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    • video of my bullet chess

      Played some bullet games last night on chess.com and recorded it. If you like the format I have plenty of similar videos posted. Leave some feedback :)  | Read More

    • Shamkir Chess round 7 predictions

      Round 7 predictions are up from the chessbrahs! Can someone stop Magnus Carlsen from clinching another tournament?  | Read More

    • Shamkir Chess round 6 predictions

      Grandmasters Eric Hansen and Robin van Kampen recap round five of the tournament and give their predictions for round 6.  | Read More

    • Shamkir round 5 predictions

      Predictions didn't go so well today but at least the games were exciting! | Read More

    • Shamkir Round Four

      Grandmasters Eric Hansen and Robin van Kampen give predictions for round four of the 2015 Gashimov Memorial. | Read More

    • Shamkir round three SPECIAL EDITION

      Special edition with predictions for round three and girls : https://youtu.be/xNmG7Xg4AHk | Read More

    • Shamkir round two

      Grandmasters Eric Hansen and Robin van Kampen reflect on round one of the tournament and give predictions for round two. Special guest appearance by NM Keith MacKinnon   https://youtu.be/HOjireu__g0 | Read More

    • Shamkir Chess predictions

      GM Robin van Kampen and I will be posting some predictions and thoughts throughout the event on our youtube channel. First video is up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii9Pn1KHhXE https://www.facebook.com/hansenchess https://twitter.com/GMRob... | Read More

    • update!

      One important aspect that I've been lazy at for the past little while is my online presence. I've had a pretty relaxed chess schedule which has given me more time to think about some things.  Last week my good pal GM Robin van Kampen arrived f... | Read More

    • schedule

      | Read More