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FM Carl Boor

    • The Ohio Masters (Open Invitation!)

      As many of you know I have complained in the past about the state of chess in the US and now, with the support of the Dayton Chess Club, I have helped organize what I consider to be the ultimate chess tournament format (minus corporate sponsorship... | Read More


      1. A chess federation that actually worked to create a sponsored profesional circuit rather than just selling memberships /magazine subscriptions and promoting lucrative scholastic events. 2. A fair tournament qualifcation process for the US Ch... | Read More

      • FM Boorchess
      • | Mar 28, 2014
    • Rigging Tournaments for Norms ?

      Columbus Ohio, CCL IM Norm Round Robin. The first norm (Internationl Master requirement) tournament in central Ohio history and the second such event in the state is currently taking place from  Febuary 14th-18th. This a closed 10 player even... | Read More

      • FM Boorchess
      • | Feb 15, 2014
    • Using BitCoin to purchase Chess Training

      To the best of my knowledge I am the first chess coach to accept bitcoin as a method of payment for services! In addition to this new feature I am also throwing in a free gold membership to ChessTempo.com for students who purchase a month of les... | Read More

    • Learn the Najdorf by studying Fischer

      Another night of live streaming chess analysis. Join us at www.TheChessFiles.weebly.com as we delve deeper in the sicillian labyrinth. Hosted by FM Carl Boor (that is me) the show is an open format Q&A analysis where the audience can watch an... | Read More

    • Another night with the Najdorf

      Come visit my live stream at www.TheChessFiles.weebly.com where we will be exploring early Bobby Fischer games in the hope of building a strong foundation in the Najdorf Sicillian. | Read More

    • Explorations in the Najdorf, young Fischer

      http://www.twitch.tv/carlboor www.TheChessFiles.weebly.com Live streamcast of chess analysis...joining the party! UPDATE: If you missed the show here is a highlight from the 2+ hour analysis.   Watch live video from CarlBoor on TwitchTV | Read More

    • Millionaire Chess Tournament

      A new tournament is on the chess horizon, Maurice Ashley's Millionare Chess Tournament. From the website, "Join us October 9-13, 2014 at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada for the Millionaire Chess Open. The tournament has a r... | Read More

      • FM Boorchess
      • | Jan 8, 2014
    • The Outer Limits: Phase 5, Multiple Queens

      It is said that there are three phases of the chess game, opening, middlegame and endgame. In recent years chess writers have also drawn a distinction for a fourth phase of the game; when both players regain their queens in the endgame. I would l... | Read More

    • Middlegame Structures: Open Position

      One of the best ways to study the middlegame is to think of the positions in terms of the pawn structure and how the specific piece placement as well as the changes in pieces and structure shape the games we play. The more aware a player is of the... | Read More

      • FM Boorchess
      • | Apr 18, 2013