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dagdathecelt's Blog

    • Cox trophy 2014

      Well I missed the first round match which just happened to pit our first team against our B team. No shocks this time. 12-May-2014, Priorslee Lions A v Priorslee Lions B: 3.5 - 0.5A Zdanowski 1, M Morrison 0; G Pugh 1, G White 0; J O'Neil 0.5, M ... | Read More

    • Newport Simul 2

      This was the second 3 person simul held at the Newport chess club (Shropshire) this time the 3 players taking part were Nick Rutter (201), Gavyn Cooper (183) and Toby Neal (182). The night did not go as expected with the majority score going to th... | Read More

    • Telford A V Priorslee Lions

      This match had become a nothing match for ourselves, after missing the last match and the team losing we were out of the title race and cast a drift into midtable, for our opponents fighting to avoid the last relegation spot this game was very imp... | Read More

    • Blackpool chess conference.

      Well im not going to put any analysis with any games. If you wish to know how bad my tournament ended up being I think you could just skip to game 5.    shocking endgame play in that game. Should probably gone on and won that game but conf... | Read More

    • Mickey Adams Simul

      Mickey Adams March 2014 rating 281 ecf or 2751 fide. British ranked No.1 World rank No.16   The players that managed to avoid defeat against Super Grand Master Mickey Adams.Left to right:P Kitchen(draw),S Rooney(winner),Mickey Adams,Myself(dr... | Read More

    • Newport A V Priorslee Lions

      Newport went into this game hoping to pull away at the top of the table and hoping to secure a 3 point advantage over there rivals Telepost A. Priorslee lions although on 12 points were still not mathamatically safe and with an inferior For/Agains... | Read More

    • Telepost V Priorslee lions

      Well this was a match that would result in yet another change at the top of the table. We had beaten them earlier in the season but as one of the 2 main faqvourites for the league title we knew this was going to be a huge task to repeat that victo... | Read More

    • Priorslee V Shrewsbury A

      Well at the moment it seems like every match is a top of the table encounter, in what is turning out to be one of the strangest and closest league tables I can remember. Tonights match with Shrewsbury an expected title challenger against us who s... | Read More

    • Priorslee lions A V B the revenge match

      Well after months of being reminded who won the first encounter between the two teams, the night was finally here to set the record straight. Gary had been piling the pressure on the A team with his cheeky little quips then , changing it to you sh... | Read More

    • Shropshire Congress

      This is my local tournament, it has increased in size slightly year on year unfortunately for me my grade puts me in the Open section which basically means playing for fun, but my ego always says I can beat anyone so no reason why I couldn't do we... | Read More