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    • How Nakamura Beats Carlsen

      July 13th 2016 will be remembered as Independence Day for Hikaru Nakamura as he stopped years of torment at the hand of Magnus Carlsen. In round 1 of the Bilbao Super GM tournament, the 28 year old American defeated the world champion at classical... | Read More

    • Garry Kasparov's World Championship Secrets!

      Garry Kasparov fought in 8 world championship matches between 1985 and 2000, facing 4 very different opponents. How was Garry able to consistently meet the challenges he faced and force his way to victory at the very highest level? This Saturday ... | Read More

    • Study at Susan Polgar's Chess University!

      GM Susan Polgar is one of the greatest chess coaches in the world today. Her teaching methods have produced many Grandmasters, including Super GM and world top 10 player Wesley So. This Saturday (8th October) I am going to talk you through some... | Read More

    • Knowledge is Power!

      In chess, a little knowledge goes a long way. Recognizing the opportunity for a thematic combination, knowing the key move in your favorite opening and being aware of the winning technique in an endgame is enough to win you games on its own. This... | Read More

    • How to Play Chess With Power

      Getting stuck in a boring position with no attacking chances is a real danger for the competitive player – and it’s easily done. If you’re up against a strong opponent and you take care not to create any weaknesses, you often end up in a bal... | Read More

    • Secrets of Chess Tactics

      Every chess player knows the importance of tactical skill in chess and training tactics is one of the most popular forms of practice for most players. However, spending hours solving puzzle after puzzle isn’t the only way to get better at tacti... | Read More

    • Romantic Chess – Win with Gambits!

      If you love playing aggressive chess but find it hard to get attacking positions from your current openings, then it’s time to introduce gambits into your repertoire. This Saturday (10th September) I am going to show you how to play some of t... | Read More

    • Middlegame Training

      While the opening and endgame are the easiest subjects to study, we all know it’s in the middlegame that most results are decided. However, with such a huge number of positional and tactical themes, middlegame training can be hard to come by. ... | Read More

    • Pawn Structure Explained for Club Players

      Hi chess friends! Get ready for this week’s training on mastering pawn structure. It starts on Saturday (08/27) at 12pm EST. Click here just before noon EST to join the webinar - it's free! If you want to follow the lecture attentively, yo... | Read More

    • From A to Zugzwang

      Dan Heisman is one of the most original and respected chess coaches around today thanks to his teaching of the Dan Heisman thought process – a logical thinking method that helps players calculate more accurately, form winning strategies and avo... | Read More