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Colorado Springs Chess News

    • Algebraic Notation

      Greetings,Tonight is the City Speed Chess Championship (RR, G/5; d/0, $10 entry, prizes, unrated) finale!  NM Josh Bloomer went unbeaten in the Qualifier and just has to get past 5 challengers in the Championship section to tie the mark for most ... | Read More

    • Gift From Dad

      Greetings,Tonight is the City Speed Chess Championship (RR, G/5; d/0, $10 entry, prizes, unrated, 2-week event)!  NM Josh Bloomer is aiming for his 6th title this year.  Can anyone in the Springs knock him off the top of the Speed Chess mountain... | Read More

    • P Is For Pin IV

      Greetings,Tonight is the 3rd & 4th rounds of the June Mating Game (4SS, G/30; d/10, $5 entry) at the Colorado Springs Chess Club.  Supporting Members get free entry and there is still time to join and get a couple of free, dual-rated games!Th... | Read More

    • Tactics Flow From Inferior Positions

      Greetings,Tonight is the start of the June Mating Game (4SS, G/30; d/10, entry $5, prizes, USCF dual rated, 2 week event)!  Register by 6:45pm or call me (Paul 719-310-9635).The IHOP quick Friday has been rated:http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain... | Read More

    • O Is For Overload IV

      Greetings,Tonight is Speed chess at the Colorado Springs Chess Club!  It is FREE, unrated, and good practice for the Colorado Springs City Speed Championship (G/5;d/0,RR, $10, 1st week: 1 Qualifier section; 2nd week: Championship section and Cons... | Read More

    • How Bad Is The King's Gambit?

      Greetings,Brian Rountree uses the King's Gambit to claim this week's GOW prize.  Also, Ray Fourzan invites Colorado players to a couple of El Paso tournaments in June.  And finally, J.C. MacNeil reminds me about the other Game Of The Week.  See... | Read More

    • Inaugural GOW Prize

      Greetings,Dan Prutz scored a 359 point upset and won the 1st GOW prize.  Gunnar Andersen and Alex Bozhenov avoided each other and went unbeaten in the IHOP Quick to claim 1st place:http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201505156312 Here is the ... | Read More

    • The Hanging Rook Formation

      Greetings,Happy Mother's Day to all the chess mom's out there! Ok, I am late, but it is not like you are getting your kids to the chess tournaments on time.This Tuesday (5/11) the Colorado Springs Chess Club will have the 2nd round of the May Swis... | Read More

    • The Value Of A Score Sheet

      Greetings,The Colorado Springs Chess Club starts its May Swiss 90 this Tuesday (G/90+30, 4SS, $10 entry, prizes)!Last week saw the finish of several tournaments.  I had to make my first TD ruling in the April Swiss (read about it in this week's n... | Read More

    • Check The Checks

      Greetings,Tonight, the Colorado Springs Chess Club finishes up the April Swiss 75 (G/75+30, 4SS, $10 entry, prizes) and will hold an IHOP Quick (G/24;d/5, 4SS, $5 entry, prizes) this Friday.This week's position comes from last Tuesday's battle bet... | Read More