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  • Interesting Position

    Here's an interesting position from a recent tournament game I had. I was black in the following position against a strong young player. Black to move and win.. Black's probably winning in all lines with good play, but for this puzzle, the win... | Read More

  • Inch by inch.

    Starting USCF 566(p) Current USCF 741 Tournaments this year: 7 Games played: 25   I am bit by tiny bit improving my chess.  My goal is to break 1000 by the end of the year - I'm fairly comfortable that I'll be able to achieve this, as long ... | Read More

  • Improving is Painful

    Let's face it folks, improving is painful. If it were easy, everyone would be a Grandmaster and we wouldn't have such a huge market for videos, books and lessons. The painful element is especially true when you are older and have hard wired a lot ... | Read More

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