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Colorado Springs Chess News

    • R Is For Removal IV

      Greetings,The CSCC finished the 2nd round of the Tuesday April Swiss 75 (G/75+30, 4SS, $10 entry, prizes) and the Friday IHOP Quick.  NM Josh Bloomer took home the top prize on Friday.  Here are the ratings:http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.ph... | Read More

    • Make It So

      Greetings,The Colorado Springs Chess Club started the April Swiss 75 (G/75+30, 4SS, $10 entry, prizes) this past Tuesday.  There is still time to join and get 3 games of rated chess!  Also, this Friday will be another Quick chess night at IHOP, ... | Read More

    • Double Desperado Double Fork

      Greetings, The Colorado Springs Chess Club finished up the March Swiss 75 with Earle Wikle, Daniel Herman, and Mark McGough tying for 1st place.  The April Swiss 75 (G/75+30, 4SS, $10 entry, prizes) starts this Tuesday.  Here are the ratings fo... | Read More

    • Dominate The Dojo

      Greetings,The Colorado Springs Chess Club finishes up the March Swiss 75 (G/75+30, 5SS, $10 entry, prizes) this Tuesday.  We also rebooted a TD, Earle Wikle, with a new quick event on Friday nights:  IHOP Quick.  The first event has been rated.... | Read More

    • Swiss Justice

      Greetings,The CSCC finished the 3rd round of its March Monthly Swiss (5SS, G/75+30, $10 entry, prizes).  With this new event, the doors are opening around 6pm, and the round are getting started close to 7pm each Tuesday.  Mark McGough has benefi... | Read More

    • D Is For Discovery III

      Greetings,I was invited down to the Colorado Springs Open last weekend to see a movie with LM Brian Wall.  I go to, maybe, one movie a year.  So, I was excited to see a movie with a large group of chess players who follow Brian like the disciple... | Read More

    • Play Long And Checkmate

      Greetings,This Tuesday (March 3rd) the CSCC is hosting a Monthly Swiss (USCF-rated, 5SS, G75+30, $10 entry, prizes based on entries, $5 discount for CSCC Supporting Members).My first rated event as a TD, the February Flash, has been process by the... | Read More

    • The Rook

      Greetings,This Tuesday (2/24) the CSCC is hosting the final 2 rounds of the February Flash (4SS, G24d5, $10 entry, prizes base on entries, $5 discount for club Supporting Members).  It is only Quick-rated and you can still join this week and get ... | Read More

    • I Told Brian Williams To Resign

      Greetings,I am back!  Just like Jason from the grave, I am never gone for long.  The good thing about being a chess player is that you can survive my return or Jason's.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjqklUV_c4IThe CSCC held its annual Cabin Fev... | Read More

    • Game Of The Year XI

      Greetings,On August 19th, the Colorado Springs Chess Club held its 3rd Tuesday of the month event:  Quick Swiss.  However, the players agreed to change the Swiss tournament to a Round Robin tournament after Jeff Fox's suggestion and extended the... | Read More