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    • Bumblings In Blindfold Chess

      Blindfold chess is becoming quite trendy these days. GM Timur Gareyev has been a big promoter of the discipline and is ramping up for a blindfold world record attempt. Currently, FM Marc Lang holds the record at 46 boards (played in 2011... | Read More

    • Stalemate Should Totes Be A Win

      How did it come to be that, in chess, stalemate is a draw?! In the most ancient known forms of chess, such as shatranj and chaturanga, stalemate was a win. Today in the (arguably) most played form of chess, Xiangqi, AKA Chinese Chess, stalema... | Read More

    • Trapped! Trapped Like Rats!

      Last night I fell victim to a unique and pretty trap from a young opponent in the South Carolina State Championships. I don't want to preface the combination too much so I'll simply ask this... In the below position, I intended 22.fxe5 fxe5 23. d... | Read More

    • A Chess Soundboard

      I don't know about you, but I constantly get chess earworms stuck in my head. Sometimes these are simply popular chess sayings such as "Patzer see check; patzer give check." or "Every Russian school boy knows." Other earworms include chess phrases... | Read More

    • At His Best: Topalov and Piece Activity

      I would like to take a moment to celebrate Topalov's piece play. Veselin Topalov is a player who doesn't always receive the admiration he is due. In his career, Topalov has been ranked number 1 in the world for 27 months, longer than any players... | Read More

    • The Last Time Svidler won the World Cup

      As I write this, GM Peter Svidler and GM Sergey Karjakin are perparing to do battle on the finals of the 2015 chess World Cup. In my opinion, winning the World Cup is one of the most impressive achievements in chess in any given year. There are s... | Read More

    • Magnus Voices Support for a Knockout World Championship Format

      Magnus just voiced his support for a knockout World Championship format via Facebook (post). It's an incredible position for the World Champion to take, and whatever one thinks of the notion, one must admire the integrity of the World Champion in ... | Read More

    • SC Players at the Denker, National Girls Invitational, and Barber - Rounds 4, 5, and 6

      Congratulations to each of the South Carolina representatives at this year's Denker, National Girls' Invitational, and Barber (crosstables linked)! They each performed admirably, and crafted many interesting, fighting games, inspiring young player... | Read More

    • SC Players at the Denker, National Girls Invitational, and Barber - Rounds 2 and 3

      The first three rounds of the Denker and National Girl's Invitational have been generally promising for South Carolina players. Rounds 2 and 3 of the Denker each featured moderate upsets from SC players. Neha Dias scored a draw in round 3 against ... | Read More

    • SC Players at the Denker, National Girls Invitational, and Barber - Round 1

      For non-US players, the Denker, National Girls Invitational, and Barber are tournaments to which the top K-12, K-8, and top female players, respectively, from each state are invited. Usually, they win their spot at their respective state scholasti... | Read More