family,  discovered Ethiopian food, and generally had a grand old time. I'll be getting back to chess business n... | Read More

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