Ghosts That Followed a Ship:

The Sea is full of mystery, and it's history is full of tales of the unusual.
Here is a fairly Modern ghost story of the deep that has never been solved...
     In January of 1925, an oil tanker was plowing through the Pacific towards the Panama Canal
 when tragedy struck. Two men were overcome by gas while cleaning out an empty cargo hatch
and were buried at sea.
   Several days later a group of greatly disturbed crewmen approached the captain with as astonishing story.
They told him that had seen both dead seamen follwing the ship at twilight the past few nights.
The captain refused to take the story seriously, but the reports presisted, and even some of the officers of the ship saw the men.
The heads of the two men would appear in the wate roff the side of the ship from which they had been buried and seem to follow the ship for a few moments. Then They Would vanish again.
Since so many men and officers saw the apparitions at the same time, the captain finally decided to bring the matter to the attention of the officals of the company when they docked in New Orleans.
 They Too Listened, at first with disbelief, and then with wonder. One of the company officers suggested that the first mate obtain a camera and be rady for thenext apperance of the two ghostly faces in the waves.
This was done. Then the officer gave the captain a fresh roll of film, with orders to keep it sealed in his own possession until he had a chance to use it. This the captain promised to do. Back Through the Canal
went the tanker, and out again into the Pacific. As the ship reached the same spot in the ocean, once more two faces appeared alongside at twilight.

The Captain broke open the film and loaded the camera himself. When the ghosts next appeared he took six photos, then lockedup the camera for safe keeping and away from any possible tampering.
When they reached the port, the film was taken to a commercial photographer for developing and printing. This man knew nothing about the mystery, nor the reason for the photographs which he pocessed.
Five of the negatives showed nothing unusual, just waves and spray, but the sxth showed what appeared tobe the outlines of two heads and faces in the waves.

This was enlarged so that they showed up plainly,and it was revealed that the two objects were in the same relation to the ship as the two ghosts reportedly seen by crewmen and ship's officers.
These interesting photos evenually were inspected by Dr.  Hereward Carrington, a noted investigator of psychic  phenomena. He checked the stroy with company officials, and, after looking at the photos,
said that there could be no doubt that at least one of the faces in the waves was a realistic photo of the deadman.
Strange things follow the sea, and not all men go  down to the sea in ships. Some wear shrouds.


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