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testing free chess engine results in,

Hello all, I just want to say  did some testing on new software and the results were amazing. You can see results ichess games. You can fe great when you see more success. Here is a comparison between great and mediocre. i hopw you find the results enlightening. Try these test and are.

 am not bashing martin, just making a valid point...let the most qualified lead the way. How the H&$%#L is anyone from the club with martin s. going to match let alone out do us????? They can't cite what they don't have access to, DUH. We can show you screen shots of pages even if we have to scan the book or magazine to show you proof. With martin...he could make stuff up and you never know unless you see the source and verify it. We do this with screeshots so you can read the page and see proof.

martin has "issues" and they can only be helped with therapy and improving his rating, and getting more chess stuff to offer. He got a few books called mastering the chess opening -Watson. Those 4 books, even if he buys the entire 4 bk set (LOL) will not substitute for the entire range of opening books and magazines published. The uscf catalog has tons of opening books alone. I feel he wanted an impressive title to look impressive or "play" teacher/coach, so got the mastering the chess opening series of 4 books. Last I was told confidential member of his club, martin had 2 not 4 of the 4 book set. Even giving him benefit of the doubt assuming he has all 4 or will one day get all 4 , that is a far cry from matching our club with hundreds and hundreds of opening books alone, not to mention tons of chessbase magazines we have and NIC magazines, NIC yearbooks, all informants and all ECO, and every major database program and all the commercial databases of game collections, 200,000+ annotated games , 7.6 million game database, etc, etc, he cannot "out prepare" us. We get ruffly 10,000 games per week from subscriptions we pay for on game collection updates. TWIC is not anywhere near 10,000 game a week.

Let us hope someone reads this and hints to martin s. he needs new priorities to improve. We started stocking up and getting more resources for later. If you want a club to get stronger players, you need resources. They plateau and stagnate, otherwise. Case in point...martin s. Any book or even a magazine opening move will become "dated aka change". Think about book and page space limits, and you see there is limited data/moves or even words that can fit.

You can get opening books on sub variations as well and they go deep in depth. You need more than the 4 book set by watson-mastering the chess opening. It is wiser to stock a huge library like we did. Then build onto it, keep building it up, adding more and more. This is similar to uscf catalog and online chess vendors. We have thousands of books, magazines, and cd, dvd, software, etc.

The advantage we have over martin is we have it, they don't !!! They expect people to buy it all and martin or someone at his club will look it over for you. LOL We already supply it for you and save you money. We provide it free and thus put together better and more focused results, by having more to combine and various experts to explain it all.

We can merge games with annotations and do more accurate statistics for you. We can pull more variety of database sources and more magazine or books also. We have every "hard copy" of chess life since 1985. martin s. cannot say that and neither can his club or any club member he has!

We have close to 900 solitaire chess tests. That means we can pinpoint more and use chessbase to do it. We can compare your games, then test you on openings and middlegames and endings you have played or learned. It allows you to test how well you think you know it all, or find out real quick what you still need to work on. This helps to customize study and training.

Martin said he thinks any free engine can beat any commercial engine. (LOL) I will not waste time answering an obvious question, since we know the strongest commercial engines always win. To test the idea/construct/hypothesis,etc. , you put the strongest free engine against the Houdini 2.0 pro and Houdini will win, when tested on same machine with all else being equal.

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