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The Ultimate Strategy: Improving the Pieces

Maybe the most important ingredient of a successful middlegame strategy is to know when and how to improve the position of your pieces, making them both active and effective participants in your major plan on the board. Oftentimes, this step requires the recognition of the worst placed piece and the creativity to come up with the most efficient way to improve its inferior position relative to its opposite-colored counterpart. In this lecture, I take the time to explain that process through a highly instructive example of sound planning by the long-time veteran and promoter of chess mastery, GM Nigel Short. In a game, he plays again fellow GM Boris Gelfand, Short demonstrates his creativity and precision when it comes to the middlegame, crushing his opponent in a position where even Rybka would feel helpless. Take a moment to watch my lecture and learn one more weapon to add to your chess arsenal of middlegame planning principles.


  • 2 years ago


    Very instructive and simple to understand, you are a great chess improver!!!

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    This is a fantastic article!

  • 3 years ago


    I agree with all. Excellent lecture. To PLay3r1, I would agree and add:

    Step 1: develop.

    Step 2: evaluate -- the position of your pieces relative to:

     -each other

     -your opponent's pieces

     -your position (kingside/queenside) for attack

     -identify the major pieces specific to your flexible attack plan

    Step 3: develop those major pieces to improve your position while simultaneously refining your attack position

  • 3 years ago


    Step 1: Develop

    Step 2: Develop

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    It was very helpful thank you very much!!

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    Great video! Very instructive, I will be going back to this one to view again.  Thank you.

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    I enjoyed this and subscribed to that channel. Thanks very much for this lecture.

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    Very helpful! It is worth watching more than once!  Thanks

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    Very helpful! thank you!

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    Thanks very much.

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    I really like your videos. They're very helpful. Thank you.

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    FM gauranga

    Very nice lecture

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