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  • Portland Quads 45 games

    Just wanted to post my three games from this weekend chess event. Time control is 45 minutes with a 10 second delay.   First game was against a first time tournament unrated player. I thought he played pretty well and its pretty c... | Read More

  • November 3, 2014 (Pirc)

    Opposite sides castling and attacking on both wings.  I was pleased to come out on top! | Read More

    • rkd1
    • | Jun 22, 2015
  • Chess Masta rap song

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qmbfYUYmi4 Couple grand in a weekend, at the tourney I defeat them, and this feat, I'm repeating to the beat, so they freaking, Got that off board talent Cause my rhymes aint failin' got that on board talent, cau... | Read More

  • CHECKMATES OF THE DAY - 06.21.2015 - day 193

    American chess genius Paul Morphy won against C. Le Carpentier in New Orleans in 1849: White to move and mate in 1: World Champion Mikhail Tal beat Artur Jussupow in Saint John in the Blitz World Championship in 1988: Black to move and mate i... | Read More

  • Queen Gambit declined

    http://www.chess.com/video/player/the-complete-queens-gambit-declined-the-current-main-line | Read More

    • F549
    • | Jun 22, 2015
  • Robert Keating vs Kevin Townsend

    This was my game with Robert Keating. I am black. It's a dragon game of course. I think I played pretty well but I gave up a piece for 2 pawns near the end. I still had play and the computer seems to suggest that 38. ... Be6 held the position wher... | Read More

  • I won this game with an opening I learned on chess.com

    Below is a game i won this past weekend against a player who won a bronze medal for the USA team in Cali Colombia at the Pan American youth chess championship.I learned this opening on chess.com from a Roman Dzindzichashvili video.Roman recomend... | Read More

    • micaman994
    • | Jun 22, 2015
  • Albin theme match

    I can be persuaded to join big clubs (like, say, banks), but it's tough to get me to join a smaller sub-club (like, say, the bank's Christmas program). I joined chess.com years ago, but it took a long time to find a home within the home. The Unso... | Read More

  • Puzzle#2

    | Read More

  • Norway Chess 2015 - Round 6

    One of my favourite French expressions is laissez-faire. Definitely not to be applied to chess, as the Frenchman discovered today. Topalov thinks it's 2005 and he's in Argentina, Giri and Aronian rehearsed well and Caruana has problems with outsi... | Read More

  • Staff Profiles: Faisal

    This is the seventh in a series of posts to help people get to know the Chess.com team better. Today, we catch up with huge Apple fanboy, Faisal Saeed!! Where do you live?I live in Abbottabad, Pakistan. How long have you worked for Chess.com?I... | Read More

    • webmaster
    • | Jun 22, 2015
  • Another example of why 960 is for thinking chessplayers

    When I login to FICS, I make my seek "Fischer Random, time control 15 minutes plus 10 second increment", and wait. Somedays I don't play at all, because time controls slower than "lightning" or "bullet" aren't popular, and players don't like Fisch... | Read More

  • I have been offline for almost a year. I had an account called BuildABearWorkshop. I forget my passw

    Any suggestions? Oh, and I kinda just wanna chat. Lonely. ;) Thanks. | Read More

    • girlygal
    • | Jun 22, 2015
    • | 1 comment
  • My draw with GM Gata Kamsky

    GM Gata Kamsky recently passed through Denver, CO on his way to a major tournament in California. He stopped by to give a lecture/simul and the next day participated in the Denver Open where he took clear 1st. It's not everyday that a chess lege... | Read More

  • Varsity 2014, Round Four, Board Four

    | Read More

  • Varsity 2014, Round Four, Board Three

    | Read More

  • October 13, 2014 (KIA)

    In this game, I blundered a pawn in the opening, but got it back with interest in the middle game.  My isolated d-pawn became a threat to promote, and was the decisive factor in the end. | Read More

    • rkd1
    • | Jun 22, 2015
  • Varsity 2014, Round Four, Board Two

    | Read More

  • Topalov's "Hypnotic Arts" and Norway Chess Day 6

    The title came from a Tweet that I saw (though it was later deleted, I suspect). It made me laugh. Anyways, maybe whoever thought that up was right... Since Magnus gave up on the (low) chances of Hikaru blundering due to exhaustion, he can no lo... | Read More

    • smith8800
    • | Jun 22, 2015
  • Austin Area Chess Championships 2015 (Round 1)

         This is my round 1 game from the Austin Area Chess Championships K-12 Championship section. I was very nervous before the tournament because I was the fifth highest rated player in the section, and I really wanted to do well. Here is ... | Read More


    A small tribute to many of the most well-known grandmasters before and some of the current ones, through his image and his words. Although its true language show it on the chess board, also his words matter. Dedicated to them, both the nominees an... | Read More

    • lottar
    • | Jun 22, 2015
  • Le mie partite

    | Read More

    • ale6112002
    • | Jun 22, 2015
  • Creepy! Hahahahaaa

    👆👈👇👉😂https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tVV4h38wnMI | Read More

    • kaknike
    • | Jun 22, 2015
  • Checkmate by en-passant!

    The title says it all.  The game's standard was probably that of club level, but I was quite proud with the way I managed to limit my opponent's counterplay with good positional moves after he had made some tactical oversights. Enjoy! | Read More

  • Campeonato de Ajedrez de UNITEC

    Terminó el torneo de ajedrez de Unitec, el cual se llevó a cabo en el Conference Room, el día sábado 20 de julio, el evento se llevó a cabo en detrás del edificio polideportivo. Al final el torneo lo ganó el joven, José Roberto Zavala Za... | Read More