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  • Crazy tactics with a queen down!

    Last Saturday I participated in one of my favorite rapid tournaments of the year in Delft. Compared to most one day tournaments it has the advantage (in my opinion) the tournament starts only at 3 pm, so that players don't have to hurry on saturda... | Read More

  • An Amateur's Post-Game Tirade

    From time to time, we have all experienced a situation where we lose a game and get really frustrated. We might forget to shake hands, walk out, or (when I was an 1800 class player) throw pencils across the room after losing. We have also been on ... | Read More

  • Prophylaxis, Part 1: The Best in the Business

       Hello! My name is Zach Kasiurak. I am a National master living in Columbus, OH rated 2273 USCF and 2198 FIDE. I am seriously pursuing my chess career and looking to improve rapidly as a player and coach.    I have created my blog to provid... | Read More

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