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Colorado Springs Chess News

    • Dominate The Dojo

      Greetings,The Colorado Springs Chess Club finishes up the March Swiss 75 (G/75+30, 5SS, $10 entry, prizes) this Tuesday.  We also rebooted a TD, Earle Wikle, with a new quick event on Friday nights:  IHOP Quick.  The first event has been rated.... | Read More

    • Swiss Justice

      Greetings,The CSCC finished the 3rd round of its March Monthly Swiss (5SS, G/75+30, $10 entry, prizes).  With this new event, the doors are opening around 6pm, and the round are getting started close to 7pm each Tuesday.  Mark McGough has benefi... | Read More

    • D Is For Discovery III

      Greetings,I was invited down to the Colorado Springs Open last weekend to see a movie with LM Brian Wall.  I go to, maybe, one movie a year.  So, I was excited to see a movie with a large group of chess players who follow Brian like the disciple... | Read More

    • Play Long And Checkmate

      Greetings,This Tuesday (March 3rd) the CSCC is hosting a Monthly Swiss (USCF-rated, 5SS, G75+30, $10 entry, prizes based on entries, $5 discount for CSCC Supporting Members).My first rated event as a TD, the February Flash, has been process by the... | Read More

    • The Rook

      Greetings,This Tuesday (2/24) the CSCC is hosting the final 2 rounds of the February Flash (4SS, G24d5, $10 entry, prizes base on entries, $5 discount for club Supporting Members).  It is only Quick-rated and you can still join this week and get ... | Read More

    • I Told Brian Williams To Resign

      Greetings,I am back!  Just like Jason from the grave, I am never gone for long.  The good thing about being a chess player is that you can survive my return or Jason's.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjqklUV_c4IThe CSCC held its annual Cabin Fev... | Read More

    • Game Of The Year XI

      Greetings,On August 19th, the Colorado Springs Chess Club held its 3rd Tuesday of the month event:  Quick Swiss.  However, the players agreed to change the Swiss tournament to a Round Robin tournament after Jeff Fox's suggestion and extended the... | Read More

    • P Is For Pin III

      Greetings,On August 12th, the Colorado Springs Chess Club held its 2nd Tuesday of the month event:  Quads.  However, the players chose to change the time control from G30 to G24 after a suggestion from Earle Wikle.  I survived all my games to c... | Read More

    • Owen Eighteen

      Greetings,On August 5th, the Colorado Springs Chess Club held its 1st Tuesday of the month event: Speed Chess. Newcomer, Derick Arellano, only dropped one game to claim the 1st place points.Tonight: USCF-rated Quads (G30, RR, free)I received some ... | Read More

    • Choose Wisely

      Greetings,On July 22nd, the Colorado Springs Chess Club held its 4th Tuesday of the month event:  Thematic.  The opening chosen for the night was the Petrov's Defense.  Joe Pahk's untimely departure pushed Koji Del Conte into the top spot and g... | Read More