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Brendan's Blog

    • Building an Opening Repetoire as White

      For anyone who's following my blogs, I'm back with a new series on building an opening repetoire. I will cover this topic with both colours, going through the essentials of getting a decent middlegame against stronger opponents. Let's start with t... | Read More

    • Unsound Openings: Anti-Pirc Gambit

      A Pirc player settles down comfortably down into his chair for a nice game of bullet. He wiggles his toes in satisfaction at the thought of making short, efficient moves. White, his opponent, will be claiming the centre with his pieces and pawns, ... | Read More

    • Unsound Openings - Overview

      Hello Readers, Recently I have been creating a series; Unsound Openings and I have decided to write a short overview to clear up a few points. Firstly, my blog posts were titled: -Unsound Openings: Anti-Pirc Gambit -Unsound Openings: Sicilian W... | Read More

    • Unsound Openings: Sicilian Wing Gambit

      GM Roman Dzindzichashvili said of the Wing Gambit, "It is the No. 1 worst opening to play as white against the Sicilian!" However, contrary to Roman's analysis, I bring to you today new ideas revolving around the move c3! (which has never been ... | Read More

    • Unsound Openings: Polish Countergambit

      A fantastic bullet weapon, the Polish Countergambit offers up a pawn on move one! The opening is strewn with tactics and black can gain startling initiative if played against a lower rated opponent. I will name various lines identically to that of... | Read More

    • Draw With Computer 4 Impossible!

      This is my draw against the "Impossible Computer". If anyone could please analyse my game it would be helpful. Thanks | Read More

    • My Games: Najdorf Rook Sac

      Hello everyone, The game I would like to share today is played as black in the najdorf. As you will see, black adopts a modern strategy and follows up with a rook sacrifice.   | Read More

    • My Games: Kan Chaos

      Hello everyone,   The following episode is really "Kan Chaos". Tactical trouble, you have to be sharp to reason with the variations. | Read More

    • My Games: Kingside Counterattack!

      Hello everyone,   Today I have a game which I played in a recent tournament. It was the last round and I needed to win to tie first. The game entered a sharp najdorf variation with lots of complications.   | Read More

    • Critical Colour Control - Part 2

      Hello everyone,   The following game took the form of a Botvinnik Setup. White clearly grabs the advantage in the middlegame with a promising kingside attack. In contrast to Part 1, I am playing on the light squares. I hope you learn something.... | Read More