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Just a guy who likes a good game of chess and plays a mediocre game of chess Smile

    • The Good Name of Lasker: Berthold, Emanuel, and Edward

      What is the greatest chess playing family in history? I cannot argue against the Polgars, but I would like to make a case for the Laskers as strong contenders. It is impossible to be a serious chess player and not know of Emanuel, but what about h... | Read More

    • A Stunning Anastasia's Mate

      Yesterday, Magnus Carlsen posted a nice chess problem on his youtube page. The problem is taken from a game against Norway's number 2, Jon Ludvig Hammer (great name).   The problem features a nice Anastasia's Mate. My personal favorite versio... | Read More

    • Inspiration #6: Winning an "Equal" Endgame

      GM Ernesto Inarkiev won this year's Moscow Open with a remarkable 8/9 score. Inarkiev is one of those many players who have been playing incredible fighting chess at a high level for many years. These days, we are so blessed in the chess world tha... | Read More

    • 25 Books Guaranteed to Improve Your Chess

      How to Improve The most common question I hear from chess students and friends is some version of "How can I improve?". Every strong player has heard this question countless times, and every aspiring player has asked it. My stock answer is to sol... | Read More

    • Ideas for Chess Resolutions for the New Year

      Despite a rather unsuccessful track record, I really enjoy New Year's resolutions. I've kept track of my New Year's resolutions for the past several years, and it's pretty cool to look back and see what I have and haven't achieved. 2012 Earn the ... | Read More

    • Inspiration #5: 10...Qxb3!

      It is a rare thing to see a strong GM fall prey to a queen sacrifice. It is far rarer to see a strong GM lose in 10 moves. Both of these sad fates befell GM Qun Ma against Danny Raznikov in the Groningen Open. This game is a wonderful reminder of... | Read More

    • Inspiration #4: Exchange Sacs in the Ukrainian Championship

      The final Carlsen - Anand game must be considered one of the most interesting World Championship watch games for many reasons. Anand's b5!! was fascinating and seemed to offer him chances to pressure. However, it seems clear that the exchange sac ... | Read More

    • Tutorial - The Free TD Software Vega

      I recently created a YouTube tutorial for new or aspiring tournament directors using the free tournament direction software, Vega. The tutorial is included at the bottom of this post, and you may also watch it directly via my youtube channel linke... | Read More

    • An Interview with Dr. Ken Regan, IM and Anti-Cheating Expert

      Dr. and IM Ken Regan was kind enough to sit down with me over the summer for an interview. We discussed his research and perspectives as they relate to topics such as computers, cheating, and performance in chess. Unfortunately, due to a hectic mo... | Read More

    • How to Update Your USCF E-mail Preferences

      I am always grateful to the many wonderful people who have contributed to the USCF. Every interaction I have had with a representative of the USCF has been helpful and positive. Thanks to all who volunteer for or are employees of the USCF! Despit... | Read More