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What Anand says , what we now offer

We have Houdini 2.0 PROFESSIONAL for analysis, and if anyone at the club with Martin S. wants to have an engine match !!  "Bring it"...our trade mark signature aka open challenge. We also have over 4,100 engines total and growing/counting. We love for them to trade pawns/pieces and head for/into an ENDGAME. Why?

We have over 150 gb of endgame tablebases that Houdini and other commercial (paid software) engines can access deep back in the middlegame. It lets the engine see further ahead  (called horizon effect aka depth/ply). using tablebases of 21 dvd it can let the engine calculate many trades and do better 'brute force searches aka forced wins" You can have 12 men on the bord and the engine will search 30 ply and trade off down to a 6 man EGTB (endgame tablebase). When that happens it plays the resulting endgame "perfect/flawless".

We also use "freezer" from shredderchess.com for endgame analysis. Check out shredderchess.com and see the videos about benefits of owning Freezer 100.00 program. These are great tools in correspondence chess.

Martin may cry since the new rules allow engines and databases in correspondence chess LEGAL. Chess life had a recent article calling the new ruling the death of correspondence chess, while I and others welcome it. Check wikipedia and google "advanced chess" as GM Anand is a HUGE advocate of "advanced chess matches". He played it and still won. Both people had same PC, same time to move, same software, but...Anand WON !!!!!

We now have a bigger DB 7.6 million games and counting. What is martin...at 4.6 million games? We have over 200K (THOUSAND) yes 200 thousand annotated games.  Imagine what can be leared going through that many annotated games. Imagine the best players going over their games in depth with you one on one and having their thoughts plans ideas tips suggestions insights, etc.  How many annotated games does martin have??????

I sacrifice to get more chess stuff while some people have to run out and get a new car. I guess if they can't get chess skills/talent, they need a new car to feel better (LOL). Sad that car will not help during the tournament rated OTB game...will it martin?? I guess some people don't care having the rating of a 6 yr old or 9 yr old. i guess some of us just find a way to get better at chess, and kep adding up resources to teach, coach and train others with. I will pray for people like martin.

I am waiting for the insurance settlement and see how much a TV station pays. I can't decide porsche...lambo...Bugatti veyron....or fast crotch rocket Hayabusa, as each has distinct advantages.

I am waiting to see the look on certain players faces when I pull up at a club meeting or stoplight. Maybe they want to try to pass me??? Hmmm ? It will be interesting to compare what we each have that day in the future. For now all priorities are CHESS. Stay focused and build a future.

We added SwissSYS 8 the very newest one. I am studying for the TD exam and then get my certifications as chief TD. WE are adding WIN TD as well (being shipped). Martin will be surprised when I have weekly rated games and tournaments each week. He did how many tournaments hosted in 2011...50....40...30...20...stop already (you say I made my point?)...10 tournaments he put on? REALLY??? his site says not even 10 more like not even 5. But remember he is out to HELP someone, and their initials are MS. Wonder who that could be. HMMM ? 

At least I can show a lot of new stuff added...hint hint make use of your time. He wanted to run the show instead of letting a TD from 80 miles away be TD. You would expect more from people who claim to host tournaments. Last I checked USCF showed less than 5 total he hosted for 2011 and small turn out. I guess trying to rent a room at a chain hotel makes you feel more important huh??? And is that what matters most...playing low level tournaments, or getting more to study and train with; to raise your rating?

At least our club has a shot at being GM level. The "other club" has not enough resources and not a clue... to EVER be GM level. I feel for an area player (JS) who has potential to be NM or one day IM...if he gets resources. You can't improve without resources. Without all the engines (many 119.00 apiece) deep version commercial types, you don't have best analysis. oh make a note... big difference between chessbase light premium and full version chessbase JS.

I dare martin s. to put any engine free or commercial up against our engine we use HOUDINI 2.0 PROFESSIONAL that can run on dozens of cores and  use every commercial and free database and merge them into a superbase . WE convert that into an opening-book and a power-book. We also link engine clusters and use multiple engines. We also blend all correspondence DB's into the superbase, and every source of annotated games. We include every ni and inforant and other sources.We run Houdini 2.0 pro in engine matches as do others around the world in engine tournaments on a single dual or quad core laptop and it wins every time. I remember when martin S. showed me a free veion of rybka and I dared him to play it against Deep Rybka 3 at the time. He was pale, speechless, trembling and asking me please not to crush his engine. So, I was nice and didn't destroy his free version rybka engine.

Now things have changed. we use up to 4,100 engines and variations/offshoots. I own every single multi processor version commercial engine money can buy !! NO free engine will ever beat the best commercial engine. Hey martin, do you like to dream? then dream about a better rating. It can be yours if you get enough resources and chess skills. hey he has a right to dream, everyone needs a little dream time. Chess.com is a great site but not a replacement for all the chess book, cd, dvd, software in the world. Don't think you can pay for a premium or diamond membership and be world chess champion. just come here to supplement other chess resources not substitute !

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