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    • De Tweede Ronde

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    • de eerste ronde 2016

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    • De negende (en laatste) ronde..

      I won!   One loss, two draws and 6 wins made me winner of group 8E. Not bad for a man without a chessclub, for a headstrong tramp and a poet. As winner i’m happy to be obliged. Thank you dear readers and facebookfriends for you moral supp... | Read More

    • De achtste ronde..

      Today I was lucky. My opponent did it to himself. He played like I did in the second round, forcing the enemy to make the good moves.. So he lost and I didn’t have to be very clever. Another nice thing is that there are two leaders now. And I’... | Read More

    • De zevende ronde..

      Today I played the dude that is the Laterne Rouge. Not an easy task solely by definition. Loosing is always easy, to win you always need to find something. And because I’m still struggling with my shape I wasn’t sure of a good ending. But I di... | Read More

    • De zesde ronde..

      The problem with a tournament is that takes place over 10 days and that you are not the same person every day. There always is a bad day..  Today a flew struck me. Soar throat, dripping nose and a feverish feeling over my body. Maybe it’s a m... | Read More

    • De vijfde ronde..

      The day looked so nice. There was snow and there was sun. And practicaly no wind. Tomorow I’m playing the leader. To keep up with his pace I needed a win. On the board my opponent played French.. an opening I don’t like bacause it gives me bad... | Read More

    • De vierde ronde..

      Snow and a flat sea on the beach of Wijk aan Zee. Steelfactory pumping lemon coloured smoke into the air. I played against an old oak of a man today. He kept me on the chessboard for more than 4 hours, struggeling to find something to hold against... | Read More

    • De derde ronde..

      After yesterday’s defeat I punished myself with snert and The Unexpected Journey of The Hobbit. And today not a musical choice afterwards, but one at forehand. To fill the lack of agression I had yesterday I drilled my thougths with this:   ... | Read More

    • De tweede ronde..

      What is there to say? I was in good spirit when I woke up. I was in good spirit when I was on the magnificent beach of Wijk aan Zee. And after a perfect cup of coffee, cappuccino so to say, and a nicely baked croque-monsieur I went to the chessbo... | Read More