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    • Oswestry A V Priorslee Lions

      Well I missed the debacle against Shrewsbury A when the team lost 3.5-1.5 2 players blundering rooks and turning what should have been a won match into a defeat, but alas I was back for the match if not in the mood to play. Oswestry had a weakish ... | Read More

    • Priorslee V Wellington A

      This was a strange match as we knew Wellington had been struggling for players. This on paper full strength Wellington is frightening but unable to field full strength regularly and losing  Colin Roberts who is having a break away from league che... | Read More

    • Telford A v Priorslee Lions A

      After the first round matches in the league it has become very clear that although current champions once again survival maybe the first target before even daring to consider challenging for the league, as nearly all the teams appear to be stronge... | Read More

    • Priorslee Lions V Newport A

      First match of the season pits first against second and a chance for teams to avenge the shock of us winning the league. Unfortunately I believe results of last season and the new grades have significantly weakened our team, I think Adrian on  b... | Read More

    • Newport A V Priorslee Lions

      Well found anither game, this one is against the runners up, the match score was particularly enjoyable knowing how much Nathaneal Paul and Chris Lewis wanted to win the match , even if they were unlikely to win the league.   Tuesday, 14-Apr ... | Read More

    • Shrewsbury A V Priorslee Lions

      Well in some sort of shocking events we went on to comfortably win the league however I misplaced my 3 games, Ive since found this one , so here it is. I obviously will be adding the others if either opponent provides the scoresheet or I stumble u... | Read More

    • Wellington A V Priorslee Lions

      Well with Wellingtons title challenge hanging by a thread this was a really a must win match for them. We are still leading the pack and needing 3points to from a possible 8 to lift the trophy for many years ,we could afford a slip up, but we went... | Read More

    • Priorslee lions v Oswestry

      As we continue to lead the chasing pack wins seems to be more difficult and more important. Oswestry were weakened with the top board out in Gibraltar playing chess and on paper this was like lambs to the slaughter without him, but as ever chess ... | Read More

    • Priorslee Lions V Telford A

      Well after a cancelled match and a hectic Christmas where all the chasing pack were given the chance to put pressure on us at the top , as it turned out quite the opposite as they all seemed to cut each others throats leaving us with not only a po... | Read More

    • Shropshire Quickplay Match night 4

       2014-20152010-20112011-20122012-20132013-2014 Rapidplay Div 1Division 1Division 2Division 3Rapidplay Div 2 TEAMS PLAYED WON DRAWN LOST FOR AGAINST POINTS Newport A 9 8 0 1 25.5 10.5 16 Priorslee A 9 3 1 5... | Read More