Colorado Springs Chess News

    • Whipping Boy

      Greetings,   We are a week away from the FM Joe Friedman Simul at the Colorado Springs Chess Club (5/31, FREE, starts at 7pm)!  Randy Reynolds has donated a $25 gift card as one of the prizes for anyone who can beat the Master.  Also, Doug Cl... | Read More

    • O Is For Overload V

      Greetings,   The May Swiss 90 (4SS, G90+30, $10, USCF-rated, prizes) continues at the Colorado Springs Chess Club tonight.   This week's position comes from Round 2 of the May Swiss 90 and may have just created a new idea in chess:  The Hel... | Read More

    • R Is For Removal V

      Greetings,   Happy Mother's Day to all the chess moms out there!   My mom attended every scholastic chess tournament in which I played.  With her undying support, I never lost a chess game.  I dominated the dojo!  Thanks mom.   http://... | Read More

    • D Is For Discovery IV

      Greetings,   Tonight starts the Colorado Springs Chess Club's May Swiss 90 (4SS, G90+30, $10 entry, USCF-rated, prizes)!  This is a month long tournament with one game per night.   The club officers are hard at work promoting chess!  Peter... | Read More

    • Baby's On Fire

      Greetings,   Congratulations to Sara Herman!  She was invited to play in the 2016 World Youth Chess Championships in Russia.  See more online.   Tonight is the final rounds (4, 5, and 6) of the April Quick 24 (6SS, G24d5, $10, Quick-rated)... | Read More

    • Log Jam Session

      Greetings,   You are invited to our Quick 24 starting tonight at the Colorado Springs Chess Club (6SS, G24;d5, $10 entry, prizes, Quick-rated)!  There are 3 games this week and 3 next week.  Your entry fee gets you in for both weeks.  Even i... | Read More

    • Better Call Paul

      Greetings,   This week's newsletter is the 12th annual Tim Brennan Week!  So, Tim picked the game and wrote the Game Of The Week article.  We also did a podcast for the article.  So, I can't wait until those royalties to start pouring in. ... | Read More

    • Dreams And Fantasies

      Greetings,   This week's newsletter features a game with DuWayne Langseth and myself.  We didn't record it.  So, our stories differ.  You can see his version in the game viewer on the home page and mine is included below.   Starting at 7p... | Read More

    • Weasel Lesson

      Greetings,   This week's issue of CSCN deals with how to get FREE chess lessons!   If you are not doing anything tonight, the CSCC is proud to host the newest chess lecturer, Brian Rountree, at 7pm.  There is no charge for the event, and B... | Read More

    • For Score And Five Minutes

      Greetings,   The newest edition of the CSCN Newletter is out!  This issue deals with the rule that players must keep score the entire game with 30 second increment.   The CSCC is proud to host the newest chess lecturer, Brian Rountree, next... | Read More