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De vijfde ronde..

The day looked so nice. There was snow and there was sun. And practicaly no wind. Tomorow I’m playing the leader. To keep up with his pace I needed a win. On the board my opponent played French.. an opening I don’t like bacause it gives me bad results. But for the musical choice of today we’ll do something french.

During the first 40 moves of the game I dare to admit that I was very happy with myself. Getting a massive and strong possition against an opening I don’t like and which I am not familiar with does miracles for you self esteem. After those 40 moves I passed the timecontrol and I thought to relax a little. Smoke a sigaret outside and than go back to the board to finish him off. I learned my lesson well.. :never, i repeat: never let go of pressure.. I loose half a point and had to draw after a few blunders in a row. Sour. Let’s stay humble..


  • 3 years ago


    i love posts like this. thank you faustocoppi.

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