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  • Round 6 JV pairings

    Hey everyone,  The JV pairings for round 6 are here! Match is at the usual noon tomorrow, February 28th, with the same old 90 minute 5 second delay time control. Please try to be online and ready at least 15 minutes ahead of time to avoid chaos ... | Read More

  • CHECKMATES OF THE DAY - 02.27.2015 - day 79

    World Champion Anatoly Karpov won against Viktor Kortschnoj in a training match in Leningrad in 1971: White to move and checkmates in 1: World Champion Garry Kasparov beat Computer Mephisto Exclusive S in the Spiegel computer simul in Hamburg ... | Read More

  • In the style of Mikhail Tal

    We have all studied the games of the great Mikhail Tal, his combinations and beautiful combinations. I admire his ability to turn almost any position into tactical battle where every piece is "hanging" and with every move comes new excitement. Eve... | Read More

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