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RybkaShredder's Blog

    • How I beat a CM in 1-minute chess

      Remember that this game is 1 minute per side so please do not take this game too seriously | Read More

    • Arlington Action May 2014

      G/45 D/5 3.5/5 Rd. 1: Rd. 2: Rd. 3: Rd. 4: Rd. 5: | Read More

    • My last day of the Cherry Blossom Classic

      The Cherry Blossom was a great tournament in general. All of the playing conditions were great but the only problem I had was how poorly I was playing. In the first two days I scored a measly 1/4 (the one point coming from a full-point bye!) I was... | Read More

    • Best Tactics Problem?

      I was using tactics trainer today and I came across the following problem which had a rating of 2134 (my rating was 2115 at the time). The conclusion is truly beautiful. | Read More

    • A funny checkmate in a 1-minute ICC game

      This is a game that I played on the ICC today. Please excuse the poor quality of play as it was a 1-minute game. The checkmate at the end is quite amusing though. | Read More

    • 2014 Maryland Junior Open 3/4

      So, I tied for first place at the Maryland Junior Open with a score of 3/4. Some of my games are more interesting than others but what can you do. Rd 1. I played against Justin Hung who I have never played before but I was fairly confident that I... | Read More

    • 2014 MD HS Championships

      I just realized I didn't post my blog lol: Rd 1 Time control: 45/30 So far so good. Now I just need to keep it up Rd 2: I play against an opponent that I have played against many times now. I have only lost to her once when I was around 800 US... | Read More

    • Why you should develop your pieces Part 3

      This game that I am about to show you was from round 1 of a tournament in Virginia where I was paired up against an expert and I was rather worried but I managed to play one of the best games of my life. Even experts sometimes don't develop their ... | Read More

    • Why you should develop your pieces Part 2

      At the exact same tournament I played a respectable opponent and he also decided that it would be a good idea to procrastinate his development against me. I go down a pawn again but my compensation is palpable. So remember kids, always develop y... | Read More

    • Why you should develop your pieces Part 1

      This is round 2 of the MD High School Championships | Read More