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  • hot dogs

    i like hot dogs! | Read More

  • goblin town

    see this cool pic of goblin town | Read More

  • riddles in the dark

    think you know all about tolkens riddles in the dark?check out the compleat bio at    http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Riddles_In_The_Dark | Read More

  • Vancouver Open

    I played in the 2015 Vancouver open 8/22-8/23 in the Open section. I started out the tournament with a beginner blunder in the first game and did not manage to save the game.   Next I lost an even game in the second round: In the third round... | Read More

  • MY TIME IS NOW!!!!

    Your time is up, my time is now You can't see me, my time is now It's the franchise, boy I'm shinin' now You can't see me, my time is now! In case you forgot or fell off I'm still hot - knock your shell off My money stack fat plus I can't turn th... | Read More

  • Pasión por el Deporte

    Muchos consideramos el ajedrez de muchas maneras; y aun cuando casi todos tenemos la misma conclusion en lo que se trata el ajedrez. Solo aquellas personas que dedicamos nuestras vidas a esto, podemos realmente ver mas alla, que un simple tablero ... | Read More

    • Nivekzen
    • | Aug 24, 2015
  • Simul Live Commentary played 23 August

    Hi at all, I hope that you enjoyed the simul yesterday, I played 18 games against people from all the world and at the end the final result was 13.5-4.5 My first idea was play 30 games, but I publicized the event only the same day! To help me w... | Read More

  • King's Indian Exchange Variation: Ideas and Model Game

    As a King's Indian player, you know that sickening feeling. Your opponent picks up his d-pawn and captures your e-pawn ... the Exchange variation. In an instant, all thoughts of an f5 pawn Kingside pawn storm evaporate. Dreams of magical sacrifice... | Read More

  • Sinquefield Cup 2015 - Round 1

    Great stuff happening in America, hope they keep it up! Round 1 report and analysis of all the games at http://www.alexcolovic.com/2015/08/sinquefield-cup-2015-round-1-55.html | Read More

  • MN Blizzard Round 1

    The MN Blizzard have their first match in the US Chess League! Date: Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 Time: 8:00 PM Location: Chess Castle.  1121 Jackson Street NE, Suite #134, Minneapolis, MN 55413     vs All Time Series Record: (This is thei... | Read More

  • What would we do without Tom Cruise?

    What would Mission Impossible be without Tom Cruise and his stunts?Think about it, and comment below! | Read More

    • chesspro73
    • | Aug 24, 2015

    Today, we have an interesting topic to talk about. Normally, the term ‘mechanical’ refers to something that is operated by a machine. Hence, we can also describe it as something that is done automatically. But how do we relate this term to... | Read More

    • smsugumar5
    • | Aug 24, 2015

    Today, we’re going to take a ride into ‘Fischer’s pawn sacrifice’.  It was the tenth game of the World Championship 1972, where Fischer made a pawn sacrifice that transformed the entire position. During the event, Spassky had all ... | Read More

    • smsugumar5
    • | Aug 24, 2015
  • Test your positional play #2

    In chess we are taught to think in general terms and act in a concrete way, often though its the synthesis of elements which fail us and we pursue a wrong positional plan.  In the following there are three plausible scenarios based on positional... | Read More

  • 2013-Gebze Turnuvası

     2013 Ekim'in de Gebze Kurtuluş Turnuvası na vezir fedalı bir oyunla hızlı bir başlangıç yaptım. 2/4 lük skorla giderken 5. ve 6. turları kazanıp son tur gaf dolu bir oyunu beraberlikle sonuçlandırıp 4.5/7 skorla turnuvayı bitirdi... | Read More

    • SON_ATLI
    • | Aug 24, 2015

    [Blog History] Hey, everyone!    So, when you look at the schedule on the Chess.com/TV page, do you find yourself rubbing your eyes? Do you feel like you’re seeing double when you look at Monday’s programming line-up? Well, I have news f... | Read More

  • Weekly Puzzle Week 35: A Puzzle Out Of A Game Played Yesterday

    This is the weekly puzzle of week 35, 2015. Most times, when my puzzle comes from a real game, it is a game played long ago. The game from this puzzle is played yesterday (yesterday on the day this post is posted). Click here to see the weekly puz... | Read More

    • vc153415
    • | Aug 24, 2015
  • Sinquefield Cup 2015: Anish Giri vs Alexander Grischuk (Grand Chess Tour)

    This is a round 1 game from the 2015 Sinquefield Cup between Anish Giri of the Netherlands and Alexander Grischuk of Russia. The Sinquefield Cup is held at the Saint Louis Chess Club and Scholastic Center in Missouri, USA. This tournament acts as ... | Read More

  • Studying does work! Who knew?

    I picked up the book "Chess Openings: Traps and Zaps" B. Pandolfini, Simon & Schuster 1989 at the local used book store.  I have since been studying the King's Gambit lines.  In the book Panolfini is a big fan of the moves Bxf7+, Kxf7, Qh5+ ... | Read More

    • Bumper72
    • | Aug 23, 2015
  • Chess.com Powerhouse

    I think there should be a number of trophies in live tournaments that makes you a chess.com powerhouse, I currently have 18. Should it be 50? | Read More

  • My Most Longest Winning Streak In Live Blitz

    My most longest streak in blitz chess was this one in which I won 6 games in a row! Actually, all those games, I played with my friend, who is as good as me in chess. And I beat him six times! So that's why my blitz rating is over 1200. But I hate... | Read More

  • "I will repeat...": Sinquefield Cup R1

    And it happened again... After one "horror show" tournament in the Grand Chess Tour, the second one is off to a similar start as Magnus Carlsen lost to Veselin Topalov yet again, though luckily not on time -- he resigned as he was down by one mino... | Read More

    • smith8800
    • | Aug 23, 2015
  • MIssion Impossible Rogue Nation

    Who loved the new Mission Impossible! | Read More

    • chesspro73
    • | Aug 23, 2015
    • | 1 comment
  • Do's and Don'ts

    Dont make moves when you have the flu! | Read More

    • Malis1959
    • | Aug 23, 2015
    • | 1 comment
  • Vancouver Open: How I lost 80 rating points

    Vancouver Open was an epic fail for me. I came in with hopes of winning it, as I was seeded 6th with a rating of 1671. However, it went horribly. I managed to win my first game, but even that was lucky. In my second game, I played horribly and go... | Read More