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    • Fishing pics from my personal lines..

      These are  a handful of fish pics . These you are about to see are of me.. To all fisherman. you are invited to post yout fishy pics.. And Thanks for your  Wet interests. this is a large mouth bass  aka blackbass caught at lake Poway on ... | Read More

    • Down On Jr's Farm

      Self reliance can be Possible with a little Help, ha ha ha A lot of Help Then, lot of hard effort Plus, Bono Fortuna !! Or  Fortuna BonaThe Goal is to gain a positive measure by   Fish Farming , Adding Aqua Gardening in a Symbiotic system/ Fi... | Read More

    • Ghosts That Followed a Ship:

      The Sea is full of mystery, and it's history is full of tales of the unusual. Here is a fairly Modern ghost story of the deep that has never been solved...     In January of 1925, an oil tanker was plowing through the Pacific towards the Panam... | Read More

    • chess seems to have been rehabilitated, at least in the public perception.

      Lately, chess seems to have been rehabilitated, at least in the public perception.  Once considered to be the refuge of the odd, the overly passionate or the likely mad, it is now seen as good for young students (“chess makes you smart!”), pr... | Read More

    • Fiat money is money that derives its value from government regulation or law

      The term fiat currency is also used when the fiat money is used as the main currency of the country. The term derives from the Latin fiat ("let it be done", "it shall be"). Fiat money originated in 11th century China, and its use became widespr... | Read More

    • two-year sentence for a raucous protest against President Vladimir Putin.

      Punk band member Maria Alyokhina has experienced tensions with other inmates as she serves a two-year sentence for a raucous protest against President Vladimir Putin.   MOSCOW - Jailed Pussy Riot punk protester Maria Alyokhina has been moved ... | Read More

    • Solar Flare 2012: Massive Solar Storm Headed For Earth

        Solar Flare 2012 One of the most powerful solar storms in the last five years was unleashed yesterday after a gigantic solar flare erupted from the surface of the sun. Space weather scientists are narrowly watching the sun’s activity as t... | Read More

    • This week, the novelty radio host Dr. Demento announced that, after nearly 40 years on the air, his

      Farewell, Dr. Demento — and the novelty song?     As the legendary radio host signs off, we ponder the fate of musical goofs in an age of Disney radio and YouTube   Even to those with fond memories of listening to Demento’s show, the... | Read More

    • Dietary habits for blood type A

      Dietary habits for blood type A Blood type A has low levels of hydrochloric acid and alkaline phosphatase but high levels of a digestive enzyme called intestinal disaccharide, which means animal protein is not easily digested, but carbohydrates... | Read More

    • 18 funniest females ever

      My list of funniest ladies1.  Carol Burnett           Carol Creighton Burnett is an American actress, comedian, singer and writer. She is best known for her long-running eponymous TV variety show, but she has achieved success on stage, ... | Read More

      • | Jul 17, 2012