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Spektrowski's Blog

    • Mikhail Tal. "Fortune smiles to the young", 1970

      64, issue 45, 1970. Tal's third (and final) report from Sochi. Either the masters have finally managed to acclimatize or their physical form was better than their venerable opponents', but the struggle in the last seven rounds was completely even... | Read More

    • Mikhail Tal. "Amplitude of the pendulum", 1970.

      64, issue 44, 1970. Second part of Tal's report. An original match between grandmasters and masters is almost equal, and there's some concrete proof for that. As the readers already know, the teams get White pieces by turns. And that's what is in... | Read More

    • Mikhail Tal. "They don't offer draws to us", 1970

      Mikhail Tal's first report in 64 about the "grandmasters versus masters" tournament in Sochi 1970. Recently, I received a valuable gift from chess fans of Ryazan: a file of the 64 newspaper published in 1935-37. Reading through the "grandmother" ... | Read More

    • Mikhail Tal's first ever published annotation

      For something more positive - a game more than half a century old, by 17 years-old Tal. He annotated it for the Riga chess bulletin. | Read More

    • Mikhail Tal's last ever tournament game

      With annotations by Alexei Shirov. | Read More

    • The King of Draws gives a fight

      Salo (Salomon Mikhailovich) Flohr was born on 21st November 1908 in Horodenka, Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Ukraine). He first gained chess prominence while playing in the Prague chess cafes, and in 1930s quickly became Czechoslovakia's leading pl... | Read More

    • Mikhail Tal. "When Pieces Come Alive", part 5 (last)

      5. Believe until the end   In the winter of 1979, the world champion Anatoly Karpov and the author were invited to a tournament in Canada called The Tournament of Stars. Long before its beginning, it excited the chess world: the organizers prom... | Read More

    • An interview with Angelina Tal

      By Dmitry Komarov. Source in Russian: http://facts.kiev.ua/archive/2009-11-20/101796/index.html "It's hard to remain silent when my husband's biography gets perverted so often". Angelina Tal is indignant. "They even said that Misha's own fathe... | Read More

    • Mikhail Tal. "When Pieces Come Alive", part 4

      4. Match of the Century   The history of Soviet chess remembers two outstanding team matches. One took place in autumn 1945, the other a quarter of century later, in 1970. These are the dates of the famous USSR – USA radio match and the mat... | Read More

    • Mikhail Tal. "When Pieces Come Alive", part 3

      3. Stellar hour   A chess player’s life is like running up the stairs. He’s constantly going up the qualification steps. He wins a Zonal tournament, and then there’s Interzonal. Then you make the top three and become a Candidate. And then... | Read More