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Chess 232: Development and Initiative Part 2

Hello friends!

After a long break I am back with my next Chess.com University seminar, Chess 232: Development and Initiative Part 2, the long-awaited sequal to my best-selling seminar, Chess 231.

Instructor: Kairav Joshi

Schedule: Chess 232 is scheduled for Saturday, February 16th at 11:00 AM Pacific Time (2:00 PM Eastern Time).

Level: This seminar is aimed at players rated between 1200 and 1700 elo.

Format: This seminar consists of two 45-minute sessions separated by a 15-minute break. The total seminar duration is 1 hour and 45 minutes.


Course Description:

Not sure how to convert a lead in development into a tangible advantage? Not sure how seize and use the initiative? If so, then this seminar is for you! Chess 232 focuses on properly utilizing a lead in development and winning using the initiative.

Chess 232 will consist of a brief review of Chess 231 that way all the concepts surrounding development and initiative are fresh. A mini pretest with insightful problems will be given to students to access their current understanding of the seminar topics. We will then try to understand difficult positions by directly applying the basic principles.

The objective of this seminar is to give students a better understanding of how to convert a lead in development and the initiative into a win. Other topics covered in this seminar include: positional sacrifices, improving calculation, using tempo-moves, and how to formulate a plan based on the imbalances in the position.

Why take Chess 232 if I've already taken Chess 231?

--> Chess 231 was about knowledge and having the right approach to thinking.

--> Chess 232 is about applying the knowledge and practicing winning technique.

Class Size: 8 to 16 students


Tuition: $20/person


In order to register, purchase "Chess 232" at the following link:


Answers to Commonly Asked Questions:

The seminar will take place on my livestream channel. After a person purchases this seminar, I will message him/her the link to my channel.

You are able to ask questions throughout the seminar.

If you cannot pay with a credit/debit card, you may pay via PayPal (message me for this).


If you have further questions, you may message Kairav Joshi or comment on this news post.


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    This wasn't an ad. I never sent you an ad... what you had received was an invitation to join an American chess group on this site...

    You are currently commenting on my blog. You came here; you weren't brought here.

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    Good for you if you're a succesful business man, I apologize if I  hurt your feelings.

    Please just don't send me any avertising ads.

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    Perhaps I only have time for slow chess games when attending conferences??

    I'm one of four directors of Chess.com University along with 2 GMs and 1 IM.

    I'm also this website's #1 selling chess coach whether you like it or not.

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    I was just wondering only because a saw your standard rating score (1545)

    70 wins and 135 losses

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    No, I'm not "trying". I am running a successful business with a dog portrait :)

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    Are you trying to run a business with a dog portrait?

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