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    • How to Exploit Weaknesses

      Hello chess friends! The first blog post for this year comes about a fairly interesting topic: Weaknesses. I recently came across a brilliant game that illustrates all the important concepts in a brilliant fashion. It was played by no other, but t... | Read More

    • Original & Smart: The Hippo

      Hello chess friends! In my final post for Chess.com this year, I would like to present you with an interesting 1-hour video lecture I recorded some time ago. In this instructive lecture, I teach the most optimal way for players of all levels to ma... | Read More

    • National Premier Championship - Part I

      In today’s post, I want to share two instructive videos I recently prepared for the Remote Chess Academy. These videos cover some very instructive games played recently in the National Premier Chess Championship which is played by some of the st... | Read More

    • The King's Value

      A king piece in chess is the most important piece. It has the highest value in the game, though not really the most powerful. Its capture is the main goal of the enemy and its preservation is our main reason for staying competitive in the game. Pl... | Read More

    • Radio Show Interview

      Hi everyone! Some days ago I had the privilege of being a guest in an online radio show where I had to talk about chess, the modern state of the game, my career and so many interesting things! Many of you probably share the same views on many of t... | Read More

    • Move Candidates in the Opening

      Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you a rather short, but very instructive video on how to choose the best move candidates in the opening. The topic is quite big, but I tried to give a simple advice on how we should think about the choice of... | Read More

    • Fighting the Giants - Part I

      In today’s blog post, I will show you three very instructive games I played a few days ago on Playchess.com against a top grandmaster who’s name remains anonymous. The games were played over the internet at the fast time control of 1 min + 1 s... | Read More

    • Play vs. Sicilian, French & Caro Kann!

      A good opening repertoire doesn’t need a great amount of lines to study, sothat you can be successful. Generally, most sources on opening repertoires for white tend to fall into one of the two categories: either they suggest popular mainstream l... | Read More

    • Pawn Sacrifice

      Hello everyone! Being a huge movie fan, I recently learned about the movie “Pawn Sacrifice” coming up this fall. The film is about Bobby Fischer and his famous match against Boris Spassky in 1972. Coming from a brilliant screenplay writer and ... | Read More

    • Secret Tip to Playing Better Chess

      What is the most important thing to keep in mind when playing? This is a question that many players try to ask themselves during a game, though they know this question doesn’t have a definitive answer. In today’s lecture, I want to show you my... | Read More