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  • The Game EVERYONE Should Know!!

    A true masterpiece of chess play. This game is widely considered the most famous game of all time! Paul Morphy (an unofficial world champion of chess) played with an efficient, deadly skill that is a joy to observe. Study the classic games of the ... | Read More

  • Coaching profile update

    Hi guys,   Please check out my updated coaching profile at http://www.chess.com/coach/robert-ris   If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate and get in touch with me by either leaving me a PM!   Please make sure the special Decemb... | Read More

  • Inspiration #5: 10...Qxb3!

    It is a rare thing to see a strong GM fall prey to a queen sacrifice. It is far rarer to see a strong GM lose in 10 moves. Both of these sad fates befell GM Qun Ma against Danny Raznikov in the Groningen Open. This game is a wonderful reminder of... | Read More

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