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Danielminghe’s Blog

    • Games from team tournament

      Round 1 against Philip Valdez (1300)...   Round 2 against Andrew Porisch (1760)     Round 3 against Masayuki Nagase (1900)   Round 4 against ToTo Nagase (1900)      Round 5 against Noah Yeo (1700)       Finally, the most excit... | Read More

    • Redmond wins 2013 Miniteams!

      I’ll try to make the blog post interesting and fun to read for the readers! I will give short descriptions of my games, since all of my games from the tournament will be in another post.   The 2013 WA Miniteams tournament, which was on 11/16... | Read More

    • RHS Chess game

      At Redmond High School, there is a weekly chess club where players can play chess for fun. Today, I played a 9th grader named Nhi, who had a 2300 rating in Vietnam. Our game was only a 3-minute blitz game, so the quality of the moves aren't the be... | Read More

    • Challengers Cup games

      I recently played the Challenger's Cup last weekend. If you want to read a detailed (and funny) description of the tournament, see my brother's (GoogyApple42)'s post.   Round 1 I played Severo Caluza (~1800).   Round 2 I played Badamkhand... | Read More

    • Chess Randomness - Awesome Chess Group

      Come join this awesome chess group called "Chess Randomness"!   Members of this group can post good chess games, puzzles, jokes, and MORE! It will be a lot of fun, so please join! | Read More

    • Analysis of World Open game

      I recently reviewed all of my games from World Open. The following game is very interesting as I was very lucky to win it. On move 30...     On move 51....    I had just played b5 to stop this threat of Qxb6. I have the knight for his... | Read More

    • e4 c5 Nf3 b6!

      My main and favorite opening to play as black is e4 c5 Nf3 b6. It is rarely played, but I believe it has very tricky plans, which may confuse white. I will show a few of my own games playing this opening, where I got a big advantage in the opening... | Read More

    • Padhi-He attack (Na6) against 1. d4

      Hello. What's great about the Padhi-He attack is that it can be played against every opening. In this post, I will show you some good openings with the Padhi-He attack. Here is a recent game of mine where I defeated my FM opponent in around 20 mo... | Read More

    • Oregon Open 2013 Summary

      Starting now, I will write a summary of my tournaments and then a few of my best games will be shown later.   From August 31 to September 2, I went to Oregon to play the 2013 Oregon Open, which is a 3 hour drive from my house! I arrived in Oreg... | Read More

    • Oregon Open 2013 Round 3 Jason Cigan - Daniel He

        This is my round 3 game in Oregon Open against Jason Cigan, rated 2007.     | Read More