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  • Find the Powerful Move #22

    Continuing a look at the 3rd Annual Washington International. Please see #1 in this series before continuing. | Read More

  • The Tromsø Olympiad

    An Olympiad is a highlight for many chess players, and also for journalists. Every two years, you meet just about everyone you know in chess, but this time all together in one small place! I attended the Olympiad from the first day to the last.&... | Read More

  • Carlsen v. Anand (part 2)

    CARLSEN: "You again?"ANAND: "Yes. I am a book of a thousand pages and you have seen but one."CARLSEN: "Well, those pages must all be blank."ANAND: "Funny.  I'll let you in on a secret: you're not Kasparov."    CARLSEN: "Stop your jaw flappin' ... | Read More

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