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    • Priorslee lions V Ludlow

      Well were do you begin the newcomers to the division had made some new recruits to their team and were now serious title challengers if not favourites, they opted not to bring their already formidable line up to the bottom of the table (us) instea... | Read More

    • Priorslee lions v Newport A

      Well after the disappointing loss to Telepost it was time to play the league favourites and current champions. On paper not a promising sight as they have actually strengthen their team. Well things in my own game made no sense, I was in somewhat ... | Read More

    • Telepost A v Priorslee lions

      Well ive got a horrible feeling this could be the toughest season in a long time and avoiding relegation maybe the aim, so many closely matched teams. Newport are odds on favourites to bag the league again, but newly promoted Ludlow could be a han... | Read More

    • Shropshire rapidplay div 1

      Well this was definately a night to forget , going in top of the division and needing just to a mass 3 points on the night would probably have been enough to see us home , with on paper an easy round of matches to come. Instead what happened was a... | Read More

    • Priorslee lions V Telepost A

      Well this was a strange match with both teams needing to win by a huge margin to have any real hope of lifting the title, the win much more desperate for ourselves as Telepost had points on the board already and we needed to win to overhaul them a... | Read More

    • Church stretton V Priorslee

      This was a crazy match , we needed to record a decent victory score and upon arrival and team sheet this looked an absolute certainty outgrading them easily on all boards. The games were all going that way too maybe with the exception of my own , ... | Read More

    • Blackpool 2016

      Well it was a real up hill task in the open however my poor performance score wise, I enjoyed the tournement and managed to play 4 games and enjoyed my games. Game 1 I felt I was more than unlucky but then didn't see the finish at all, Game 2 I ha... | Read More

    • Priorlee v Oswestry

      Well this turned out to be an absolute car crash of a match not only for myself but the team also. My opponent was 10 minutes late not that had any barings on the game I had lost in under an hour after a school boy error, yes the posistion wasn't ... | Read More

    • Priorslee Lions V Shrewsbury A

      Pressure is mounting at the top of the table so all matches are a must win. I was feeling terrible when I arrived and willingly said if they are a man short I would gladly sit out, but it appeared that I was not the only one under the weather as S... | Read More

    • Shropshire Quickplay Division 1

      Well a little treat as I don't alway record moves but sometimes Im in the mood and last night I was so here are my games, a mixed bag of both play and results but for the team another good result overall.   | Read More