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    • Pawn Structure Explained for Club Players

      Hi chess friends! Get ready for this week’s training on mastering pawn structure. It starts on Saturday (08/27) at 12pm EST. Click here just before noon EST to join the webinar - it's free! If you want to follow the lecture attentively, yo... | Read More

    • From A to Zugzwang

      Dan Heisman is one of the most original and respected chess coaches around today thanks to his teaching of the Dan Heisman thought process – a logical thinking method that helps players calculate more accurately, form winning strategies and avo... | Read More

    • Build Your Opening Repertoire

      The question of how to build your opening repertoire is common among club players. The benefits are clear: you spend much less time and energy thinking about the opening stage during games and you’re more likely to get a good position by move 15... | Read More

    • Chess Improvement for Club Players!

      What is it that holds talented club players back from real chess improvement? More often than not, it’s the small mistakes they don’t even know they’re making. And it’s not their fault, these slight errors usually seem perfectly logical ... | Read More

    • The Polgar Method

      GM Susan Polgar has had phenomenal success at chess training, both as a former prodigy and as the award-winning coach of SPICE.  The proof of her method’s effectiveness can be seen in the records she set (including former Women’s World Champi... | Read More

    • Secrets of Grandmaster Chess

      What is it that allows Grandmasters to outplay untitled players with ease? What secrets do they know that others don’t? This week, I reveal some of the secrets of Grandmaster chess in a 1 hour webinar – free for all my followers. Click her... | Read More

    • What You Need to Know to Become a Candidate Master

      Too many talented players get stuck at club level, prevented from reaching their potential by a lack of direction and the right kind of chess training. To take that extra step requires just a few small improvements but not just in one area but ev... | Read More

    • Get Better at Chess the Right Way!

      The biggest problem facing improving players today is the lack of proper guidance early on. Most players pick up chess knowledge in a haphazard way, leading to uneven results and bad habits that slow their progress later on. Of course, it’s not... | Read More

    • Master the Art of Defense

      Ever had a game where you faced an attack you knew wasn’t sound but somehow you couldn’t wriggle out of it? You’re not alone. The art of defense in chess is one of the least studied skills. Pretty strange when it will when you as many poin... | Read More

    • Dominate with the Ruy Lopez!

      Get ready to add a powerful opening to your repertoire, win more games as White and deepen your chess understanding with this Saturday's webinar. The Ruy Lopez, also known as the Spanish Opening, is the oldest recorded chess opening, first appea... | Read More