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Warrior or Survivor?

    A contender Im currently playin, whom has apparently been thru some degree of trauma himself refered to me as a warrior upon learning of the trauma I've under went. I responded that I've always considered myself a survivor. In lookin back thru the past decades I, perhaps am in some ways a warrior as I myself have, like every one else, have had my trials & tribulations, more than I care to think about. It is only thru the grace of Jesus that I've managed to make it just over half a century of living on this planet. Lookin back, I have in fact overcome some life altering obstacles, many which could have put me in an early grave. My fiance has always reminded me how fortunate I am to even, despite my Arthritis, to even be walking after the trauma I under went because of a drunk driver. "Look at what you have & not what you dont". She constantly reminds me of this, & it is in fact food for thought in a most constructive sense. So I will now consider myself both a Warrior & Survivor as, thanks to Jesus, I've managed both.

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